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File consists of material published and circulated by candidates for positions on Mississauga City Council. Included are Mayor of Mississauga candidates Rick Drennan and Robert Taylor; Mississauga council candidates Dr. Edward J. Blackmore, Dave Cook (incumbent), David Culham (incumbent), Frank Dale, Dr. Angelo Gualtieri, Harold Kennedy (incumbent), Helen Leluk, Mary McKeown, Patricia Mullin, Maja Prentice, Ted Southorn (incumbent), Larry Taylor (incumbent), Wayne Tighe, Ken Wagg, Roy Willis, and Glenn Woolfrey; Peel District School Board candidates Kulwant Bal, Richard Bennett (incumbent), Shirley Campbell, Karen Carstensen, Gail Green, Samir Mahajan, Mani Modi, Mubeen Qureshi, John Walmark (incumbent), and Kelly Zarolia; and Dufferin-Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board candidates Cynthia Archibald, Barry Curitti, Anthony Carnevale, Peter Ferreira, Joe Hugel, Eugene Madden, Michael A. Perretta, Roy Sanasie, and Jack Smith (incumbent).

Gualtieri's literature is in English, Italian, and Portuguese.

Candidates for Caledon Council

File consists of flyers, pamphlets and other material published and circulated by candidates for positions on Caldeon’s Town and Regional Council. Candidates represented in the file include Valerie Arnold-Judge, Doug Beffort, Andrei Belooussov, Gary Caprara, Gary Cascone, Jim Cassell, Nick De Boer, Tom Dolson, Patti Foley, Tim Forster, Dianne Henriques, Kevin Junor, Gord McClure, Rob Mezzapelli, Richard Paterak, Gino Petricca, Nancy Stewart, Amanda Squire, Allan Thompson, Richard Whitehead, and Tony Viola.

Rt. Honourable Vincent Massey Documents
CA ON00154 2004.23-2004.23.2.10 · Dossier · 1952-1954
Fait partie de Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)

File consists of a letter to the Rev. C. H. Boulden, Rector, St. Mark's Church, Port Hope from the Right Honourable Vincent Massey, 5 Feb 1952. The letter is in response to a letter of congratulations received by Vincent Massey from the congregation of St. Mark's Church. Signed by Vincent Massey. This letter is reproduced on page 89 of "Time Was." Details for the reproduction are written on the back of the letter. Also, "Ceremony of the Trooping of the Colour by the Governor-General's Foot Guards" 1 Jul 1954.

Candidates for Mayoralty of Caledon

File consists of flyers, pamphlets, and other material published and circulated by candidates who ran to be mayor of Caledon. Material from the campaigns of Annette Groves and Marolyn Morrison can be found in the file. Groves' material includes a DVD with a runtime of 8 minutes, 41 seconds.

Candidates for Brampton Council

File consists of flyers, pamphlets, and other material published and circulated by candidates for positions on Brampton’s City Council. Candidates represented in the file include: Princess Boucher, Len Carby, Larry D. Dupuis, Grant Gibson, Urz Heer, John Hutton, Gael Miles, Elaine Moore, Sheila Moore, Yaw Osei-Aning, Bobby Sharma, Dal Singh Puar, Inder Singh Chopra, Raguhbir Singh, John B. Spry, Dr. Ralph Greene, Paul Palleschi, Doug Whillans, Susan DiMarco, John Sanderson, Bob Callahan, Parminder Grewal, Frank Corvese, and Steve Kerr

CA ON00154 2004.20-2004.20.2.3 · Dossier · 1882
Fait partie de East Durham Land Registry Office Collection

File consists of invoices for the expenses for the Liberal Conservation Association Candidate, Col. Arthur T. H. Williams for the 1882 federal election. Invoices include: Music Hall Rental; Duncan Chisholm, Barrister & Attorney at Law; Millbrook Store; Robert Hutchison Inn, Cavan; The Mail Printing Company, Toronto; The Daily & Weekly Guide Steam Printing & Publishing House, G. Wilson & Sons; Charles Reynolds, Furniture and Upholstery, Undertaking, etc.; Levi Reynolds; Port Hope Times Steam Printing, J. B. Trayes; Dominion Telegraph; G. N. W. Telegraph, Bethany; William Vance, Millbrook; Jacob Atkins; H. A. Ward; W. J. Beatty; T. M. Ward. Detailed statement of expenses included. George C. Ward, Returning Officer.

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Brampton buttons

File consists of buttons published and circulated by candidates for positions on Brampton City Council or as a school trustee. Included are Beryl Ford, Alan Gibson, Chris Gibson, Gary Heighington, Fred Kee, and Alan Reilly.


File consists of material published and circulated by candidates for positions on Brampton City Council. Candidates represented in the file are incumbents Lorna Bissell and Susan Fennell.

Candidates for School Board Trustees

File consists of flyers, pamphlets and other campaign material published and circulated by candidates for the position of School Board Trustee (public and Catholic Boards). File consists of material published by the campaigns of Joy A. Adams, Stan Cameron, Roger Chadha, Anna da Silva, Rakhra Endorsed, Steve Kavanagh, Linden King, Sue Lawton, Scott Murdock, Suzanne Nurse, Ehretia A. O'Hearn, Carole Walker, Fraser Williamson, and Linda Zanella.

"Fathers of Confederation" Print
CA ON00154 2011.2-2011.2.3 · Dossier · 1967
Fait partie de Port Hope Collection

File consists of one (1) black and white poster of the "Fathers of Confederation." It includes: Hewitt Bernard, W.A. Henry, E. Palmer, W.H. Steeves, Chas. Fisher, Edward Whelan, G. Coles, J.H. Gray, F.B.T. Carter, A. Shea, J.C. Chapais, E.B. Chandler, S.L. Tilley, Adams G. Archibald, Alex Campbell, John A. Macdonald, H.L. Langevin, Geo. E. Cartier, E.P. Tache, Geo. Brown, A.T. Galt, Jas. Cockburn, Oliver Mowat, T.H. Haviland, P. Mitchell, R.B. Dickey, Chas. Tupper, J.H. Gray, W.H. Pope, A.A. Macdonald, J.M. Johnson, Wm. McDougall, J. McCully, T. D'Arcy McGee.

File 4 - Brampton City Council
Dossier · [ca. 1985 - 1986]
Fait partie de Steve Robson fonds

File consists of photographs of city council meetings at the Bramalea Civic Centre, including a deputation on Neighbourhood Watch, and a presentation from Brampton Fire Department. individual shown include Mayor Ken Whillans, Eric Carter, Chris Gibson, John Palleschi, Nancy Porteous, and [the city clerk].

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