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            ON00120 023-1-.1-5-.385-1 · Item · September 1943
            Part of Sudbury Star

            One image of Olive Kennedy and Jennie Neil, two of the first women to be hired by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company in Sudbury, Ontario, using rags to shine a train engine at the CPR railway yard in Sudbury.

            ON00120 023-1-.1-5-.385-2 · Item · September 1943
            Part of Sudbury Star

            One image of Myrtle Pearson (left) and Julia Patrash, two of the first women to be hired by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company in Sudbury, Ontario, using rags to clean and shine a train engine at the CPR railway yard in Sudbury.

            ON00120 023-1-.1-5-.385-3 · Item · September 1943
            Part of Sudbury Star

            One image of, from left to right, Lucille Sauvé, Myrtle Pearson and Gertrude Dubois, three of the first women to be employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR) shops in Sudbury, Ontario, cleaning the wheels of a train at the CPR railway yard in Sudbury.

            CA ON00420 AET · Discrete Item · [1967?]

            The item is one copy of multiple duplicate albums created by the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE) to commemorate its project to break the altitude record in 1967. The Canadian record was set by Wing Commander R.A. White in the CF-104 Starfighter 12700 at the Canadian Forces Base Uplands in Ottawa. The aircraft reached 100,110 feet. The album consists of black and white photographs or photo composites showing the CF-104, White, the ground crew and other personnel preparing for the flight and after its successful completion. The documents are copies of letters of congratulations to White from the Minister of National Defense and the Chief of the Defense Staff, as well as a memorandum from the Chief of the Defense Staff to the Commander of the AETE. The diagrams are copies showing the flight profile, the climb angle, and the altitude over time. The album has a hand-written dedication to Joe by R.A. White written on its first page.

            Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment
            Angus Bell fonds
            Fonds · 1911 - 1913

            Journals, writings, and photographs describing the work of railway construction in the early 1900s.

            CA ON00154 995.7 · Fonds · 1977-1986

            Fonds consists of the papers created throughout the process of renovating the old Canadian National Railway station in Port Hope, c1977-1986. The project was supervised by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Port Hope Branch. Please refer to series-level descriptions for more detailed information.

            Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Port Hope Branch
            CA ON00156 2016-29 · Collection · 1910-2015

            Materials collected by the Belleville Fire Department from members and former members of the department. They include photographs, correspondence, press clippings and fire call logs.

            Bill Law fonds
            CA ON00420 LAW · Fonds · 1930, 1951-1972, 1992

            The fonds consists of Law’s files on the design of oversize tires for operations from unprepared terrain. Law investigated the use of these tires on J-3, Beaver, Otter, Twin Otter, Caribou and Buffalo aircraft. The files include correspondence, reports, technical drawings, and notes on the investigations and research Law undertook while at De Havilland, especially when he was working with Weldy Phipps on the further application of his design of oversize tires. The fonds is arranged into three series: LAW-1 Curriculum vitae and miscellaneous documents; LAW-2 deHavilland (and some Phipps) files; and, LAW-3 Weldy Phipps Studies (Oversize Tires).

            Law, Bill
            Billie Houseman fonds
            CA ON00420 HOU · Fonds · 1941-2013

            Fonds consists of textual, graphic and audio-visual material documenting Billie Houseman’s 39 year career with Air Canada from 1944 to 1983. Records include: three albums of photographs, clippings, and textual records; a memoir in two volumes; several files or envelopes of correspondence and photographs, as well as loose photographs that were used in the memoir; an interview on DVDs; and, copies of Trans-Canada Air Lines or Air Canada films. There is also some material showing Billie’s participation as a retiree, such as, for example, a speech to the Canada Maple Wings Association. Fonds has 11 files and four items arranged in no particular order.

            Houseman, Lillian, 1920-2012
            Bob Surtees fonds
            CA ON00408 F033 · Fonds · 1910-2001

            Fonds documents Surtees' work as a Professor of History at Nipissing University. Fonds contains one series documenting Surtees' research for his book "The Northern Connection: Ontario Northland Since 1902," a history of the Ontario Northland Railway/Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway. Other records in the fonds reflect Surtees' academic activities and research interests, including First Nations and northern Ontario history.

            Surtees, Bob
            CA ON00159 P015 · Fonds · 1902-1988 (predominant 1980-1984)

            The fonds consists of records that are directly related to the organization of Local 187. The records include: original charters for Locals 187 and 192, their constitution and by-laws, reports, minutes, convention proceedings, and collective agreements booklets. These documents provide some insight to the operation of union locals that represented Railway Carmen in Northeastern Ontario, and their position within the context of the larger organization. When the Canadian Division joined CAW, individual locals of the Rail Division gained more prominence at the national level.

            Brotherhood of Railway Carmen. Local 187
            CA ON00420 HAR-02 · Series · 1985-2017, predominant 1987-1989
            Part of Les Harris fonds

            Les Harris began work on a documentary on bush pilots in 1987, first under the working title of “Aviation in the North.” Noted bush pilot Punch Dickens served as historical consultant to the film. Harris and a small crew conducted a research trip in February 1988 where he shot some preliminary interviews and location footage with a JVC camera on VHS tapes. Later in 1988, Harris returned with Sony Betacam cameras to record extensive interview footage with pilots and others working in the industry. Harris conducted these interviews in their homes or places of work, including filming pilots during flights. A last trip to Yellowknife was made in February 1989 and additional footage was shot up until March 1989. Archival footage and photographs were gathered from the National Archives of Canada, Northern News Service Ltd, the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Cine audio visual, Provincial Archives of Manitoba, RCMP, National Defense, Bellevue Pathé, and Wardair. Harris also copied footage from three individuals: Punch Dickens, Willy Lazerich, and Thomas Pierce. Harris used VHS, U-matic and Betacam cassettes for editing and rough prints. Final masters are on 1” and were migrated to Betacam SP. Harris kept his production records and research materials, including photographs, notes, correspondence and clippings. The series has been arranged into seven subseries: 1) Masters; 2) Viewing or broadcast copies; 3) Final mixes and international tracks; 4) Intermediate production elements; 5) Research material and other textual and photographic records; 6) Raw footage; and, 7) Archival footage.

            CA ON00419 CLC · Fonds · 1865-1969

            Fonds consists primarily of technical drawings and photographs related to the construction of locomotives by the Canadian Locomotive Company (CLC), the H.K. Porter Company, and the Davenport Locomotive Company. The Fonds has been arranged into four CLC series and two sous-fonds for Porter and Davenport company records.

            Canadian Locomotive Company Limited