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Lambton, County of

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Arkona - Ravenswood Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1612
  • Fonds
  • 1861-1951

Fonds consists of records of Arkona Methodist Circuit (includes Arkona Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Arkona Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Arkona, Sylvan, Ravenswood, Bethel Church in Warwick Township, Keyser), 1861-1926; land deed, 1904, and photograph, of Salem Methodist Episcopal Church, Keyser; Board and Committee minutes of Arkona Methodist Church, 1898-1922; records of Jura Methodist Church, 1913-1924; records of Arkona Pastoral Charge (includes Arkona, Ravenswood and West Williams), 1962-2000; records of Arkona United Church (includes Arkona Methodist Church), 1920-1992; records of Jura United Church (includes Jura Methodist Church), 1921-1946; records of West Williams United Church, 1937-1964, and property correspondence of Ravenswood United Church, 1982.

Arkona-Ravenswood Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Ascension Lutheran Church (Corunna) fonds

  • CA ON00388 MMA09
  • Fonds
  • 1976-1993

Fonds consists of constitution, minutes, financial records and church registers pertaining to Ascension Lutheran Church, Corunna, Ont.

Ascension Lutheran Church (Corunna, Ont.)

Ausable Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1720
  • Fonds
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of circuit register of Sylvan Methodist Circuit (includes Parkhill Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Boston (now Greenway), Salem Church in West Williams Township), Sylvan, Centenary Church), 1878-1924; records, including marriages, 1896-1897, of Jubilee Methodist Church, Parkhill (includes Parkhill Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1871-1897; marriages, 1900-1911, and Woman's Missionary Society records of Thedford Methodist Church, 1916-1923; financial record book of McGillivray Presbyterian Church, 1882-1889; communion registers of Parkhill Presbyterian Church, 1906-1922; Official Board minutes of Jubilee Pastoral Charge, Parkhill (includes Parkhill Methodist Circuit, Jubilee Church in Parkhill, Centenary Church), 1879-1931; records, including baptisms, 1902-1938, 1944-1948, 1982-2001, marriages, 1902-1999, burials, 1901-2000, of Parkhill Pastoral Charge (includes Parkhill Methodist Circuit, St. Paul's Pastoral Charge, Parkhill, Lieury), 1898-2002; communion roll of St. Paul's United Church, Parkhill (includes Parkhill Presbyterian Church), 1923-1929; Ladies Aid Society minutes of Jubilee United Church, Parkhill; records, including baptisms, 1921-1981, of Lieury United Church (includes McGillivray Presbyterian Church), 1882-2002; records, including marriages, 1932-1944, of Parkhill United Church, 1929-1969; records, including baptisms, 1900-1925, marriages, 1902-1925, and burials, 1901-1925, of Thedford United Church (includes Thedford Methodist Church), 1900-1953; and records of Sylvan United Church, 1928-1963.

Ausable Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Bonnie Burnard fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0219
  • Fonds
  • 1988-2000

The fonds consists of Bonnie Burnard's research material, notes, manuscript and typescript drafts, galley proofs, cover art and other material related to the Canadian and American editions of her novel A Good House.

Burnard, Bonnie, 1945-

Bothwell United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1625
  • Fonds
  • 1869-1957

Fonds consists of Official Board minutes of Bothwell Methodist Episcopal Circuit (includes Bothwell, Armstrong Church in Euphemia Township), 1875-1884; records, including marriages, 1896-1914, of Bothwell Methodist Circuit (includes Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Bothwell, Armstrong Church in Euphemia Township, Wesley Church in Euphemia Township, Newbury), 1875-1920; Trustee Board minutes of Bothwell Methodist Church, 1884-1916; records, including baptisms, 1861-1920, marriages, 1896-1922, of Zion Presbyterian Church, Bothwell (includes Cairo); circuit register of Bothwell Pastoral Charge (includes Bothwell Methodist Circuit, Bothwell, Armstrong Church in Euphemia Township), 1917-1952; records, including marriages, 1896-1926, of Bothwell United Church (includes Newbury Methodist Circuit, Bothwell Methodist Circuit), 1896-1957

Bothwell United Church (Ont.)

Brigden Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1313
  • Fonds
  • 1872-1998

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1899-1925, marriages, 1896-1925, and burials, 1900-1923 of Brigden Methodist Circuit (includes Waubuno, Bradshaw, Sombra, and WIlkesport), 1896-1925; Board minutes of Brigden Methodist Church, 1901-1923; Session minutes of Black Creek Presbyterian Church, 1872-1892; records of Brigden Presbyterian Church, 1880-1925; Board of Managers minutes of Guthrie Presbyterian Church, Moore Township, 1886-1924; records, including burials, 1937-1943, of Calvary Pastoral Charge (Guthrie Presbyterian Church, Plum Creek, Bradshaw, Calvary, Duthill and Wilkesport), 1885-1972; records, including baptisms, 1883-1941 of Plum Creek United Church, Moore Township, 1883-1961; Session and Congregational Meeting minutes of Bradshaw United Church, Sombra Township, 1938-1973; records of Brigden Pastoral Charge (includes Brigden, Calvary and Zion), 1969-1998; Session minutes of Zion United Church, 1926-2010; records, including baptisms, 1885-1949, marriages, 1898-1941, and burials, 1935-1943, of of Calvary United Church, Moore Township, (includes Plum Creek, Guthrie Presbyterian Church), 1885-1980; and records, including marriages, 1905-1941, of Brigden United Church (includes Weston, Brigden Presbyterian Church), 1905-1998.

Brigden Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Camlachie United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1630
  • Fonds
  • 1876-1969

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1922, of Camlachie Methodist Circuit (includes Camlachie, Epworth Church in Plymton Township, Oban), 1876-1925; records of Camlachie Methodist Church, 1882-1921; Official Board minutes of Camlachie Pastoral Charge (includes Camlachie Methodist Circuit, Camlachie, Epworth Church in Plymton Township, Oban), 1912-1950; records of North Plympton United Church, Plympton Township (includes North Plympton Congregational Church), 1885-1969; records of Camlachie United Church (includes Camlachie Methodist Church), 1914-1961.

Camlachie United Church (Ont.)

Canadian Horticultural Societies Collection

  • Collection
  • 1857-2011

This collection consists of yearbooks; annual reports; newsletters, handbooks; prize lists; constitutions and by-laws; board of director information; lists of presidents; correspondence; a newspaper clipping; programmes; show announcements; booklets; emblems; publications; hand-written notes; a petition; rules and regulations; proceedings of an annual convention; show books; bulletins; pamphlets; articles; a presentation; and member lists.

Central United Church (Sarnia, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1873
  • Fonds
  • 1847-1999

Fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes, 1847-1888, Trustee Board members lists, 1865, 1868, 1871, 1876, of Central Methodist Church, Sarnia (includes Sarnia Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, includes Sarnia, Corunna, Point Edward); and annual reports of Central United Church, Sarnia, 1993-1999.

Central United Church (Sarnia, Ont.)

Corunna United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F2866
  • Fonds
  • 1896-1999

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1912, of Corunna Methodist Church (includes Walpol [Walpole] Island, Lambton, Sombra, and Courtright Circuits), 1896-1925; and records, including baptisms, 1926-1997, marriages, 1913-1991, and burials, 1956-1987, of Corunna United Church (incudes Corunna Methodist Church), 1913-2009.

Corunna United Church (Ont.)

Courtright - Sixth Line Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F2947
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1955

Fonds consists of annual reports, 1938-1929, and financial reports, 1933, 1935-1937, 1946-1955 of Courtright Pastoral Charge, and Congregational Meeting minutes, of Courtright United Church, 1926.

Courtright - Sixth Line Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Dawn Valley - Dresden - Rutherford Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1317
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1992

Fonds consists of baptisms of Florence Methodist Episcopal Church, 1876-1878; records, including marriages, 1896-1906, of Florence Methodist Circuit (includes Florence, Croton, Huffs Corners, Shetland, Fanshers Church in Euphemia Township), 1877-1915; circuit register of Rutherford Methodist Circuit (includes Rutherford, Edy's Mills (now Eddy's), Dawn Valley, Crooked Creek), 1896-1920; records Florence Methodist Church, 1904-1922; records, including marriages, 1897-1939, of Rutherford Pastoral Charge (includes Rutherford Methodist Circuit, Rutherford, Dawn Valley, Huffs Corners), 1897-1955; records, including marriages, 1906-1931, of Florence Pastoral Charge (includes Florence Methodist Circuit, Florence, Fanshers Church in Euphemia Township, Shetland), 1906-1945; Official Board minutes, 1925-1961, and correspondence re amalgamation of Florence and Fansher Township , 1961,of Florence - Rutherford Pastoral Charge (includes Florence, Fansher Church in Euphemia Township); Session minutes of Florence-Rutherford-Dawn Valley Pastoral Charge, 1967-1992; records of Florence United Church, 1927-1991; Official Board/Congregational minutes of Edy's Mills United Church (includes Edy's Mills Methodist Circuit, Edy's Mills (now Eddy's), Maplegrove, Sunnyside (now Atkin)), 1908-1938; congregational minutes of Fansher United Church, Euphemia Township, 1944, 1947-1961

Dawn Valley - Dresden - Rutherford Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Devine Street United Church (Sarnia, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1874
  • Fonds
  • 1892-2005

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1913-1992, marriages, 1896-1985, burials, 1913-1972, of Devine Street United Church, Sarnia (includes Queen Street/Devine Street Methodist Church [includes Lucasville]), 1892-2006

Devine Street United Church (Sarnia, Ont.)

Forest United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1680
  • Fonds
  • 1874-1941

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1925, of Forest Methodist Circuit (includes Forest, Zion Church in Plymton Township, North Plymton Church in Plymton Township), 1895-1925; records, including marriages, 1897-1900, of Forest Congregational Church (includes Lakeshore Congregational Church in Bosanquet Township), 1874-1917; records, including baptisms, 1905-1926, marriages, 1909-1926, of Main Street United Church, Forest (includes Forest Congregational Church), 1884-1926; records of Forest United Church (includes Forest Methodist Circuit, James Street United Church), 1923-1941.

Forest United Church (Ont.)

Grace United Church (Sarnia, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F2991
  • Fonds
  • 1999-2019

Fonds consists of the records of the United Church Women Helen McKay Unit, 1999-2019.

Grace United Church (Sarnia, Ont.)

High Park United Church (Sarnia, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F2983
  • Fonds
  • 1952-2018

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1953-2017, marriages, 1957-2017, and burials, 195-2018, of High Park United Church, Sarnia.

High Park United Church (Sarnia, Ont.)

Huron Shores United Church (Grand Bend, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1699
  • Fonds
  • 1877-2017

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1912, of Grand Bend Methodist Circuit (includes Boston (now Greenway), Grand Bend, Mt. Pleasant Church in McGillivray Township, Salem Church in McGillivray Township, Corbett, Shipka), 1883-1913; records, including baptisms, 1877-1924, marriages, 1897-1924, of Grand Bend Presbyterian Church, 1877-1924; records of Corbett Presbyterian Church, 1888-1925; records, including baptisms, 1912-1969, marriages, 1912-1997, burials, 1914-2002, of Grand Bend Pastoral Charge (includes Grand Bend Methodist Circuit, Grand Bend Presbyterian Church, Grand Bend, Greenway), 1904-2014; records of Greenway United Church (includes Greenway Methodist Church and Corbett Presbyterian Church), 1875-2014; records of Grand Bend United Church (includes Grand Bend Presbyterian Church and Grand Bend Methodist Church), 1877-2014; records of Huron Shores United Church in Grand Bend, 2014-2017.

Huron Shores United Church (Grand Bend, Ont.)

Inwood Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1723
  • Fonds
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1900-1914, of Inwood Presbyterian Church (includes St. Andrew's Church in Brooke Township), 1889-1924; Mission band records of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Brooke Township, 1914-1915; records, including baptisms, 1890-1962, of Inwood Pastoral Charge (includes Inwood Presbyterian Church, Inwood, St. Andrew's Church in Brooke Township, Shiloh Church in Enniskillen Township), 1889-2006; records, including baptisms, 1888-1975, marriages, 1914-1950, of Inwood United Church (includes Inwood Presbyterian Church), 1888-1975; women's groups records of Shiloh United Church, Enniskillen Township), 1940-1977; and records, including list of baptisms, marriages, and burials, 1996-2006, of St. Andrew's, Brooke and Enniskillen United Church, 1888-2007.

Inwood Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Nanticoke Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1432
  • Fonds
  • 1887-2007

Fonds consists of annual reports of Nanticoke Methodist Circuit (including Cheapside), 1908-1918; women's groups' records of Nanticoke Methodist Church, 1887-1913; records, including baptisms, 1903-1951, marriages, 1898-1950, burials, 1903-1951, of Nanticoke Pastoral Charge (includes Nanticoke Methodist Circuit, Jennings Church in Walpole Township, Balmoral, Cheapside), 1898-2005; and records of Nanticoke United Church, 1921-2007

Nanticoke Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Oakdale United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1862
  • Fonds
  • 1883-1997

Fonds consists of Session minutes, 1897-1920, congregational minutes, 1920, of Oakdale Presbyterian Church; records of Shetland United Church (includes Shetland Methodist Church), 1882-1964; marriage register, 1927-1961, historic roll, 1925-1956, of Oakdale United Church (includes North Dawn Presbytereian Church, Oakdale Presbyterian Church).

Oakdale United Church (Ont.)

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