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          Fonds · 1903 - 2011

          The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Admiral Vansittart Chapter of the IODE and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

          Series 1: Administration
          Subseries A: Minute Books
          Subseries B: Annual Reports
          Subseries C: Financial Records
          Subseries D: Membership
          Subseries E: Constitution and History

          Series 2: Citizenship Ceremonies

          Series 3: Captain Andrew Drew Junior Chapter

          Series 4: Sponsorship Programs
          Subseries A: Old Crow, Yukon
          Subseries B: Westwood High School, Stewart Town, Jamaica

          Series 5: Opportunity Shop
          Subseries A: Operations
          Subseries B: Finances
          Subseries C: Opportunity Tea and Coffee + One Party
          Subseries D: Shop Schedules

          Series 6: Special Events
          Subseries A: Meetings
          Subseries B: Anniversaries
          Subseries C: IODE Week
          Subseries D: Chapter Teas
          Subseries E; Honor Student Dinners
          Subseries F: Centennial Fashion Show
          Subseries G: Founders Day / Old St. Paul’s
          Subseries H: Scrapbooks
          Subseries I: Miscellaneous

          Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. Admiral Vansittart Chapter
          A.E. Grant Company fonds
          Fonds · 1905-1919

          The fonds consists of one ledger compiled by Alexander E. Grant, Woodstock Shoemaker between the years 1905 and 1919.

          Grant, Alexander E.
          Annual Records
          Series · 1865-[ca. 2018]
          Part of Trinity College School History Collection

          Series consists of textual records produced by and about Trinity College School, organized by date of creation. Included are chapel service programs, Speech Day programs, play programs and posters, newspaper clippings, and notes and reports on academics, athletics and administration.

          Bernadette Smith fonds
          Fonds · ? - 1956

          The fonds consist of various materials related to Bernadette Smith and including the following:

          • Correspondence to Bernadette Smith and Michael Smith
          • newspaper clippings and scrapbook on the political career of Bernadette Smith
          • Gail Puddicombe’s research papers, notes, correspondence, etc
          • Gail Puddicombe’s essay on Bernadette Smith
          Smith, Bernadette
          Betty McArthur fonds
          Item · 1949-2002, nd.

          The fonds consist of various materials related to the career of Betty McArthur including reproductions of her pen and ink sketches of scenes of Woodstock and photographs taken by her of Woodstock homes as well as photos of herself painting. In addition, the fond includes several miscellaneous items including copyright for her book “Fine Lines Around Woodstock”, a programme of a 1996 Show at the Woodstock Art Gallery of her work, and newspaper articles.

          McArthur, Betty
          Bud Case fonds
          Item · 1960’s -

          The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of Oxford County and is broken down into the following Series and Subseries:

          Series 1: Photographs
          a) Gordon Pittock Dam Project (+ contact prints and negatives)
          b) John Meathrell Bridge Project
          c) Water Pollution Control Plan Ext No. 3, Admiral Street, Woodstock (contact prints and negatives)
          d) Aerial photographs

          • Conservation Authorities/Dams
          • Gordon Pittock Dam
          • City of Woodstock and surrounding areas
          • Road/Bridge Construction work
          • e) General

          • Bridges
          • C.P.R. Main line relocation Pittock Dam
          • Drainage Maps
          • Kelsey-Hayes Canada
          • Miscellanous
          • Oxford County/City of Woodstock
          • Woodstock Fairgrounds

          Series 2: Plot plans / Building site plans

          • for farms and properties in Oxford County and other Ontario Counties

          Series 3: Maps and Plans
          a) Drains
          b) General (including a City of Woodstock map dated 1907)
          c) Reference Plans
          d) Roads

          Case, Bud

          The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Woodstock Branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

          Series 1 – Constitution, By-laws, Pamphlets, Historical Notes (1955-1999)

          Series 2 - Membership

          a) General Membership (1956-1999)
          b) Executive (1965-1999)

          Series 3 – Reports: Financial and Committee (30 April 1956 – 8 December 1999)

          Series 4 – Correspondence
          a) General Correspondence (7 March 1957 – 30 September 1987)
          b) General Correspondence (4 October 1987 – 13 December 2000)
          c) Scholarship Correspondence (24 October 1986 – 19 May 1999)
          d) Scholarship Correspondence (7 June 1999 – 8 October 1999)

          Series 5 – Report (September 1967 – September 1998)

          Series 6 - Bingo/Lottery Licenses (31 December 1992 – 8 December 1999)

          Series 7 – Bulletins (September 1966 – December 1984)

          Series 8 – Disbandment (28 April 1999 – 4 June 1999)

          Canadian Federation of University Women – Woodstock Branch
          Collection · 1857-2011

          This collection consists of yearbooks; annual reports; newsletters, handbooks; prize lists; constitutions and by-laws; board of director information; lists of presidents; correspondence; a newspaper clipping; programmes; show announcements; booklets; emblems; publications; hand-written notes; a petition; rules and regulations; proceedings of an annual convention; show books; bulletins; pamphlets; articles; a presentation; and member lists.

          Charles C. Carryer fonds
          Item · 1860-1869

          The fonds consists of ledger no. 3 compiled by Charles C. Carryer, Saddler etc. of Woodstock, Ontario between the years 1860 and 1869.

          Carryer, Charles Caleb
          Claxton Ray fonds
          Item · 1968-1983

          The fonds consists of two bulb and plant propagation record books spanning the years 1968-1983.

          Claxton Ray
          C.P. Harrison fonds
          Item · 1889 - 1894

          The fonds consists of two wage record books compiled by C.P. Harrison, Cabinet Maker between 1889 and 1894.

          Harrison, Charles Poole
          Cuthbertson & Fowler fonds
          Item · [after 1880] - 1893

          The fonds consists of architectural drawings completed by architects, Thomas Cuthbertson and Joseph A. Fowler. They are arranged into the following series:

          Series 1: House of Refuge
          Series 2: Music Hall, Woodstock (Woodstock Opera House)
          Series 3: Residence of Dr. D.R. Ross, Embro
          Series 4: St. David’s Ward School, Woodstock
          Series 5: Ayr Public School, Ayr

          Item · 1847-1919, nd.

          The fonds consists of records related to David Franklin and Elizabeth Hannah Currey and are arranged into the following Series:

          Series 1: Genealogy
          Series 2: Land Records
          Series 3: Correspondence
          Series 4: Miscellaneous
          Currey, David Franklin and Elizabeth Hannah Topping
          District Council
          CA ON00394 2 · Series · 9 February 1842 – 11 October 1849
          Part of District of Brock fonds

          This series consists of the administrative and legislative records of the District of Brock which replaced the administrative powers of the magistrates of the Quarter Sessions. The series is divided into the following subseries:
          A) Minutes
          B) By-laws
          C) Finance
          C1 – Treasurer
          C2 – Auditor
          D) Warden
          E) Clerk
          F) Council

          The first subseries consists of the Minutes of the District Council, which are divided into three volumes. A part of this series includes motions and rough minutes.

          The second subseries contains the hand-written by-laws of the District Council, and loose drafts and copies of by-laws.

          The third subseries includes letters, assessment lists and statements that provide an excellent picture of the raising and expenditure of monies as well as provides information on some of the County’s earliest settlers. This subseries is divided into two sub-subseries: Treasurer and Auditor. The Treasurer's (H.C. Barwick, 1842-1853) records consist of general correspondence, assessment lists, and a variety of financial statements and accounts. Correspondence includes requests from individuals for reassessment of their property taxes whereas Assessment records include lists of lands returned by the assessors of several townships in the District of Brock. These lists include the name of the Township and the description of the portion of each lot, concession and acreage. In addition, there are eleven bound volumes which give assessment information from all of the townships except Burford. Financial statements cover a number of areas such as receipts and disbursements of taxes arising out of Wild Land taxes, statements of the County House and Gaol Fund and statements related to Public Improvements and the School Fund. Accounts include general accounts for services provided as well as a School monies account ledger. The Auditors records consist of audited accounts, statements, reports, and applications for the office of the Auditor.

          The fourth subseries contains the Warden’s files, 1842-1849. The first Warden of the new District Council appointed by the Governor was Peter Boyle de Blaquire, the standing local member of the Provincial legislative council.

          The fifth subseries consists of the Clerk’s files. It contains miscellaneous correspondence and copies of proceedings of public meetings. The appointed clerk of the District of Brock was William Lapenotiere, a son of a post captain at the battle of Trafalgar.

          The last subseries, Council files, presents a detailed account of the structure of the District Council; such topics include building of roads and bridges and the provision of education.

          District of Brock
          E. Andrea Moore collection
          CA ON00354 F 0136 · Fonds · 1867-2005; predominantly 1930s-1980s

          This collection provides glimpses into community and associational life for people of African descent in Windsor, Ontario between the late 19th and early 21st centuries, with an emphasis on the mid-20th century. It is divided into nine thematic series.
          Series I contains records of the British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Church, 1873-1999, both Windsor-specific and national. Included are doctrinal books, church registers and membership rolls, land indentures, annual reports, church histories, orders of service, ephemera, press clippings, correspondence, conference programmes, and photographs of historic BME chapels in Windsor, Woodstock, and Chatham, some of which have since been demolished.

          Series II consists of administrative and financial records and ephemera from the annual Emancipation Celebration held in Windsor, 1837-1983, including papers of the British-American Association of Coloured Brothers of Ontario, souvenir programmes, and photographs of Emancipation parades ca. late 1950s/early 1960s.

          Series III contains minutes, financial records, correspondence and two newspaper clippings from a committee to organize a concert in Jackson Park in affiliation with a conference of the National Association of Negro Musicians, 1955-1956.

          Series IV contains minutes, correspondence, and a guest book from the International Women’s Committee (of Black women in Windsor in Detroit) relating to speakers and events in conjunction with Emancipation events, 1954-1956.

          Series V holds the constitution, minutes, financial records, history, correspondence, and event-related ephemera (1940-1960) of the Armstead Club, a sporting and social club that also provided youth scholarships. Of special interest is a letter from the first scholarship recipient reflecting on being one of only a few Black students at Queen’s University in the late 1940s.

          Series VI consists of minutes, ephemera, and correspondence of the War Mothers Protective League, 1943-1945, which provided morale-boosting cards and gifts to local armed forces personnel serving abroad during the Second World War. One file contains letters of thanks from the servicemen themselves.

          Series VII contains minutes, history, and correspondence of the Central Citizens’ Association, 1929-1958, an organization that advocated for the rights and opportunities of Black citizens in Windsor and organized collective action including social clubs, mentoring, boycotts, and political activism.

          Series VIII consists of a small number of administrative records – constitution, financial records, names of members (1867-1881) – from the Lydian Association of Windsor, a working women’s mutual aid group that provided financial and nursing support to sick or injured members.

          Series IX contains personal records from the Christian/Shreve/Moore family, consisting of A.S. Shreve’s course notes from his flight engineer training in 1944. (Note: further accruals to Series IX are expected.)

          Moore, E. Andrea
          Education, Other, ON series
          CA ON00279 F01-S119 · Series · 1972-1986

          This series contains records from individual towns in Ontario where the Sisters of St. Joseph of the London diocese were teachers and principals. This includes memoirs and a photograph from St. Boniface School in Zurich, Ontario and a yearbook from St. Mary’s High in Woodstock, Ontario.

          Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (London, Ont.)
          Eileen McKenzie fonds
          Item · ca. 1931-1941, 1953

          The fonds consists of records created and compiled by Eileen McKenzie related to local politics, the Board of Education, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1939, and Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953. It consists mostly of newspaper clippings, including ones that mention her husband, as well as a few invitations.

          McKenzie, Hilda Eileen (nee Kirk)
          Ernest D. Keasey
          Item · 1920-1971, nd.

          The fonds consists of records related to Ernest David Keasey focusing mostly on his military career.

          Keasey, Ernest David
          Ethel Canfield fonds
          Item · 1888-1968

          The fonds consists of records created and compiled by E.J. Canfield related to the history of Oxford County. It is arranged into the following series:

          Series 1: Scrapbooks
          Series 2: Notebooks
          Series 3: Correspondence
          Series 4: Publications
          Series 5: Miscellaneous

          Canfield, Ethel
          Ethel Finkle Scrapbook fonds
          Item · [before 1910]

          The fonds consists of one scrapbook compiled by Ethel Finkle of Woodstock. It consists of magazine images, poetry, and other items pasted into the ledger by Miss Finkle.

          Finkle, Ethel Mary