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Pottle (family)

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Herbert Lench Pottle (1907-2002) was born in Flatrock Newfoundland in 1907 and died in Ottawa September 21, 2002. He married Muriel Ethel Moran in 1937 and they had three children -two daughters surviving into adulthood.

H.L. Pottle received his B.A. from Mount Allison (1932) and his M.A. (1934) and Ph.D. (1937) in Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto. Dr. Pottle received an LL.D. from Mount Alison in 1992.
Dr. Pottle held many government positions in Newfoundland including Executive Officer, Department of Education, St. John's (1938-1944); Director of Child Welfare for Newfoundland and judge of the first juvenile court in St. John's (1944-1947); Commissioner for Home Affairs and Education (1947-1949). He was known as the last living father of Confederation having been one of the men who brought Newfoundland into Canada. He resigned from the Smallwood Cabinet in 1955 and became the Secretary of the Board of Information and Stewardship for the United Church of Canada (1955-1963). In 1961-62 he worked overseas for the U.N. and left in 1963 to work in the Deparment of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa until his retirement in 1972.

Muriel Ethel Pottle (nee Moran) was originally from Smithfield Ontario and married Dr. Herbert Lench Pottle in 1937.
Muriel was active in the UCW, serving on the M&O Conference Executive in 1969-1971. She also volunteered on the Board of Directors for the St. John's YWCA.

Muriel died April 21, 1990 in Ottawa.


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