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CA ON00340 F2535 · Fonds · 1888-2015

Fonds consists of records of Glen Orchard Methodist Church (includes Walker's Point Methodist Church), 1891-1925; communion roll, 1894, 1912, 1918, 1921, of Bala Presbyterian Church (includes Whiteside Presbyterian Church, Torrence Presbyterian Church), 1894-1921; records, including baptisms, 1906, of Bala Union Church (includes Bala Presbyterian Church), 1906-1925; records, including baptisms, 1926-1939, of Torrence Pastoral Charge (includes Morrison Lake, Walker's Point, Torrance), 1926-1941; records of Port Carling Pastoral Charge (includes Port Carling Methodist Circuit [includes Port Carling, Brackenrig, Glen Orchard, Milford Bay, Bala, Foote's Bay], Port Carling, Brackenrig, Milford Bay), 1888-1968; records of Milford Bay United Church (includes Wesley Methodist Church in Milford Bay), 1903-1952; records, including baptisms, 1899-1951, marriages, 1899-1952, burials, 1899-1951, of Port Carling United Church (includes Port Carling Methodist Circuit), 1899-1962; financial statements of Bala Pastoral Charge, 1955-1957; records of Glen Orchard United Church, [1940?]-1969; records, including baptisms, 1949-1958, marriages, 1926-1958, of Bala United Church, 1891-1964; records of ,of Bala - Port Carling Pastoral Charge (includes Bala Union Church, Bala Pastoral Charge, Bala, Port Carling, Glen Orchard, Lakeside, Milford Bay), 1920-1968; records, including baptisms, 1921-2005, marriages, 1931-1995, 1999-2015, and burials, 1949-1999, 2001-2003, of Lakeside United Church, Gravenhurst, 1921-2015

Bala - Port Carling Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2672 · Fonds · 1864-1994

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1908, of Bracebridge Methodist Church, 1868-1919; records, including baptisms, 1912-1987, marriages, 1912-1993, burials, 1912-1994, of Bracebridge United Church (includes Bracebridge Methodist Church, Connaught Station), 1908-1994

Bracebridge United Church (Ont.)
Collection · 1857-2011

This collection consists of yearbooks; annual reports; newsletters, handbooks; prize lists; constitutions and by-laws; board of director information; lists of presidents; correspondence; a newspaper clipping; programmes; show announcements; booklets; emblems; publications; hand-written notes; a petition; rules and regulations; proceedings of an annual convention; show books; bulletins; pamphlets; articles; a presentation; and member lists.

CA ON00340 F2532 · Fonds · 1877-2013

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1906, 1911, of Utterson Presbyterian Church, 1905-1911; records of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Rosseau (includes Turtle Lake), 1877-1923; records, including baptisms 1940-1960, marriages 1938-1972, and burials,1940-1972, of Windermere - Rosseau Pastoral Charge (includes Rosseau, Utterson, Ufford, Windermere, Hekkla, Ufford), 1900-1999; records of Evergreen Pastoral Charge, 1998-2013; records, including marriages, 1900-1940 of Rosseau United Church (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Rosseau), 1900-2008; records, including baptisms, 1943-1962, marriages, 1949-1961, burials, 1949-1962 of Utterson United Church, 1918-2011; records of Windermere United Church 1934-2009; and women's group records of Raymond United Church , 1950-1999.

Evergreen Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
Fonds · 1877 - 2009

Fonds consists of records created or collected by members of the prominent Gordon family of Port Credit during the course of their personal and professional lives.

While the records span three generations of the Gordon family, the fonds centres on the personal and professional records of George W. Gordon. His records, as well as smaller bodies of records created by four of his children, Lillian, Rhena, Francis (Frank), and Douglas Wilden, came into the care of his granddaughter, Sandra (Gordon) Moore who partially organized them and conducted related family research. Moore’s own records and those of her ancestors have therefore been treated as an organic whole and no attempt has been made to split the body of records into separate fonds; however, series are described in terms of the family member to whom records pertain (see below for series listing).

George W. Gordon’s records include a substantial number of letters dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century from members of the Wingfield, Beamish, and Gordon family members and acquaintances, relating to daily life in small Ontario settler and farming communities such as Utterson, Allensville, Port Credit, Springfield-on-the-Credit (now Erindale) as well as larger centres such as Hamilton and Toronto. Some letters came from further afield in the North West Territories, England, and the US. Domestic and personal records collected or created by Gordon also include administrative records related to fraternal organizations (Masonic and Orange Lodges), household receipts, farming expense accounts and diaries, land and financial records, and various ephemera.

The fonds also contains a significant body of records emanating from George W. Gordon’s role as justice of the peace and magistrate for Port Credit, including marriage licence applications, administrative records related to the Toronto Hamilton Highway Commission, and police court records. The latter include completed forms such as summons, warrants, and complaints, correspondence and signed statements made in court relating to criminal charges and civil infractions.

Records created by Gordon’s children, Lillian, Rhena, Frank, and Douglas Wilden include correspondence, photographs, ephemera, family research, and professional records related to teaching. Lillian Gordon’s records include a significant amount of mid-twentieth-century correspondence with suitors located in Ontario, the US and Germany.

Sandra Moore’s records contain a substantial amount of family research, including correspondence with relatives and records offices in North American and the United Kingdom. Her records include extensive documentation of the Beamish family of which one branch settled in Springfield-on-the-Credit.

Fonds comprises the following series:

Series 1: Wingfield correspondence
Series 2: Beamish correspondence
Series 3: Gordon family correspondence
Series 4: George W. Gordon domestic and personal records
Series 5: Lillian Gordon records
Series 6: Rhena, Frank, and Douglas Wilden Gordon records
Series 7: Sandra Moore (nee Gordon) records
Series 8: Gordon family photographs
Series 9: Gordon oversize records
Series 10: Gordon professional records

Gordon family, Port Credit
CA ON00340 F2536 · Fonds · 1906-1943

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1908-1914, of Gibson Reserve Mission (includes Gibson Methodist Mission), 1906-1943.

Gibson Reserve Mission (Ont.)
Hotel/Resort Collection
Collection · 1860 - present

This collection has information, photos and objects from the 300 resorts, hotels, cabins, motels, etc. in the tourist area of lakes in Muskoka.

CA ON00340 F2624 · Fonds · 1897-2015

Fonds consists of records of Hillside Methodist Church, 1904-1910; records, including baptisms, 1907-1930, 1914-1947, 1935-1956, marriages, 1933-1946, 1935-1956, 1938, burials, 1936-1961, of Hillside Pastoral Charge (includes Hillside Methodist Circuit [includes Hillside, Canal], Hillside, Dwight, Canal, Portage, Dorset, Birkendale), 1907-1961; records of Hillside Pioneer Memorial United Church, 1925-1981; collection book of St. Peter's United Church, Dwight (includes Dwight Methodist Church), 1923-1934; records, including, baptisms, 1962-2005, marriages, 1962-2000, burials, 1962-1982, of Lake of Bays Pastoral Charge (includes Canal, Dorset, Dwight, Hillside, Portage, Seabreeze), 1962-2009; congregational minutes of Canal United Church, 1951-1965; records, including baptisms, 1907-1949, of Knox United Church, Dorset (includes Knox Presbyterian Church), 1897-1987; records of Portage United Church, 1947-1972; records of Pioneer Memorial United Church 1918-2015.

Lake of Bays Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1761 · Fonds · 1921-2014

Fonds consists Ladies Aid Society minutes of MacTier Methodist Church, 1921-1924; records, including baptisms, 1976-1995, and marriages, 1956-2014, of the MacTier - Foot's Bay Pastoral Charge (includes records of MacTier Pastoral Charge, Mac Tier, Foot's Bay, Horseshoe Lake and Gibson Reserve), 1938-2014; records of MacTier United Church, 1946-1996; records, including burial permits, 1951-1982, of Foot's Bay United Church, 1929-1992.

MacTier - Foot's Bay Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2531 · Fonds · 1885-2015

Fonds consists of records, including baptism, 1921, marriages, 1896-1919, of Uffington Methodist Circuit (includes Barkway, Muskoka Falls, St. David's Presbyterian Church in Oakley Township, Uffington), 1896-1925; records of Muskoka Falls Methodist Church, 1880-1923; records of Knox Presbyterian Church, Fraserburg, 1868-1916; communion roll, n.d. of St. David's Presbyterian Church in Oakley Township; records, including baptisms, 1920-1931, [1943?], of Uffington Pastoral Charge (includes Uffington Methodist Circuit [Housey's Rapids, Germania, Oakely Township, Ryde Township, Barkway, Harmony, South Falls, Muskoka Falls, Allan's Corner's, St. David's Presbyterian Church in Oakley Township, Uffington, Ryde Methodist Circuit], Barkway, Harmony, Vankoughnet), 1886-1957; records, including baptisms, 1934-1962, and burials 1946-1952, 1955-1956, of Muskoka Falls-Uffington Pastoral Charge (includes Uffington Pastoral Charge, Muskoka Falls Pastoral Charge, Barkway, Harmony, Uffington, Muskoka Falls, Fraserburg, Macaulay Centre, Ziska), 1934-1962; records, including baptisms, 1943-2007, 2015, marriages 1974-2013 and burials, 1960-1975,1983, of Muskoka Falls Pastoral Charge, 1943-2016; records of Fraserburg United Church, 1899-2015, including records of baptism 1882-1985; records of Uffington Untied Church , 1933-1939, records of Barkway United Church, 1933-2015; records of Harmony United Church, 1894-2015; records, including baptisms, 1949-2009, marriages 1934-2014, and burials 1950-1972, 1975-2013, of Muskoka Falls United Church (includes Muskoka Falls Methodist Church, Muskoka Falls Presbyterian Church), 1908-2015.

Muskoka Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
Fonds · 1890 - 1894

The fonds consists of photographic negatives featuring members of the Patteson family. Most of the photographs on the glass plate negatives were taken by Rose MacInnes (nee Patteson) and feature the Pattesons on their estate in Eastwood, Ontario (the former Admiral Henry Vansittart property). The film negatives feature Daisy (Christine Millicent) Moss (nee Patteson) and her son Pat (Thomas) Moss.

It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Glass Negatives - Eastwood
Series 2: Film Negatives - Pat & Daisy Moss

MacInnes, Rose Louise
Robertson Matthews fonds
Fonds · [187?] - 1988; predominant 1900-1927

Fonds consists of graphic and textual records created and collected by Robertson Matthews as well as other family members. The fonds has been arranged in series determined by subject and form of record. Series include photographs, correspondence, diaries, engineering records, literary records, personal records, Matthews family legal records and Matthew H. Matthews records.

Matthews, Robertson, 1880 - 1972
CA ON00340 F2581 · Fonds · 1886-1991

Fonds consists of records of Severn Bridge Presbyterian Church, 1891-1915; marriages, 1910-1918, of Washago Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Washago, Ardtrea, Gray Church in Hampshire Mills), 1910-1918; records, including baptisms, 1907, of Washago Presbyterian Church, 1886-1919; records, including marriages, 1945-1967 of Uhthoff Pastoral Charge (includes Uhthoff, Gray Church in Hampshire Mills, Ardtrea), 1937-1968; records, including marriages, 1967-1974, of Ardtrea United Church, 1949-1974; communion roll and register of Gray United Church in Hampshire Mills, 1968; records, including baptisms, 1897-1941, 1945-1974 (Severn Bridge, Malta Church), 1920-1944, 1953, 1945-1974 (Uhthoff), 1975-1991, marriages, 1897-1910, 1951-1960 (Severn Bridge includes Essa and Orillia Townships, 1908-1951, 1960-1974 (Severn Bridge), 1925-1943 (Uhthoff), 1975-1991, burials, 1920-1974 (Uhthoff), 1947-1974 (Severn Bridge), 1975-1991, of Severn Bridge Pastoral Charge (includes Severn Bridge Presbyterian Church, Malta United Church, Uhthoff Pastoral Charge [includes Uhthoff, Gray Church in Hampshire Mills, Ardtrea], Severn Bridge, Kilworthy, Washago, Sparrow Lake, Ramona Church in Rama Township, Floral Park, Ardtrea), 1886-1991; records of Severn Bridge United Church (includes Severn Bridge Presbyterian Church, 1911-1962; records of St. Paul's United Church in Sparrow Lake (includes St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Sparrow Lake), 1913-1970; records of Washago United Church (includes Washago Union Church), 1918-1969.

Severn Bridge Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
Ships collection
Collection · 1866-present

This collection pertains to the steamships, starting in 1866 and continuing in the 21st Century that plied Lakes, Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph as well as other small lakes in the Muskoka area.

CA ON00340 F2554 · Fonds · 1896-1966

Fonds consists of a marriage register of Gravenhurst Methodist Church, 1896-1916; subscription book for building fund of Knox Presbyterian Church, Gravenhurst, 1911-1914; records, including marriages, 1909-1931 (Presbyterian), 1916-1922 (Methodist), 1931-1955, of Trinity United Church, Gravenhurst (includes Gravenhurst Methodist Church, Gravenhurst Union Church, Knox Presbyterian Church, Gravenhurst Sanitaria), 1897-1966.

Trinity United Church (Gravenhurst, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1936 · Fonds · 1875-2008

Fonds consists of records of Huntsville Methodist Circuit (includes Huntsville, Madill's Church), 1890-1913 ; records of Hunstville Methodist Church 1892-1925; records of Madill Methodist Church (includes Madill Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1875-1912; records of Locks Pastoral Charge (includes Locksin Hunstville, Knox in Port Sydney and Bethune in Baysville ),1950-2000 records of Madill United Church, 1920-1993; records of Locks United Church, 1947-2007; and records of Trinity United Church, Huntsville, 1916-2008.

Trinity United Church (Huntsville, Ont.)
Wooden Boats
Collection · 1900 - present