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Liquor Permits and Ration Stamps

File consists of various permits, presumably used by the Wilson family of 42 Bedford Street, during the years 1945-1948. It includes: Permit to purchase Alcohol and Spirits, 1945-1946; Individual Liquor Permit, 1947-1948; Ration Stamps, 2 sheets (no date).

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Wilf Quigley Oral History Project Interview

File consists of a DVD including Wilf Quigley's "Our Memories: Downtown Port Hope" Oral History Project interview; and a paper copy of the interview transcript, 2013. The interview was edited and uploaded to YouTube with the following description: "In this instalment of Downtown Memories, we speak to local resident Wilf Quigley about his time working at the post office and helping with the 1980 flood."

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David Turck Oral History Project Interview

File consists of a DVD including [former Municipality of Port Hope Councillor] David Turck's "Our Memories: Downtown Port Hope" Oral History Project interview; and a paper copy of the interview transcript, 2013. The interview was edited and uploaded to YouTube with the following description: "In this video we interview Port Hope resident David Turck. He recalls his memories of living downtown and working in his father's restaurant for the "Our Memories: Downtown Port Hope" Oral History Project."

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Philip Givens fonds

  • CA ON00210 51
  • Fundo
  • [192-]-1990

Fonds consists of records documenting the personal, professional and communal activities of Phil Givens. The bulk of the material is graphic and most of the photographs relate to his tenure as Mayor of Toronto and to his Jewish communal work. The records also include general correspondence, speeches, campaign material, scrapbooks, cartoons, certificates and awards, biographical writings, audio and visual materials and artifacts. The records have been arranged into nine series representing Givens’ various roles and activities and have been described to the file level and item level when necessary. These series are: 1. Personal life; 2. City of Toronto Alderman; 3. City of Toronto Controller; 4. City of Toronto Mayor; 5. Metropolitan Toronto Police Commissioner; 6. Provincial politics; 7. National politics; 8. Legal career; 9. Jewish communal service.

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Bailey family fonds

  • CA ON00329 F 14
  • Fundo
  • 1935-1979

Fonds contains records created by and for various members of the Bailey family, including photographs and textual material. Series are divided by the member of the family who created the material. Fonds consists of the following series: Harry Bailey, Russell O. Bailey, and Lillian Rutherford.

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The Corporation of the Town of Whitby fonds

  • CA ON00329 F 16
  • Fundo
  • 1961-1982

Fonds consists of records which document the administrative functions of the Town of Whitby. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Original By-laws and Council Minutes.

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Original By-laws

Series consists of by-laws established by the Town of Whitby prior to and after amalgamation with the Township of Whitby. By-laws established by the Town cover a range of issues including infrastructure, development, parking, agreements, tenders, land acquisitions, taxation, appointment of city officials, etc.

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Council Minutes

Series consists of minutes from Town Council meetings of the Town of Whitby and include the adoption and consideration of minutes from committee meetings, particularly relating to key issues such as capital expenditures, community plans and development, transportation, infrastructure, zoning applications, and the approval or rejection of by-laws for the City. Also included are the minutes concerning the amalgamation of the Town of Whitby and the Township of Whitby in 1968.

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Town of Whitby fonds

  • CA ON00329 F 2011
  • Fundo
  • 1855-1966

This fonds consists of the official records of Whitby, including Council Minutes, 1855-1960; By-laws, 1855-1966; Board and Committee Minutes, 1861-1954; Assessment and Collectors Rolls, 1855-1960; Board of Health Records 1934-1957; Court Records, 1928-1955.

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Township of Whitby fonds

  • CA ON00329 F 2012
  • Fundo
  • 1837-1968

Fonds consists of the official records of Whitby Township, including Council Minutes, 1852-1967; By-laws, 1850-1967; Board and Committee Minutes, 1884-1966; Assessment and Collectors Rolls, 1848-1968; and Clerk-Treasurer's Records, 1837-1967.

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Howard T. Pammet fonds

  • CA ON00334 F1
  • Fundo
  • 1849-1903

Papers of Howard T. Pammett (1909-1990), civil servant with the federal Department of Labor and local historian, consisting of correspondence with many people including Margaret Hennessy, 1984; C.K. Bottom, 1968-71; Peter McGillen, 1928-73; Eugene Forsey, 1969; Peterborough Examiner, 1945-53, chiefly with Robertson Davies; research notes and thesis while a student at Queen’s University, 1930-1935; some papers related to his travel and work with the Department of Labour, 1941-69; poetry and other literary works by Pammett; together with correspondence and research materials related to the local history of Peterborough, the Trent Canal, Irish emigration, the Grand Trunk Railway, the Peterborough Exhibition, Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School, Ontario agriculture and the Kawarthas.
Peterborough history; post office; Peter Robinson Settlers; Queen's University; Canada Department of Labour; Robertson Davies correspondence; news clippings v 15. 1925-1980.

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Varpu Lindström fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0558
  • Fundo
  • 1887-2012

Fonds consists of Lindstrom's professorial and scholarly research files throughout her career, as well as records documenting her academic activities. Research files pertain to her publications and monographs such as "Defiant Sisters : A Social History of Finnish Immigrant Women in Canada, 1890-1930" (both the English and Finnish editions), and "From Heroes to Enemies : Finns in Canada, 1937-1947," as well as book chapters, articles, papers, presentations and lectures, and her involvement with the National Film Board production "Letters from Karelia," and subsequent research. The research files span the activities of Finnish and Finnish-Canadian organizations across the political spectrum, such as the Finnish Organization of Canada (left wing), and Loyal Finns in Canada (right wing). Records include oral history interviews (audio cassettes and transcripts), research notes, clippings, a significant and extensive number of photograph and letter collections passed down through generations of Finnish Canadians, diaries, correspondence, publication drafts, academic and professorial notes, microfilm of Finnish language newspapers published in Canada and archival records, financial records of Finnish-Canadian organizations such as newspapers and post-World War II relief funding bodies, scrapbooks, photocopies of rare and unusual documents such as two volumes of a Soviet register of Finnish War Crimes, a list of persons found in the mass grave at Karhumaki, and Soviet lists of North American Finns who journeyed to Karelia to help build a socialist utopia there, academic and professorial files, publicity files, files pertaining to her work with the School of Women's Studies, and her own papers as a university student. The fonds also includes letters written by Lindstrom as a newly-arrived teenaged immigrant to Canada to her best friend in Finland; many of these letters were published in Finnish with English translation in 'Letters from an immigrant teenager' in 2012.

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Fort William Council Minutes

This series consists of meeting minutes for the Municipal Council for the Town and City of Fort William. Comprehensive indexes compiled by staff at the City Clerk’s office provide access to the various issues discussed at council meetings.

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City of Thunder Bay Council Minutes

Under the provisions of the Municipal Act (2001), City Council votes on the passing of new by-laws and the amendment of existing by-laws in Council meetings, based on recommendations and advice from the Office of the City Clerk. Council also delegates statutory responsibilities to sub-committees, and through Committee of the Whole Meetings, Council discusses critical issues covering the broad mandate of the City. It is through Council Meetings that decisions are made and resolutions are achieved.

This series contains minutes from Council meetings of The City of Thunder Bay. The City of Thunder Bay was officially incorporated under the City of the Lakehead Act (1969) when the former municipalities of Port Arthur, Fort William, Neebing and McIntyre were amalgamated. The merging of the municipalities occurred following a regional study prepared by the provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs in 1968. The study had been proposed by Saul Laskin, former Mayor of Port Arthur and first Mayor of Thunder Bay, and jointly signed by the Mayors of all five councils. The report recommended the merging of the municipalities citing benefits such as the economic promotion of the area and benefits of scale such as cost reductions and development opportunities. In 1969, a formal Organization Committee was established to prepare for the administration of the new City.

Following the formal amalgamation of the City, by-laws were established to set out the rules for procedure for Council meetings and the organization of policy committees to cover the various elements of government administration. In July 1970, Council approved the establishment of four policy committees which were divided into the following categories; Protection of Persons and Property, Health and Social Services, Recreation and Community Services and Planning. With changes to the corporate organization of city government throughout the 1970’s, policy committees had been reorganized. In 1978, under By-law 303-1978 (amended in 1979, 1981 and 1982) three Standing Committees were established relating to Engineering and Operations, Community Services and Community Planning and Development. These committees comprised of members of Council who wished to serve on them, with no fewer than seven members per committee. At 2011, Committee of the Whole Meetings are attended by all City Councilors and are divided into; Community Services, Planning, Operations and Administrative Services.

Between 1973 and 1976, Councilors were elected representatives from each of the four wards established for The City of Thunder Bay at that time; Fort William, Port Arthur, Neebing and McIntyre. From 1977, Council consisted of representatives from the newly established ward system which included the creation of seven distinct wards within the City; Current River, McKellar, Red River, Northwood, Westfort, McIntyre and Neebing. As of 1986, Council consisted of 12 members and the Mayor; one representative from each of the seven wards and 5 representatives reflecting the at large areas surrounding Thunder Bay. In accordance with Bylaw
139-2006, the 13 members of Council each serve a term of four years.

Mayors presiding over Council in the time reflected in this series include; Saul Laskin (1970-1972), Walter Assef (1973-1978 and 1981-1985), Dusty Miller (1979-1980), Jack Masters (1986-1991), David Hamilton (1992-1997) and Ken Boshcoff (1998-2003). The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of proceedings for Council.

Series consists of meeting minutes of City Council for the City of Thunder Bay and include the adoption and consideration of minutes from the Committee of the Whole meetings, particularly relating to key issues such as capital expenditures, community plans and development, transportation, infrastructure, education, zoning applications and the approval or rejection of by-laws for the City. Also included are the minutes of the Organization Committee prior to the formal amalgamation of the City in 1970. Major issues discussed in these minutes include the organization study, plans for birthday celebrations for the City of Thunder Bay, and the establishment of an organizational structure for the amalgamated City.

Early minutes cover key establishment issues such as urban renewal schemes for the South and North ward, establishment of a Citizen Advisory Committee to encourage citizen participation in civic affairs, development of traffic systems and transportation for the City and the establishment of the Thunder Bay Public Library Board. Recent meeting minutes include issues relating to social services, the redevelopment of well-known properties in the City, civic recognition ceremonies, civic beautification, crime and capital budgets.

Urban Renewal Operations Files

The Urban Renewal Department was established as a department of The City of Thunder Bay upon amalgamation of the City in 1970. The department was headed by a Director of Urban Renewal, who reported to the City Coordinator. The main responsibilities of the department included property acquisition and the relocation of persons and businesses affected by these acquisitions, neighbourhood improvement, commercial development, including retail and parking areas, installations and improvements to city infrastructure and industrial development. Between 1970 and 1974, the Urban Renewal Department also engaged in social services activities including activities relating to welfare and job assistance. Following the reorganization of The City of Thunder Bay in 1975, the Urban Renewal Department became known as Urban Redevelopment and was incorporated under the Planning Department, reporting to the Director of Planning. It was at this time that social services activities were withdrawn from its portfolio.

Series consists of records of the Urban Renewal Department of the City of Thunder Bay and predominantly refers to the period of change and development immediately following amalgamation. The records of the Urban Renewal Department relate to a variety of areas within the City, however, the majority of records in this series refer to the development of the downtown area of the former Port Arthur ward. Included are agreements and draft agreements relating to construction, leases and property acquisition.

Predominant in this series are agreements with the construction company, Headway Corporation Ltd, and with various retail corporations. Also included in this series are construction and development contracts, correspondence, financial records relating to budgeting and cost estimation for urban renewal projects, site plans, meeting minutes and reports. In addition to the records of the Urban Renewal Department are records of the City Coordinator and meeting minutes of the nonprofit organization, Thunder Bay Community Projects Incorporated.

Included in this series are a small quantity of records of the former City of Port Arthur’s Urban Renewal Committee created prior to the amalgamation of Port Arthur with The City of Thunder Bay.

Indexes to Minutes

This series consists of index books for the Fort William Council. Each index is filed by year and contains an alphabetic order of topics with references to the page number where the topic was recorded in the Council Minute Book.

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Census Reports

Census Reports were prepared on a yearly basis by the Regional Assessment Office of the Province of Ontario and delivered to the Office of the City Clerk. Census Reports were prepared using information obtained from the Assessment Rolls in order to garner an
understanding of the resident population of the municipality and were used by the Province in the calculation of resource allocations and grants. Census Reports were not intended to serve as an official population count.

The Office of the City Clerk reports to the City Manager and is responsible for maintaining all legislative and administrative requirements necessary for the effective functioning of the City. The primary responsibilities of the Office of the City Clerk includes managing the registration of vital statistics information, preparing agendas for City Council, providing advice to Council regarding the policies and operations followed by the City and overseeing the assessment of property tax.

Series consists of Census Reports prepared by the Regional Assessment Office of the Province of Ontario and includes statistical information on the population of the City of Thunder Bay. The information is divided into ward and subdivision and contains the total number of people for each age group, total number of male and female residents and the total male and female residents under the category of public school and separate school support.

Administrative Reports

Series consists of reports prepared by various departments of The City of Thunder Bay relating to assessments of current practices and systems and recommendations for improvement which are brought forward to Council for consideration. Reports cover a range of topics and issues including contracts, agreements, by-laws, property acquisition and the sale of property, city infrastructure and development, transportation, parking, services and programs, civic organization, council and committee structure and the development and maintenance of parks and recreation facilities in The City of Thunder Bay. Reports feature attached resolutions detailing council’s recommendations in relation to the issues raised in each report.

Administrative Reports are maintained by the Office of the City Clerk. The Office of the City Clerk oversees all departments of the municipal government and the operations of City Council. The main responsibilities held by the Office of the City Clerk include: presenting proposed by-laws to Council; preparing agendas for Council and providing secretarial services for Council and Committees of Council.


By-laws cover a great variety of issues and concerns. There are By-laws to formalize agreements with other institutions, appoint municipal officials, regulate tax collection, construct sidewalks and roadways, license local establishments, provide for holding elections, establish rates for water and other applicable utilities, and construct City facilities. While most By-laws pass after three readings by council, some early by-laws affecting the “future position” of the municipality required the electoral approval by ratepayers according to the Municipal Act. These by-laws would generally include debenture by-laws for the borrowing of funds on credit, but would also include by-laws for annexation or separation, a re-division
of wards, construction of street railways, local assessment and improvement to name a few.

Interspersed with the earliest Fort William By-laws, there are also sundry by-laws generated by the Municipality of Neebing (1890-1894).

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