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Port Hope Hospital Correspondence
CA ON00154 2000.9-2008.3.1.3 · Dossier · 1919
Fait partie de Port Hope and District Hospital Fonds

File consists of correspondence written regarding funds for hospital and special rates on operations for children under the care of the Northumberland & Durham Children's Aid Society, 1919.

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Stuart-Grant Family Correspondence
CA ON00154 996.21-2016.3.6 · Dossier · 1894-1901
Fait partie de Barbara Loucks Family Collection

File consists of correspondence written between members of the Stuart-Grant family of Ballintruan, c1894-1901. It includes personal messages from Albert and Josephine Grant (nee Stuart) and her parents, Charles and Margaret Stuart (nee Gladman). The letters document the travels of Albert and Josephine to Italy, France, England, Scotland, Germany and New York; and updates on their children from Charles and Margaret at Ballintruan in Port Hope. It also includes correspondence on letter head from the residence of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Balmoral Castle, Hearth & Home Magazine, Eden-Palace Hotel (France), Hotel Angst (Italy), Stuart Family (Ballintruan), Murray Hill Hotel (New York), Hotel Continental (France), Hotel Bella Vista (Italy), Hotel de France et Pension Anglaise (Italy), Palace Hotel (Scotland), Hotel Victoria (London); as well as, a Christmas card "Woodlands and Pastures Bare," "The Complexion: It's Care." by Mrs. Pomeroy (addressed to Mrs. Stuart Grant), Telegram and information booklet for Saloon Passengers per Dominion Line Royal Mail S.S. "Vancouver," 1897 (Josephine Stuart-Grant and Victoria were on board), and several other birthday and holiday cards.

Rt. Honourable Vincent Massey Documents
CA ON00154 2004.23-2004.23.2.10 · Dossier · 1952-1954
Fait partie de Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)

File consists of a letter to the Rev. C. H. Boulden, Rector, St. Mark's Church, Port Hope from the Right Honourable Vincent Massey, 5 Feb 1952. The letter is in response to a letter of congratulations received by Vincent Massey from the congregation of St. Mark's Church. Signed by Vincent Massey. This letter is reproduced on page 89 of "Time Was." Details for the reproduction are written on the back of the letter. Also, "Ceremony of the Trooping of the Colour by the Governor-General's Foot Guards" 1 Jul 1954.

CA ON00154 2007.5-2007.5.7.2 · Dossier · 1978
Fait partie de Choate Family fonds

Item is an article entitled "It was quite a life" recounting Margaret Sproat's life, 3 Jan 1978 Port Hope Evening Guide. Article with interview with Margaret Sproat Wilson, widow of Ralph Choate Wilson and her involvement with the family business - the Port Hope Evening Guide until it was sold to Albert Schultz.

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Port Hope Evening Guide Correspondence
CA ON00154 2007.5-2007.5.6.3 · Dossier · 1901-1947
Fait partie de Choate Family fonds

File consists of various pieces of correspondence regarding the Port Hope Evening Guide, 1901-1947. It includes: Memo by F. W. Wilson, 1901; Letter to F. W. Wilson from S. Frank Wilson, 1916; Letter to R. F. Wilson, c/o The Guide, regarding the building of a light house at Port Hope, from the Minister of Public Works.

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Chelmsford Telephones
ON00120 036-2-5 · Dossier · April 14, 1955
Fait partie de Chelmsford Women's Institute

File consists of papers regarding the history of telephones in Chelmsford, Ontario presented during the regular monthly meetings of the Chelmsford Women's Institute.

"The Land Registrar" Newsletter
CA ON00154 2004.20-2004.20.3.1 · Dossier · 1977-1981
Fait partie de East Durham Land Registry Office Collection

File consists of five (5) issues of "The Land Registrar" newsletter, 1977-1981; and copies of the Registrars of Deeds Association of Ontario, Toronto September 19, 1960. #25 East Durham registrar L. R. Hankingram; Newsclipping of Lloyd Patterson and Jack Sylvester, 1973. Lloyd Patterson, former registrar for East Durham, is featured in several issues of the newsletter.

Correspondence re: North-West Lands
CA ON00154 2007.5-2007.5.6.5 · Dossier · 1908-1912
Fait partie de Choate Family fonds

File consists of correspondence between McLaughlin, Peel & Fulton and F. W. Wilson regarding the purchase of property in Saskatchewan, 1908-1912.

CA ON00154 994.1-994.1.6.11 · Dossier · 1981
Fait partie de Tom Long Local History Collection

File consists of an architectural and historical inventory of Walton Street between Mill Street and Pine Street. Booklet created by Jane Staunton, Karen Ingram and Lynn M. Flatley. The inventory includes pictures, maps and research completed by LACAC. Also an index of block numbers, building names, and dates. Each block has a short history written on it, including architectural characteristics, architect, location and year of building.

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Mrs. Philip Passy Envelope
CA ON00154 2011.10-2012.26.2 · Dossier · 1913
Fait partie de Marielle Lambert Collection

File consists of one (1) envelope (without letter) addressed to Mrs. Philip Passy, The Octagon House, 1913. On verso: "I was much interested to read your account of the ceiling of the new station, it must be quite an astronomical study!" "Mrs. Philip Passy" could either refer to Marjory Passy (1888-1971), wife of Philip Passy Jr. (1887-1972); or Mary Melissa Passy (1854-1929), wife of Philip Passy Sr. (1847-1915).

CA ON00154 2014.74-2016.14.5 · Dossier
Fait partie de Doherty Collection

File consists of one (1) edition of the Port Hope Evening Guide, 13 Feb 2009. It includes some of the following articles: "Port Hope's Jim Gilmer named Outstanding Citizen" (re: Civic Awards) and "Many eyes trained on Ganaraska River" (re: river flooding).

Austin's Cottages Printing Blocks
CA ON00154 2015.34-2015.34.5-2015.34.5.10 · Dossier · 1965
Fait partie de Austin Family Collection

File consists of six (6) printing blocks and one (1) small shipping box, 1965. The printing blocks were produced by Geo. Wilson and Sons (Guide Printing) for Austin Cottages, Shanty Shore, Rice Lake, Keene, Ontario. The blocks contain two (2) maps, and several images of cottages and activities tourists could enjoy at Austin's Cottages; all were used to produce tourism pamphlets for the business. The blocks were originally shipped in the small card board box addressed to: Mr. C. Vardy, Geo. Wilson and Sons, 118 Walton Street, Port Hope, Ontario. The rental cottages were owned by Fred and Hazel Austin of 11 Bloomsgrove Avenue, Port Hope.

Port Hope Hospital Newspaper Clippings
CA ON00154 2000.9-2008.3.1.5 · Dossier · 1948-1954
Fait partie de Port Hope and District Hospital Fonds

File consists of articles and newspapers related to the Port Hope Hospital, 1948-1954. Articles related to the hospital activities, auxiliary and board, reports on annual meetings. Includes complete issues of 4 Mar 1950 and 28 Mar 1952.

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