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Dr. F. W. Luney fonds
CA ON00279 SJH-F01 · Fonds · 1907 - 1974

The Dr. F. W. Luney fonds consists of 14 series (and 2 subseries) of records chronicling his scholarly beginnings as a medical student at the University of Western Ontario, his appointment as Senior Pathologist at Victoria Hospital, and the extent of his professional career as Clinical Laboratory Chief at St. Joseph’s Hospital until his retirement in 1961. During his career, Dr. Luney would enlist in the Canadian Army Medical Services Division during WWI, establish a Clinical Pathology Laboratory at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1928, conduct extensive research in blood transfusion techniques, direct the opening of the Blood Bank Department and St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1945, establish private consulting services for smaller hospitals in southern Ontario, and create the Dr. F. W. Luney Fund to raise funds for the Medical Library at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Records of note include: well-maintained, original photographs of Dr. Luney and fellow classmates posing with a cadaver; records created to document body parts and organs donated to Luney’s private “Museum”; personal notebooks outlining his medical training and professional experiences; a selection of diplomas and certificates; records of his $5,000 donation to the Medical Library at St. Joseph’s Hospital; photographs depicting the two-person multiple syringe apparatus he invented; notes from lectures and seminars that he gave on pathology and blood transfusion-related subjects; and a 60th anniversary portrait of Dr. F. W. Luney with his fellow 1914 graduates.

Luney, Frederick Winnett
Fonds Simone Camiré
CA ON00402 SC · Fonds · 1953-2008

The fonds reflects the creator’s involvement in a variety of religious and community activities. The fonds consists of a few photographs, brochures, organizations’ minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings and other.

Camiré, Simone
CA ON00402 RB · Collection · 1961-1971

The collection consists of 11 volumes of the newsletter Bonjour published by the Hearst diocese, between January 1961 and November / December 1971.

Lina Agnes Duke fonds
CA ON00159 P233 · Fonds · n.d.

The Lina Agnes Duke fonds consists of four typed copies of recollections written by Lina Agnes Duke. Two of the texts are about the couple’s time in Northern Ontario, more specifically in Moose Factory, and two short texts are on her teen years. The fonds provides an insight and perspective of non-indigenous missionaries visiting Indigenous communities of Northern Ontario.

Duke, Lina Agnes
James Scanlon fonds
CA ON00159 P212 · Fonds · [200-?]-2008

The James Scanlon fonds consists of the manuscript version as well as the published version of his book A Different Time Among the Northern Cree. The book is a memoir of his life and times amongst the First Nations’ of Northern Quebec and James Bay from 1953 into the 1990’s. The manuscript version, written under the title Some Anglicans and Indians- A Moosonee Memoir is the unedited version and contains more details.

Scanlon, James
CA ON00159 P205 · Fonds · [ca. 1892-2015] (originals 1892-1947)

The William G. (Reindeer) Walton fonds consists mostly of his personal correspondence, reports, photographs, and of books he helped translate into Cree and Inuktitut. The documents attest to Walton’s missionary work and his relentless dedication and hard work to get the governments and the population in general interested in the conditions of life of the population of the James Bay and Hudson Bay area.

There is an extensive series of correspondence with Walton’s wife Daisy (née Spencer) and his children. In the letters to his fiancée there are some ‘courtship letters’ but he also reports of his daily activities at the mission or when travelling in the diocese. Later letters describe the life of the people and the missions of Kuujjuarapik and Whapmagoostui* (previously known as Great Whale River) and Fort George as well as his different meetings and activities while in England. The correspondence with his children is more on their activities at the school they are attending in Ontario or in England.

While the correspondence with family and friends is more personal, the correspondence with HBC managers reports on the different posts, hunting, incidents and life at the post. Some of the correspondence with the Bishop of Moosonee and or with different missionaries and the Treasurer of the diocese, concerns the missionary work at different missions.

Reports, briefs, correspondence with the government and with different organizations address the life and conditions of the communities of the James Bay area and the many challenges the Indigenous Peoples were facing. The need for care, food and his project of introducing reindeers into the region is well represented and documented. Correspondence with American groups and researchers on the integration of reindeer in Alaska, or with different government agents attest to all his research and efforts on this matter.

The lantern slides and images depict the culture, way of life, and landscapes of the area, as well as some of the starvation of the early 1900’s in Indigenous communities of the James Bay and Hudson Bay area.

*Kuujjuarapik is the Inuk name for Great Whale River and Whapmagoostui is the Cree name for Great Whale River.

Walton, William Gladstone
CA ON00159 P117 · Fonds · 1916-2021 (surtout 1998-2021)

Le fonds d'archives du Conseil scolaire de district catholique du Nouvel Ontario (CSCNO) est composé principalement d'ordres du jour, de procès-verbaux, et de coupures de presse. Le fonds contient aussi 53 photos noir et blanc de la construction de l’édifice du CSCNO en 1972, et deux livres.

Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario
CA ON00159 P115 · Fonds · 1968-1998

Composé principalement de procès-verbaux et de documents afférents, de documentation et de photographies, le fonds d'archives contient des documents surtout pour les années 1969 à 1997. Toutefois, pour certains comités, il n'y a pas de documents pour chaque année.

On y retrouve des documents pour plusieurs des comités administratifs qui relèvent du Conseil administratif. Les procès-verbaux et documents afférents de ces comités nous informent sur plusieurs aspects du fonctionnement d'un conseil scolaire. Par exemple, la gestion financière et administrative d'un conseil ainsi que, l'entretien et les rénovations des propriétés scolaires sont bien documentés.

La participation des parents et des enseignants est illustrée par les documents des assemblées des citoyens et des parents et instituteurs.

L'amalgamation des conseils scolaires, suite à la Loi 104, a fait en sorte que le Conseil scolaire de la Rive Nord et le Conseil scolaire de Chapleau se sont joints au Conseil des écoles séparées catholiques romaines du district de Sudbury. On y retrouve donc des procès-verbaux de ces conseils scolaires dans ce fonds d'archives. L'administration des deux conseils est bien documentée par les procès-verbaux. Il en est de même pour la commission d'amélioration de l'éducation pour le Conseil scolaire de Chapleau.

Le fonds est divisé en 2 séries: Série I – Conseil administratif et Série II –Documentation.

Conseil des écoles séparées catholiques romaines du district de Sudbury
CA ON00159 P112 · Fonds · 1892-1969

The fonds consisting of minutes, financial documents, documentation and photographs is complete for the years 1892-1968. The first four years are not documented. The records illustrate well the functions and the evolution of the School Board. Records can be found for 23 districts and the evolution is well documented in the minutes and the financial documents. The minutes and attachments inform us on what was the school system in the past and its mechanisms for decision making; the records also put into light the characteristics of each district. In addition, the minutes inform us on the harmonization of two language groups. Documents found in some districts are only in French while in other districts they are only in English, and for others the documents are in both languages. Not only do the records inform us on the community, but also on its participation and involvement in the school system. The participation of parents and teachers is illustrated through the minutes of the parent/teacher association (PTA). The financial documents depict the financial administration and the funds available at the time. One can find information about the expenditures for the purchase of supplies and furnishings. The salary increases of the School Board employees are well documented in the accounting books. In addition, documentation can be found on the school activities of certain districts. The photographs add to the information contained in the documentation of certain schools of the McKim District.

This fonds is arranged in 25 series. Twenty-three of the series are based on geographical districts. The series are arranged in alphabetical order, except for the first series of McKim, this being the first established district. Series XXIV and XXV consist of general information.

Roman Catholic School Board, Sudbury Region
CA ON00159 P066 · Fonds · 1950-1969, predominant 1960-1965

This fonds attests to the activities and involvement of the Sudbury and District Ministerial Association (SDMA) in the community. The fonds contains their constitution, minutes and related papers, general correspondence, cash books, reports, pamphlets and mailing lists. The records are directly related to the organization of SDMA.

More specifically, this fonds documents the social and educational involvement of an organization of Protestant churches in the Sudbury region. The cooperation of SDMA with several community-based organizations, as well as the participation of SDMA with regard to inter-church activities, is well documented. SDMA was involved in activities in the community such as: radio and television broadcasts of Sunday services, a nursing school at Memorial Hospital, help for addiction and alcoholism, an emergency counselling service, religious education, a Northern Ontario home for unwed mothers, helping the families of strikers, weekly services at Pioneer Manor and the Sudbury Sanatorium, and submitting a report to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism.

There are no documents for the year 1960, and very few documents for the years 1955 and 1959.

Sudbury and District Ministerial Association
CA ON00159 P032 · Fonds · 1848-2022

The Diocese of Moosonee Synod Office fonds attests to the work of the administrative body that oversees Anglican missionaries and clergy within the Diocese of Moosonee. The fonds focuses on the James Bay area in northern Ontario and north-western Quebec, although records document the growing importance of communities south of the James Bay over the course of the 20th century. Early records document the work of Anglican missionaries such as John Horden, Thomas Vincent, James Edmond Peck, and G.W. Walton in communities such as Moose Factory, Fort George, and Fort Albany. Missionary accounts of the harsh climate and difficulties navigating the northern terrain are coupled with accounts of religious ceremonies and interactions between clergy and European settlers employed by the HBC in the fur-trade and other industries, as well as interactions with Indigenous populations, most notably the Cree, who were established in the Moose River region prior to the arrival of Europeans. Records contain missionary accounts of daily life in the north and focus on clergy members’ involvement in the community, their family life, administrative matters between the church and the HBC—Diocesan property was leased from the company initially—, trapping and hunting statistics, as well as the basic necessities for surviving the winter months; annual grocery and supply lists sent south are included. As the majority of the content was created by clergy, the records document a Eurocentric-Anglican perspective, although due to the substantial Indigenous population in the James Bay Area, many of the records document changes to Indigenous communities as a result of European contact. The fonds documents some of the earliest interactions between Anglican missionaries and First Nations, Inuit, and Métis populations, although records become more plentiful after the official creation of the Diocese of Moosonee in 1872. The records of various Bishops, Archdeacons, and clergy members illustrate the structure of the Anglican Church and the administrative interactions between the Diocese and the parishes that it oversees. Records also document the financial relationship between the Diocese of Moosonee and the CMS, the MSCC, and the Anglican Forward Movement. These associations provided financial support to Missionary Diocese of the Anglican Church.

Changes in the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the many communities that make up the Diocese of Moosonee are also evident within the records. Records track the movement of communities including: Albany’s relocation to Kashechewan and Fort George’s relocation to Chisasibi. The rise in industrial interest in the north, especially in hard rock mining, followed by a boom in immigration to northern communities starting in the early half of the 20th century are reflected in the growing demand for parishes across northern Ontario and western Quebec. The Diocesan administration also wrote about and considered other matters including: changes to provincial education systems, municipal power initiatives, transportation, agriculture, and many other Municipal, Provincial, and Federal issues. Records also document broad shifts in policy concerning Indigenous populations from the signing of Treaty No. 9 in 1905 through the Indian Residential School era of the mid-20th century, the period of Indigenous emancipation starting in the 1960s, and the period of reconciliation in the early 21st century.

The fonds consists of correspondence sent and received by clergy, including all Diocesean Bishops; meeting minutes from Diocesan Executives, Synods, and various other committees managed by the Diocese, as well as those meetings concerning individual parishes. Photographs depicting clergy, residents, towns, cities, cultural activities, hunting and fishing, religious ceremonies and celebrations, amongst many other activities, are included. Videotapes, as well as legal and financial records, missionary and Bishop’s journals, diaries, and account books document the foundation of the Diocese and describe the relationship between the Diocese, its parishes, and the communities to which those parishes serve. The records inform us of the administrative functions of the Synod Office including: hiring clergy and overseeing matters of finance. These records also illustrate the different networking relationships between the Diocese and the General Synod, the Diocese and churches of other denominations, and the Diocese of Moosonee and other Anglican Dioceses. Moreover, the records give insight as to the daily existence and development of the many communities within Northern Ontario and north-western Quebec that make up the body of the Diocese of Moosonee. Liturgical records of individual parishes are not found in this fonds.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Moosonee
Brian Hogan fonds
CA ON00159 P003 · Fonds · [ca. 1975-1977]

The Brian Hogan fonds consists of research notes collected for the book on the 1919 strike by silver workers in Cobalt, Ontario titled Cobalt: Year of the Strike.

Hogan, Brian F., 1946-
CA ON00388 MMA20 · Fonds · 1983-1999

Fonds consists of minutes and financial records pertaining to the Niagara Area Lutheran Council.

Niagara Area Lutheran Council
CA ON00388 MMA19 · Fonds · 1936-1968, predominant 1956-1968

Fonds consists of constitutions, bylaws, minutes, correspondence, project files, histories, scrapbooks, convention and rally booklets, newsletters and handbooks pertaining to the Laurentian District Walther League within the East District of Lutheran Church-Canada.

Walther League. Laurentian District
CA ON00388 MMA18 · Fonds · 1949-2000

Fonds consists of constitutions, bylaws, minutes, correspondence, project files, histories, convention and rally booklets, newsletters, and handbooks relating to the Lutheran Women's Missionary League of the Ontario District. Includes records from various zones in Ontario.

Lutheran Women's Missionary League-Canada. Ontario District
CA ON00388 MMA17 · Fonds · 1957-1963

Fonds consists of church registers pertaining to Grace Lutheran Church, Elliott Lake, Ont.

Grace Lutheran Church (Elliott Lake, Ont.)
CA ON00388 MMA16 · Fonds · 1983-1991

Fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, church registers, and financial records pertaining to Disciples of Christ Lutheran Church, Ajax, Ont.

Disciples of Christ Lutheran Church (Ajax, Ont.)
CA ON00388 MMA15 · Fonds · 1911-1966, predominant 1924-1966

Fonds consists of constitutions, bylaws, minutes, correspondence, project files, histories, scrapbooks of projects and conventions, convention and rally booklets, newsletters, handbooks and photographs pertaining to the Walther League of the Ontario District of Lutheran Church-Canada.

Walther League. Ontario District
Walter H. Wentzlaff fonds
CA ON00388 MMA14 · Fonds · 1927-1970, predominant 1927-1939

Fonds consists of sermons and papers of Walter H. Wentzlaff delivered at pastoral conferences of the Ontario District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Wentzlaff, Walter H., 1900-1980
CA ON00388 MMA13 · Fonds · 1963-1991

Fonds consists of minutes, constitution, financial records, church registers, correspondence, and architectural drawings pertaining to Peace Lutheran Church, Exeter, Ont.

Peace Lutheran Church (Exeter, Ont.)