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Robert Delledonne collection
CA ON00334 F 30 · Series · 1825-1991

This collection is rich in social and cultural history of the village of Lakefield in the 19th history.

Collection of Robert Delledonne consisting of voters’ list, Lakefield, 1945-53; Charles Percy, Trent Canal timber charges, 1896; Women’s Institute, xxx; Mavis Birch ledger, 1922, 1937; Village of Lakefield Treasurer’s book, 1875-1897; Clarice M. Kidd, scrapbooks, c1930s to c1960s; Lakefield schools, 1889-1978, 1991; Ayotte family papers, 1830s-1980s; Lakefield, Grand Trunk Railway, 1893-1902 including freight way bills, 1893-1902, ledger, 1896-97, assessment papers, ticket stubs, daily report logs; Lakefield News, scattered issues, 1900-1954; maps, 1883, 1950’s; literary manuscripts and drafts related to the Lakefield history, 1990s; research materials, scrapbooks, news clippings, photographs on varied aspects of the history of Lakefield; copies of township directories, 1857-1917, 1948; and copies of voter’s lists, land deeds and wills significant to the history of Lakefield. The collection includes many local history books and Dun and Bradstreet mercantile register, Canada, 1935, 1938, 1940, 1949.

The papers are organized in the Following Series:
A. Directories, 1857-1948, 1 cu ft; files 1-54
B. Lakefield and Young’s Point, 1856-1991, 2.2 cu ft; files 55-249
C. Lakefield Women’s Institute, c1970’s, .3 cu ft; files 250-256
D. Clarice M. Kidd Scrapbooks, c1940’s to 1960’s, .5 cu ft; files oversize 19-25, files 257-262
E. Schools, 1889-1978, 1991, 1 cu ft; files 263-285, 293-312
F. Ayotte family papers, 1830’s-1980s, 1 cu ft; files oversize 37, 38, 39, 313-357
G. Lakefield Grand Trunk Railway, 1893-1902, 1 cu ft; files 611-649
H. Lakefield News, 1990-1955, and other newspapers, .5 cu ft; files 358-385, 603-610
I. Maps and plans, 1883, 1950s, .5cu ft; files 398-440
J. Photographs and Postcards of Lakefield People and Businesses, Calendars; files 286-292, 386-397, 521-566, 602
K. Mixed Items, Lakefield and Peterborough; files 441-520, 567-601, 609-610
L. Lakefield history books

Robert Delledonne

Photographs are divided into seven subseries:
A - Architecture
B - Arts (Theatre, music, dance, arts, crafts)
C - Business & industry
D - Churches
E - Communities in Northwestern Ontario
F - People, families, & genealogy
G - Organizations


Series consists of photograhs depicting the people and places of early Vaughan as well as the post offices throughout Vaughan Township (Norberta wrote a book Chatting About the Post Offices of Vaughan Township, Ontario, published 1983), Norberta was also a long-time journalist with the Woodbridge and Vaughan News and thus some of the photos she used in her articles can also be found in this series.

CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.2 · Series · 1889-1909
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of two letter books from the Long Bros. Insurance Co., 1889-1892 ; 1909. They include copies of letters written to clients and other businesses during the course of business at Long Bros. Insurance, 1889-1892 and 1909. The letters mention: telephone rates, general accident insurance, Standard Ideal Manufacturing, Barrett's Mill, Port Hope Harbour, Grand Trunk Railroad, John Hume, Argyle, Brodigan Canada Neckwear, Thos. Long Letterhead, court guides, Hutchings (Rental Agent), Dongan, AHCC (46th Regiment), Canadian Pacific Railway, John Gibson (Garden Hill), Benson, Helm, Montgomery Real Estate, Smallpox, livestock rates, John Tozer (Fire Department), Chalk, Giddy, Rosevear, Foundry (Bush), W.E. Beamish, Cumberland (Dunain), Perth Mutual, Fire Brigade, Fireman's Accident Insurance Co., Traders Fire Insurance Co., Hartford, skating and curling rink, Rimouski, Trinity College School, Nicholson File Company, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Port Hope Marina.

CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.38 · Series · 1854-1989
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of newspaper clippings (both copies and originals) related to various Port Hope hotels, c1854-1989. It includes: The Albion, Bletcher's Inn, Blackham's, The British, Canada House, Durham House, The Ganaraska Hotel, Hetherington's Hotel, Lake View House, Lees Hotel (Mill Street North), Martin Griffen's Hotel, Midland House, The North American, Queen's Arms Inn, The Plains, The Royal, Stenson's, St. Lawrence Hotel, Strong's Hotel, Turner House, The Walton (Queen's Hotel), and other miscellaneous inns, taverns and saloons. The series also contains two (2) paper napkins from the Queen's Hotel on Walton Street.

CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.39 · Series · 1980-1989
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of advertisements and newspaper clippings related to Mitchell and Black's Gardens Greenhouses on Molson Street, c1980s. The business was located in the "Mitchell House" at 82 Molson Street, and also went by the name of "Ontario Gardens." The articles were copied and clipped by N. Tom Long from the Port Hope Evening Guide.

Long, Norman Thomas
CA ON00154 2016.10-2016.10.2 · Series · 1892
Part of Frederick Barlow Cumberland Letter Books

Series consists of one (1) Letter Book created by F.B. Cumberland, 27 Jun 1892 to 5 Sep 1892. It includes copies of correspondence to: Bank of Commerce, Col. Pemberton, Bell Telephone Company, Phelps Bros., Brock and Brown, Rev. Dr. Sutherland, Underhill and Co., Waddell, Ontario Bolt Co., International Navigation Co., Grand Trunk Railway (list is not inclusive).

Cumberland, Frederick Barlow
CA ON00154 2016.10-2016.10.11 · Series · 1895-1896
Part of Frederick Barlow Cumberland Letter Books

Series consists of one (1) Letter Book created by F.B. Cumberland, 2 Nov 1895 to 30 Mar 1896. It includes copies of correspondence to: Arthur Ahern, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Thos. Cook and Son, American Line, Red Star Line, International Navigation Co., Emil L. Boas, Oelrichs and Co., Rev. A.W. Spragge, Sir Wm. VanHorne, American Railway, H.J. Ball, W.R. Brock, Mrs. H.E. Burnham, Beck Manufacturing Co., A.J. Cole, R.J. Craig, Consumers Gas Co., Rev. Wm. Carter, Rev. W. Coulthard, Rev. W. Caven, Chicago Tribune, Rev. Prof. Cayley, Capt. Deloncle, Rev. Canon Drumoulin, D.W. Easton, Rev. Chas. A. Eaton, Rev. John Esson, R.W. Elliott, E.B. Temple, J. Aitken, Major Foster, B.P. Fraser, Lt. J.V. Graveley, Rev. R.W. Grant, Dr. J.M. Gilmour, Rev. Wm. Gregg, Rev Prof. Huntingford, Rev. E. Harris, Rev. Hossack, International Sleeping Car Co., Kingman Brown and Co., London Canada Loan and Agency Co., St. Stephen's SS Co., Murdoch Barber and Co., Hon. W.H. Montague, Rev. Macklem, Rev. M. Moyna, Rev. J. Mutch, Niagara Navigation Co., NY Shipping Co., Outerbridge and Co., Ontario Publishing Co., Pinkerton and Cook, Dr. G.S. Ryerson, Senator Sanford, H.W. Thomson, Rev. Father Flannery, Rev. Wm. Frizzell, Dr. Clemesha, Rev. M. Fraser, A. Forget, Miss H.G. Gillespie, Rev. A. Gilroy, W.J. Gould, Col. Holland, Rose Hunter Co., Hudson Bay Co., Rev. L.H. Jordan, Rev. E.J. Kiernan, Col. J. Mason, Rev. P. Mignot, Rev. Milligan, Very Rev. J.J. McCann, Naelgelis Hotel, P. Ridout, R.M. Stocking (list is not inclusive).

Cumberland, Frederick Barlow
CA ON00154 2016.10-2016.10.19 · Series · 1900
Part of Frederick Barlow Cumberland Letter Books

Series consists of one (1) Letter Book created by F.B. Cumberland, 24 Jan 1900 to 14 Aug 1900. It includes copies of correspondence to: Arthur Ahern, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Thos. Cook and Son, American Line, Red Star Line, International Navigation Co., Emil L. Boas, Oelrichs and Co., Rev. J. Ardill, Rev. C. Adams, C.W. Anderson and Son, Acetylene Gas Co., Mrs. P. Burnham, Rev. Canon Brown, Mrs. Barrett, Bell Telephone Co., W.H. Baldwin, Mrs. Cumberland, Sir R. Cameron, Canada Life Assurance Co., Judge D. Chisholm, CPR Telegraph Co., T. Eaton Co., B.P. Fraser, French Line, Dr. Ed Fisher, Albert Grant, W.A. Geddes, Garfinkel Rottenberg Co., Rt. Rev. C. Hamilton, Holland American Line, Rev. O.B. Hawes, Hope Agricultural Society, Miss Hagarty, Rev. W. Jones, Julian Sale Leather Co., Prof. Ed. Jones, Kingman and Co., R.E.A. Land, Wm. Laidlaw, Massey Harris Co., Prof. James Mavor, Rev. John Muir, Rev. J.O. Miller, Hon. H.J.M. MacDonald, Methodist Book Room, B. McEvoy, M.R. McCullough, Northern Navigation Co., New York Herald, Niagara River Elevation Co., Norton and Sons, A.E. Outerbridge, Raymond and Whitecomb, C.B. Richards and Co., J.D.M. Randal, Rev. M. Reimer, Mayor Smeeton, W.E. Thompson, Trust and Loan Co., Toronto Lithography Co., Capt. Vogelsang, Miss Wood, S. Williams, Rev. E. Wicher, H.H. Williams, M.H. Williams, J.R. Williams (list is not inclusive).

Cumberland, Frederick Barlow
CA ON00154 2014.22-2014.22.9 · Series · 1957-1974
Part of "Uncle Tom's Cabinet" Collection

Series consists of eight (8) documents relating to planning and development in Port Hope. (1) "Our Valley" from the Department of Planning and Development, vol. 3 no. 2, July 1957. (2) Correspondence between A.R. Good, Robin Long and Gordon C. Kelly about Zoning By-law in Port Hope and the sale of Block A on plan 114 (3) Correspondence between Gordon C. Kelly and Port Hope Development Co. Limited regarding the Official Plan and Zoning By-law (4) Correspondence between Gordon C. Kelly and the Port Hope Development Company regarding and Robin Long about Re-Zoning in Port Hope (5) A map of Highland Heights, Part of Lots 7 and 8 Concession 2, Hope Township (6) A booklet from Lakeview Estates. The Pilgram, The Williamsburg, The Jamestown, The Pioneer and the Provincetown are all featured in the book. (7) A Pricelist from Schickedanz Bros. Limited from January 1974 for . The Pilgram, The Williamsburg, The Jamestown, The Pioneer and the Provincetown (8) a folder from Strathrose Estates with flyers inside on the following; Energy Efficient Insulation Standards, The Midland, The Helm, The Durham, The Ralston, The Carlyle, a map and standard featured.

Long, Norman Thomas
CA ON00154 2015.48-2015.48.1 · Series · 1918
Part of Mary McMillan Prower fonds

Series consists of three (3) blueprints of "The Bluestone House," created by Creighton Withers, 1918-1920 and 1930. The blueprints include the layout of three floors of the house, including the basement; and contain the following text: "The Bluestone' Port Hope, Ontario Built in 1834 by J.D. Smith, Esq. Owned and occupied by grand-daughter Mrs. Creighton Withers. Measured and drawn by Creighton Withers, Architect 1918-1920 and 1930."

Donations series
CA ON00279 F01-S131 · Series · 1995-2017

The series contains records documenting the various activities of the London Donations Committee. These include charitable donations in Canada and abroad, educational bursaries given predominantly to community members in London and southwestern Ontario, as well as donor awards and recognitions received by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Records include administrative correspondence, annual reports, newsletters, press clippings, a magazine, photographs, certificates, and a plaque.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (London, Ont.)
The Hope Project series
CA ON00279 F01-S110 · Series · 1995-1996, 2009-2010

This series contains records relating to the administration for The Hope Project in London, Windsor, and Edmonton, and 61 applications for grants from the London Hope Project. The records include correspondence, brochures, notes, photographs, newspaper clippings, budget records, a booklet, applications, receipts, and business cards.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (London, Ont.)
CA ON00279 16 · Series · 1948-2017

This series contains records concerned with the founding, ownership, operation, transfer, and closing of Radville Community Hospital and Marian Home. Primary topics within the records are the history and management of the two institutions, the minutes of the Governing Board, and the transfer of ownership. Records include invitations, event programs, speeches, pamphlets, booklets, a directory, histories, correspondence, news clippings, photographs, inventories, legal agreements and contracts, financial and insurance records, and facility policies and bylaws.

Notable items include a 1970 pictorial directory of Holy Family Parish, a list of Sisters who ministered in Radville, a list of 1949 donations for the creation of the hospital, a 1989 accreditation survey report for Radville Community Hospital and Marian Home, the minutes of the Governing Board, operational reports from hospital committees and staff, a 1980 consultation by the Catholic Health Association of Canada, and legal agreements concerning the ownership and transfer of the medical facilities and property. There is also some material concerning the estate of Reverend Father Earnest A. Yandeau, who left a donation to the Sisters of St. Joseph in Radville upon his death in 1969, and the Summer Extern Program, a program for undergraduate medical students to gain experience in a clinical setting.

The photographs are primarily of the Radville Community Hospital and Marian Home, the staff, the Sisters, the town of Radville, the 2017 memorial, and reunion events. The correspondence concerns the lives of the Sisters in Radville and the opening, operation, and relinquishing of ownership of the Radville Community Hospital and Marian Home.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (Pembroke, Ont.)
CA ON00279 40 · Series · 1947-1991

This series contains records concerning the involvement of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembroke with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Barrhead, Alberta. The records cover the establishment of the hospital, the administration and operation of the hospital, the transfer of the hospital, and the Sisters’ involvement with the Catholic Hospital Association and the Alberta Hospital Association. Materials include financial records, agreements for the purchase and sale of property, annals, memoirs, pamphlets, booklets, newsletters, lot maps, hospital floor plans, hospital bylaws, correspondence, and photographs. The major topics within the correspondence include establishing and operating the hospital, finances, the purchase and sale of property, construction and renovations, Catholic hospitals and medical ethics in Alberta, the changing role of Sisters in the hospital, and the relinquishing of ownership of the hospital. The photographs are of the hospital and Sisters at various events and locations.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (Pembroke, Ont.)
CA ON00370 F0514-S00410 · Series · 1999-2004 ; predominant 2004
Part of Marilou McPhedran fonds

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Marilou McPhedran while employed as an international consultant for Cowater International, hired to conduct a study and prepare a final report about the work of the Asian Development Bank's RETA 6008: Gender and Governance Issues in Local Government project. The records in this series document McPhedran's contract negotiations with Cowater; her preliminary research; her travel to the Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh; but primarily her work with Asian Development Bank staff to prepare the final report. The files in this series include correspondence, reports, drafts, contracts, notes, notebooks, programmes, presentation slides (paper copy), financial documents, and outlines.

CA ON00154 2015.34-2015.34.2 · Series · 1944
Part of Austin Family Collection

Series consists of one (1) account book from Fred Austin's Apple Orchard, c1944. It includes listings of customers, amounts purchased, amounts owed and paid, and contact information.

Austin, Fred
CA ON00154 2014.22-2014.22.17 · Series · 1900-1992
Part of "Uncle Tom's Cabinet" Collection

Series consists of documents from local businesses, churches and associations in Port Hope. The following are included; (1) Greenwood Tower Inn x3, LACAC, The Victoria Inn, The Carlyle, Elizabethville United Church, Dialogue Partners, Agrico Fertilizers, Durham Riding Progressive Conservative Association, East Durham Historical Society, Antiques and Handcrafts, Smith's Creek Antiques, Griffindale Farm, Port Hope Board of Trade x2, The Port Hope Sail Training Project, Historical Port Hope (publication), Church of St. John the Evangelist, Joseph Scriver, Antiques and Decorative Art, Jack Record Fire Hall, Historic Port Hope Events, Port Hope Council Business Plan x2, Port Hope Postal Service and Downtown Port Hope.

Long, Norman Thomas
CA ON00154 2015.51-2015.51.7 · Series · 1955
Part of Port Hope High School fonds

Series consists of various quotes for classroom supplies, construction projects, and furniture for the new Port Hope High School, 1955. It includes quotes from: John Morrison and Sons, Globe Furniture Manufacturing Company, Barnett and Rieder (Architects), W. J. Stillman Direct Factory Sales, Hospital and Kitchen Equipment Company Ltd., School-Master Furniture Ltd., Valley City Manufacturing Company Ltd., and a material reference list from the construction of Hamilton Township Public School.

Port Hope High School