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CA ON00411 MG-0024-1-1-6 · File · 2005-2009
Part of Mendes Fonds

File contains correspondence between Brian Mendes and Jack Granatstein, David Zimmerman, Terry Copp, and Don Morecroft.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-6-10-2-63 · File · 11/8/1941
Part of Schafer Fonds

Photographed at the moment of impact, this dramatic combat picture was made when a Japanese Zero crashed into a U.S. Army 13th Air Force Liberator over the Philippines, where the bombers had been intercepted enroute to a Negros Island airstrip. Both planes exploded and fell to the ground. Although the collision had the appearance of a "suicide" mission, some fliers in the formation had said that the Zero had attempted a tail attack on the bomber and possibly could not pull out in time to avoid crashing.

Young, Jane
CA ON00411 MG-0003-1-10-14 · File · August 18, 1942
Part of No Price Too High Fonds

Item is a copy of correspondence from a Canadian soldier eagerly asking for news from back home from his family.

Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan
CA ON00411 MG-0020-6-10-2-61 · File · 5/20/1944
Part of Schafer Fonds

This is a close-up of the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan, taken from a low-flying B-25 U.S. Bomber in the Tokyo raid on April 18, 1942.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-6-10-2-1 · File · 7/23/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

Troops of the American Fifth Army line the decks of this transport sitting at anchor in Manila Bay upon arrival after a 30-day day trip direct from Europe. There were 5000 men aboard the craft. Red Cross girls wave to GIs from passing small craft in foreground.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-8-13-2-42 · File · 6/2/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

Helene Chapelle (right), a French girl, reads at the grave of James Simonian, a New York State soldier who fell in the Normandy Beachhead fighting, a letter sent to her from the purpose by Simonian's mother, as her mother also kneels before the rows of white crosses at La Cambe Cemetery, near Omaha Beach, where invasion troops landed D-Day, June 6, 1944.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-2-1-67 · File · 5/22/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

At Bremen, Germany, 304 men of the 29th Infantry Division march for the last time with their division prior to their return tot he United States and discharge under the army's point system.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-3-1-37 · File · 11/21/1944
Part of Schafer Fonds

U.S. Infantrymen march along wet, muddy streets as they enter the outskirts of Metz, French citiy on the Western Front.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-1-1-56 · File · 4/21/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

When U.S. 7th Army Troops advancing into the heart of Germany captured the town of Kitzingen, they found over 300 French soldiers in a prison camp waiting for Yanks to arrive. When first troops entered town, they broke out (above) shouting and waving in their excitement at being released. Many of them had been prisoners for five years.

Yanks Land on Okinawa
CA ON00411 MG-0020-6-9-1-44 · File · 4/2/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

In the greatest operation of the Pacific War and the boldest American exploit of all time, Yanks of the newly-formed 10th Army go ashore on Okinawa.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-2-1-56 · File · 12/25/1944
Part of Schafer Fonds

Four American infantrymen lie dead on a road in Belgium, having fallen in battle with advancing Germans int heir break-through.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-6-9-1-12 · File · 4/3/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

American troops move inland from landing craft just after hitting the beaches of Akashima, just off Okinawa in the Ryukus. Army Alligators, just landing from Coast Guard LST, drive across the island.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-4-1-1 · File · 3/3/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

Pvt. Floyd Dunaway (above) looks at a V2 Rocket, one of a trainload, captured by the First Army when they moved into the German town of Bromskirchen, March 3rd, 1945.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-9-14-2-8 · File · 6/11/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

American Forces (arrows) made gains against Jap troops in two pockets on Okinawa June 11. Army divisions staged a frontal assault on the southern Jap defense line and beat off a counter attack (open arrow). Marines entered Itoman and took a hill west of Yuza.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-3-1-57 · File · 24/11/1944
Part of Schafer Fonds

Infantrymen of the American 9th Army enter the German town of Immendorf during current big drive on Western Front. Note German tank in background.

CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-3-1-9 · File · 2/25/1945
Part of Schafer Fonds

This is an air view of the German stronghold city of Juelich, almost completely devastated by bombs and shells, as it looked when U.S. troops of Maj.Gen. Charles Gerhart's 29th Infantry Division entered it on Feb. 24. (A) indicated a Yank, carrying a bazooka, leading U.S. troops entering the town. (B) indicates a tank.

Yanks Bombard Rhine City
CA ON00411 MG-0020-1-3-1-20 · File · 12/27/1944
Part of Schafer Fonds

A mortar crew of the U.S. 7th Army fires shells at the German city of Kehl, across the Rhine River from their hastily-erected sandbag position int he Strasbourg railway yards. The Germans had destroyed the three bridges spanning the Rhine between the two cities.