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Letters to Evelyn Hall
File · 1897
Part of Hall family fonds

File of letters, mainly from Dell Grafton, who was a school friend of Evelyn Hall’s from Havergal College, Toronto. The letters were written between 1900 and 1905 and describe Dell Grafton’s social life, clothes, parties and boyfriends and were written from Dundas, Ontario (her home town), Vancouver, British Columbia, and from various hotels in Maine, where she spent her summers with her family. Adeline’s father was James Grafton, a dry goods merchant in Dundas. Her mother had died and her relationship with her stepmother was not good. The last letter from Adeline was written on board the RMS Caronia in October 1905, when she was on her way to school in England.

The other letter was from Anna Corbett of Brampton.

Corbett, Anna
CA ON00154 2000.9-2004.7.1.4 · File · 1919
Part of Port Hope and District Hospital Fonds

File consists of a diploma received by M. Isabel Jones St. Louis (1897-1987) on 15th October 1919. Diploma is signed by the president, secretary, superintendent and mission of the Port Hope Hospital Training School for nurses, established in 1916. The diploma was presented to the Port Hope and District Hospital as Ms. St. Louis was the last surviving of that graduating class. It hung in the Port Hope & District Hospital until it closed.

Port Hope & District Hospital
Canadian History
ON00120 047-1-7 · File · 1925 - 1965, predominant 1934 - 1936
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains two volumes of a handwritten Canadian History lesson plan (referred to as "Canadian History Outline 1934-5"), one volume of a Canadian History outline review and one volume of Canadian History notes.

ON00120 047-3-1 · File · Photocopied after 1969 (originally August 11, 1926)
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains a photocopied, typed and handwritten 'Form of Agreement for Engagement of a Public School Teacher' between Chester Roy Judd (the teacher) and the Public School Board of the Town of Capreol, Ontario, contracting Judd as a teacher for Capreol Public School from September 7, 1926 to June 31, 1927.

ON00120 047-2-1 · File · Between 1929 and 1935
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains images of Capreol Public School teachers in Capreol, Ontario.

ON00120 047-1-4 · File · [Between 1930 and 1950]
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a zoology lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

World History
ON00120 047-1-6 · File · 1930
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a world history lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

ON00120 047-1-3 · File · [Between 1930 and 1950]
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a botany lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

French Revolution
ON00120 047-1-5 · File · 1930
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a French Revolution lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

CA ON00154 996.21-2006.10.3.4 · File · 1931-1948
Part of Barbara Loucks Family Collection

File consists of papers related to Trinity College School [TCS], as originally owned by Gerald James. It includes: (1) Sketch depicting the TCS chapel; (2) Newspaper advertisement for TCS, c. 1900; (3) Listing of Junior School Prize winners 1931, and "The School on the Hill;" (4) Christmas Carol Service, TCS.

Loucks, Barbara
ON00120 047-1-2 · File · [1932]
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a geography lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

ON00120 047-2-2 · File · Between 1934 and 1937
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one image of C.R. Judd and his class at Capreol Public School in Capreol, Ontario.

ON00120 047-4-1 · File · 1937 - 1946
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains "A Brief Survey of The History of The Capreol Public School" written by C.R. Judd, principal of Capreol Public School from 1926 to 1964. The 'brief survey' includes a handwritten timeline of events, a chronological list of the school teachers, a chronological list of school board members and trustees and a copy of a typed, annotated letter from Judd to Inspector of Public Schools L.L. Skuce regarding the history of Capreol Public School.

ON00120 049-8-2 · File · 1946-1949
Part of Town of Copper Cliff

File consists of a bound, handwritten and date stamped Bank of Toronto Pass Book for the Town of Copper Cliff. This pass book was used for the municipality's Construction and Public School Equipment funds. Also included are a typed note concerning a cheque to Harper Construction Company, an invoice from Harper Construction Company (formally Harper & Vuori) dated September 12, 1946 in the amount of $103.95 for construction work on the Copper Cliff High School and two paid cheques, one to Harper Construction Company, dated October 2, 1946, in the amount of $103.95 and signed by the Mayor and Town Treasurer and one to the municipality, dated March 18, 1949 in the amount of $6.91, also signed by the Mayor and Town Treasurer.

Social Studies
ON00120 047-1-1 · File · [Between 1948 and 1949]
Part of C.R. Judd

File consists of five volumes of a grade eight social studies lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

Chelmsford Schools
ON00120 036-2-4 · File · January, 1953
Part of Chelmsford Women's Institute

File consists of papers regarding the history of schools in Chelmsford, Ontario presented during the regular monthly meetings of the Chelmsford Women's Institute.

ON00120 015-2-1 · File · [1955 or 1956]
Part of Heit Family

File contains an annotated typed letter from R.G. McDorman, Principal of the Sudbury Mining and Technical School, addressed to parents of students indicating times and locations for parent/teacher meetings to discuss their children's progress. A list of teachers names and classroom numbers is included.