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Archival description
Administration series
Series · 2003-2015
Part of Elgin County 4-H Association fonds

This series consists of administrative records created and maintained by the 4-H Association for internal use. It is comprised of the following records:
-Annual Reports, 2004-2014
-Constitution, c. 2003
-Correspondence, 2007-2015
-Minutes, 2006-2015
-Newsletters, 2006-2013
-Treasurer files, 2006-2015

CA ON00154 2015.34-2015.34.2 · Series · 1944
Part of Austin Family Collection

Series consists of one (1) account book from Fred Austin's Apple Orchard, c1944. It includes listings of customers, amounts purchased, amounts owed and paid, and contact information.

Austin, Fred
Members series
Series · 1960-2009
Part of Elgin County 4-H Association fonds

This series consists of membership records of leaders (older members and aults tasked with running individual clubs) and members of the Elgin County 4-H Association ranging from the 1960s to 2009. It is comprised of the following records:
-Leader rolls, 2003-2009
-Leaders, Homemaking, c. 1970
-Members, Agriculture, c. 1970-1980
-Members, mixed (Homemaking and Agriculture), c. 1985

Series · October 18, 1928-May 17, 1990
Part of Iona Station Women's Institute fonds

Series consists of nine bound volumes containing minutes of regular, executive and annual meetings of the Iona Station Women’s Institute. The minutes provide detailed information about the administration of the Institute as well as miscellaneous information concerning the history of the district of Iona and surrounding areas. Minute books also include lists of meetings held, lists of officers and members, annual financial statements, and records of receipts and expenditures.
Includes the following Minute Books:
October 18, 1928-April 16, 1931
June 16, 1938-April 16, 1942
May 21, 1942-March 20, 1947
April 18, 1947-April 17, 1952
May 15, 1952-April 24, 1958
May 20, 1965-March 18, 1971
April 22, 1971-March 19, 1976
April 15, 1976-March 20, 1981
April 16, 1981-May 17, 1990


Photographs are divided into seven subseries:
A - Architecture
B - Arts (Theatre, music, dance, arts, crafts)
C - Business & industry
D - Churches
E - Communities in Northwestern Ontario
F - People, families, & genealogy
G - Organizations


Series consists of photograhs depicting the people and places of early Vaughan as well as the post offices throughout Vaughan Township (Norberta wrote a book Chatting About the Post Offices of Vaughan Township, Ontario, published 1983), Norberta was also a long-time journalist with the Woodbridge and Vaughan News and thus some of the photos she used in her articles can also be found in this series.

Series · [191-?]-1988
Part of Elgin Co-Operative Services fonds

Series consists of black and white and colour photographs, negatives and slides showing Elgin Co-Operative Services employees, Directors, facilities, equipment, products and services, and events, [191-?]-1988. Includes photographs by Scott Studio, Elgin Studio and St. Thomas Times-Journal, St. Thomas.

CA ON00154 2014.22-2014.22.2 · Series · 1977-1990
Part of "Uncle Tom's Cabinet" Collection

Series consists of three (3) prize lists booklets for the Port Hope Agricultural Society Fall Fair; For the 146th fair, September 16, 17, 18 1977, the 157th fair, September 16, 17, 18, 1988 and the 159th fall fair, September 14, 15, 16, 1990.

Long, Norman Thomas
Series · 1929-1978
Part of Iona Station Women's Institute fonds

This series consists of meeting programmes for the following years:
-1929-1930- in the Tweedsmuir History book
-1930-1931- in the Tweedsmuir History book
-1949-1950- R7 S5 Sh6 B3 F5
-1954-1955- R7 S5 Sh6 B3 F5
-1976-1977- in the Tweedsmuir History book
-1977-1978- in the Tweedsmuir History book
-1978-1979- in the Tweedsmuir History book

Projects series
Series · 1963-1977
Part of Elgin County 4-H Association fonds

This series consists of workbooks, ledgers, and other records concerning projects completed by members of the Elgin County 4-H Association, both in Homemaking and Agriculture. It consists of the following records:
-Agriculture Project Records, 1963-1969
-Homemaking Projects, 19641977


This series consists of two scrapbooks, 1958-1979 and 1982-1990, which contain newspaper clippings and photographs relating to people and events in Iona Station and surrounding area.

Tweedsmuir History
Series · 1929-1984
Part of Iona Station Women's Institute fonds

This volume contains information about branch activities, family histories, pioneer stories, local personalities and more. It is illustrated with many photographs and newspaper clippings. Also included are meeting programmes for the years 1929-1930, 1930-1931, 1976-1977, 1977-1978 and 1978-1979.
In the Tweedsmuir History book, the following was written:
"For the purpose of writing up the history of our community for this Tweedsmuir book, we have limited the territory to that bordered on the south by the Iona Institute district, on the east by the Kensington Club territory, on the north by the Cowal District terrain, and on the west following the school district boundary".