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Archival description
CA ON00340 F1212 · Collection · ca. 1952 - 2014

Collection consists of photographs, including glass slides, slides, and negatives, of Ontario churches and institutions affiliated with the United Church of Canada within the boundaries of the province of Ontario. Subjects of the photographs can include building exteriors and interiors, groups, and special events.

CA ON00340 F2554 · Fonds · 1896-1966

Fonds consists of a marriage register of Gravenhurst Methodist Church, 1896-1916; subscription book for building fund of Knox Presbyterian Church, Gravenhurst, 1911-1914; records, including marriages, 1909-1931 (Presbyterian), 1916-1922 (Methodist), 1931-1955, of Trinity United Church, Gravenhurst (includes Gravenhurst Methodist Church, Gravenhurst Union Church, Knox Presbyterian Church, Gravenhurst Sanitaria), 1897-1966.

Trinity United Church (Gravenhurst, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2563 · Fonds · 1866-2008

Fonds consists of circuit register of Cedarville Methodist Circuit (includes Cedarville Mission, including Cedarville, Bell's Corners, Woodland and North Arthur, Cedarville, Conn and North Arthur Methodist Churches), 1885-1912; building specifications, 1882, of Conn Methodist Church; Sunday School record books, 1900-1916, subscription book, 1907-1923, of Damascus Methodist Church; records, including marriages, 1866-1905, of Cedarville Presbyterian Church (includes Proton and Kingcote Presbyterian Churches), 1866-1921; records of Levendale Presbyterian Church in West Luther Township, 1906-1925; records, including baptisms, 1900-1980; marriages, 1899-1980, and burials, 1941-1980, of Conn Pastoral Charge (includes Cedarville Methodist Circuit, Kenilworth Methodist Church, including Mount View, Cedarville Presbyterian Church, including Esplin, Morrison, Proton, Damascus Pastoral Charge, Knox Union Church in Conn, Damascus United Church, Knox/Westcott United Church in Conn, Cedarville), 1896-2008; minutes of meetings, 1904-1951, subscription lists, 1911-1937, of Damascus Pastoral Charge (includes Damascus Methodist Circuit, Mount View); records, including baptisms, 1937, 1946-1965, and marriages, 1897-1938, of Damascus United Church,1904-1968; records, including baptisms, 1910-1924, 1927-1959, and marriages, 1866-1905, of Morrison United Church (includes Cedarville Presbyterian Church, Esplin, Morrison, Proton and Mount Forest Presbyterian Churches, North Luther and Woodland), 1866-2008; records, including baptisms, 1921-1926, marriages, 1896-1913, 1953-1980, and burials, 1941-1980, of Westcott United Church, Conn (includes Levenale Presbyterian, Conn Methodist Church), 1896-2008

Conn Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2565 · Fonds · 1854-2012

Fonds consists of records of Osprey Primitive Methodist Circuit (includes Maxwell, Bethel Church in Osprey Township, Providence Church in Osprey Township, Morrison's Church in Osprey Township, Mount Zion Church in Osprey Township, Carmel Church in Osprey Township, Bethesda Church in Osprey Township, Mulmur Church in Mulmer Township, Cooper's Church in Osprey Township, Hutcheson's Church in Osprey Township), 1865-1884; class book of Osprey Wesleyan Methodist Mission (includes Melancthon, South-Line Church in Osprey Township, Bridge's Church in Osprey Township, Feversham), 1865-1894; records of Maxwell Methodist Circuit (includes Osprey Wesleyan Methodist Mission, Maxwell, Wareham, Buckingham, Bethel Church in Osprey Township, Providence Church in Osprey Township, Mount Zion Church in Osprey Township, Feversham), 1865-1894; records of Wareham Methodist Church, 1879-1917; records, including marriages, 1896-1911, of Maxwell Methodist Church, 1896-1925; Ladies Aid Society minutes of McIntyre Presbyterian Church, 1912-1924; records of Maxwell Presbyterian Church (includes Osprey Presbyterian Pastoral Charge [includes South Osprey, Honeywood]), 1874-1925; records of McIntyre Pastoral Charge (includes McIntyre, Maple Valley, Badjeros, Madill's Church in Osprey Township), 1938-1940; records, including baptisms, 1908-1954, marriages, 1911-1999, burials, 1915-1977, of Maxwell Pastoral Charge (includes Maxwell Methodist Circuit, Maxwell Presbyterian Pastoral Charge [includes Maxwell, McIntyre, Feversham], Maxwell, McIntyre, Badjeros, Wareham), 1895-1999; records, including baptisms, 1954-2000, of Maxwell United Church, 1877-2011; records of Badjeros United Church, 1926-2012; records, including baptisms, 1931, 1955-1981, of Wareham United Church, 1925-1977; records of McIntyre United Church (includes McIntyre Presbyterian Church), 1895-2000; records of Maxwell - McIntyre - Badjeros Pastoral Charge, 1999-2006; and records of Maxwell - Badjeros Pastoral Charge, 1993-2011.

Maxwell - Badjeros Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2571 · Fonds · 1849-1948

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1849-1858, of Amaranth Methodist Mission (includes Orangeville, Melville, Garafraxa Township, Cataract), 1849-1884; records, including baptisms, 1852-1880, of Orangeville Primitive Methodist Circuit (includes Orangeville, Providence Church in East Garafraxa Township, Bethel Church in Amaranth Township, Salem Church in Amaranth Township, Bethesda Church in Amaranth Township, Ebenezer Church in Laurel), 1852-1886; records, including marriages, 1896-1920, of First Avenue Methodist Church, Orangeville, 1876-1921; records, including baptisms, 1904-1933, marriages, 1904-1945, burials, 1904-1932, of First Avenue United Church, Orangeville, 1904-1948.

First Avenue United Church (Orangeville, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2573 · Fonds · 1863-1926

Fonds consists of session minutes of Mimosa - Everton Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Mimosa, Everton), 1866-1873; records, including baptisms, 1863-1911, of Mimosa Presbyterian Church, 1863-1925; Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Mimosa United Church (includes Mimosa Presbyterian Church), 1918-1926.

Mimosa United Church (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2575 · Fonds · 1906-1912

Fonds consists of a marriage register, of First Methodist Church, Owen Sound, 1906-1912.

First Methodist Church (Owen Sound, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2578 · Fonds · 1870-1960

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1894-1916, of Penetanguishene Methodist Circuit (includes Penetanguishene, Zion Church in Tiny Township, Fairview Church in Tiny Township), 1870-1922; correspondencr re membership certificates, of Penetanguishene Methodist Church, 1904-1906; records, including marriages, 1916-1960, of Penetanguishene United Church (includes Penetanguishene Methodist Circuit), 1916-1960.

Penetanguishene United Church (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2585 · Fonds · 1859-1981

Fonds consists of records of Stouffville Methodist Circuit (includes Stouffville, Bloomington, Goodwood, Church Hill in Whitchurch Township, California Corners now Mongolia), 1859-1906; records of Stouffville Methodist Church, 1882-1923; records, including baptisms, 1899-1963, marriages, 1896-1956, burials 1900-1963, of Stouffville United Church (includes Stouffville Methodist Circuit), 1896-1981.

Stouffville United Church (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2588 · Fonds · 1859-1989

Fonds consists of records of Thornhill Methodist Circuit (includes Yonge Street North Methodist Circuit [includes Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Rupertville now Maple, Teston, German Mills, Patterson], Yonge Street Centre Circuit, Thornhill, Buttonville, Zion Church in Dollar), 1859-1916; records of Thornhill Methodist Church, 1872-1891; records, including baptisms, 1941-1969, marriages, 1941-1989, burials, 1941-1982, of Thornhill United Church (includes Thornhill Methodist Circuit), 1908-1989.

Thornhill United Church (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2590 · Fonds · 1875-1998

Fonds consists of Official Board minutes of Mulmur Methodist Circuit (includes Mulmur, Perm, Mount Pleasant Church in Mulmur Township, Jennings Church in Tosorontio Township), 1900-1914; Sunday School Minutes of Thompson's Methodist Church, Rosemont 1883-1889; Sunday School minutes and attendance records of Maple Grove Methodist Church, 1906-1923; bible class membership book, of Mansfield Methodist Church, 1895-1909; records, including baptisms, 1925-1941, marriages, 1896-1946, burials, 1925-1941, of Rosemont Pastoral Charge (includes Rosemont Methodist Circuit, Thompson's Church in Rosemont, Relessey, Hockley, Wesley Church in Mono Township, Mount Zion Church in Mono Township), 1896-1949; records of Relessey United Church, 1925-1964; records, including baptisms, 1930-1966, baptismal stubs, 1938-1940, marriages, 1897-1966, burials, 1930-1967, of Mansfield Pastoral Charge (includes Mansfield Methodist Circuit [includes Mansfield, Perm, Jennings Church in Tosorontio Township, Mount Pleasant Church in Mulmur Township, Everett, Mulmur], Mansfield, Everett, Mulmur, Violet Hill, Rosemont), 1897-1969; records of Everett United Church (includes Everett Methodist Church), 1917-1967; records of Violet Hill United Church, 1941-1963; records of Mansfield United Church (includes Mansfield Methodist Church), 1921-1967; records, including baptisms, 1967-1986, baptismal stubs, 1974-1991, marriages, 1968-1981, burials, 1968-1985, of Trinity Centennial United Church, Rosemont (includes Thompson's United Church, Rosemont, Mansfield Pastoral Charge), 1875-1998.

Trinity Centennial United Church (Rosemont, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2591 · Fonds · 1858-2009

Fonds consists of records of Queensville Methodist Episcopal Circuit (includes Simcoe Methodist Episcopal Mission, Keswick, Queensville, Bethel Church in East Gwillimbury Township), 1858-1884; records of Unionville Primitive Methodist Church, 1882-1884; records, including baptisms, 1914-1922, burials, 1914-1922, of Unionville Methodist Circuit (includes Unionville, Ebenezer Church in Milliken, Peach's Church in Markham Township, Bethel Church in Markham Township), 1884-1925; Ladies Aid minutes of Unionville Methodist Church, 1907-1924; records of Ebenezer Methodist Church, 1918-1924; records of Central Presbyterian Church, Unionville, 1884-1924; marriages 1940-1975, of Unionville Pastoral Charge (includes Central United Church, Unionville, Ebenezer Church in Milliken, Brown's Corners), 1940-1975; records, including baptisms, 1878-1925 (Presbyterian), 1931-1989, marriages, 1896-1940 (Methodist), 1975-2004, and burials,1954-1998 of Central United Church, Unionville (includes Unionville Methodist Church, Central Presbyterian Church, Unionville), 1878-2009; records, including baptisms, 1931-1977, of Ebenezer United Church, Milliken in Markham Township (includes Ebenezer Methodist Church, Milliken), 1907-1984.

Central United Church (Unionville, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2597 · Fonds · 1998

Fonds consists of records of Acton Methodist Circuit (includes Acton, Crewson's Corners, Siloam), 1878-1917; records of Acton Methodist Church, 1888-1921; records, including baptisms, 1909-1951, marriages, 1896-1935, 1910-1951, burials, 1909-1951, of Acton United Church (includes Acton Methodist Circuit, Acton Methodist Church), 1896-1963.

Trinity United Church (Acton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2599 · Fonds · 1863-2006

Fonds consists of marriage register of Knox Presbyterian Church, St. Vincent Township (includes Syndenham Township, Euphrasia Township), 1863-1884; records of Victoria Methodist Church, 1909-1924; records, including baptisms, 1877-1914, marriages, 1915-1918, of Knox - Holland United Church, Holland Township (includes Knox Presbyterian Church), 1877-1928; financial record book of Temple Hill Presbyterian Church, 1906-1924; communion roll of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Syndenham, 1874-1894; marriages of Temple Hill Pastoral Charge (includes Temple Hill, Knox United Church in Holland Township, Mount Zion, New England), 1941-1962; records, including baptisms, 1922-1965, marriages, 1897-1980, 1980-1999, of Walter's Falls Pastoral Charge (includes Holland Township, Syndenham Township, St. Vincent Township, Temple Hill, Walter's Falls Methodist Circuit), 1897-1986; records of New England United Church, 1934-1964; records, including marriages, 1902-1941, of Temple Hill United Church (includes Temple Hill Presbyterian Church), 1902-1991; records of Ebenezer United Church, 1925-1962; records, including baptisms, 1906-1948, marriages, 1896-1943, of St. Paul's United Church, Syndenham; records, including marriages, 1903-1949, of Knox - Holland United Church, in Holland Township (includes Knox Presbyterian Church, 1903-1973; records of Victoria United Church (includes Victoria Methodist Church), 1924-1947; baptisms, 1956-1962, burials, 1956-1962, of White's United Church, St. Vincent Township, 1956-1962; Session minutes of Walter's Falls United Church, 1957-2006

Walter's Falls Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2600 · Fonds · 1832-1987

Fonds consists of records of Kleinburg Methodist Circuit (includes Kleinburg, Nobleton, Teston, King 8th Line, Coleraine), 1832-1922; records, including baptisms, 1905-1952, marriages, 1905-1974, burials, 1905-1952, of Kleinburg Pastoral Charge (includes Kleinburg Methodist Circuit, Kleinburg, Nobleton, Central Church in Toronto Gore Township), 1905-1971; records of Central United Church in Toronto Gore Township (includes Central Methodist Church), 1903-1977; records of Kleinburg United Church (includes Kleinburg Methodist Circuit), 1912-1987; records of Nobleton United Church (includes Nobleton Methodist Church), 1957-1980.

Kleinburg Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2644 · Fonds · 1998

Fonds consists records of Dover Methodist Circuit (includes Dover Centre, Oldfield, Hind's Methodist Church in Dover Township, Baldoon, Mitchell's Bay), 1885-1915; records of Dover Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Dover Centre, Chalmers, Richmond/St. Andrew's Church, McColl's Church), 1878-1914; women's groups records of Dover Presbyterian Church, 1910-1920; Trustees minutes of Grace Methodist Church, Baldoon, 1915-1920; Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Dover Centre Methodist Church, 1917-1920; records, including baptisms, 1879-1990, marriages, 1896-1990, burials, 1915-1929, 1939-1988, of Dover Centre Pastoral Charge (includes Dover Methodist Circuit, Dover Presbyterian Pastoral Charge [Dover Centre, Oliver (now Chalmers), Richmond/St. Andrew's Church, Calvin Presbyterian Church in Chatham Township], Dover Centre, Grace Church in Baldoon, Oldfield, Calvin Church in Chatham Township), 1879-1990; Session minutes of Calvin United Church, Chatham Township (includes Calvin Presbyterian Church), 1901-1929; records of Grace United Church, Baldoon (includes Grace Methodist Church), 1902-1988; records of Oldfield United Church (includes Oldfield Methodist Church), 1904-1988; records of Dover Centre United Church (includes Dover Centre Methodist Church, Dover Centre Presbyterian Church), 1912-1988

Dover Centre Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2691 · Fonds · 1859-1995

Fonds consists of records of Troy Methodist Circuit (includes Mount Carmel (Troy), Bethel, Harrisburg, and Beverly Methodist Circuit (includes Lynden, Troy, Mount Zion, Westover, Rockton and Rock Chapel), 1859-1921; circuit register, 1873-1906, Quarterly Board minutes, 1880-1925, of Lynden Methodist Circuit (includes Beverly Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Bethel Church in Ancaster Township, Zion Church in Beverly Township, Rockton, Troy, Westover); records of Mount Carmel Methodist Church, Troy, 1872-1927; records, including marriages, 1897-1924, of Lynden Methodsit Church, 1897-1924; records of Harrisburg Methodist Church, 1888-1949; records, including baptisms, 1905-1925, of Lynden Presbyterian Church, 1884-1925; records, including, baptisms, 1908-1949, marriages, 1908-1933, 1945, burials, 1908-1950, of Troy Pastoral Charge (includes Troy Methodist Circuit, Bethel Church, Mount Carmel Church in Troy, Harrisburg and Fairview), 1914-1959; Official Board minutes of Troy-Harrisburg Pastoral Charge (includes Troy-Fairview Pastoral Charge, Harrisburg, Mount Carmel Church in Troy), 1959-1961; records of Lynden-Troy Pastoral Charge (includes Lynden, Mount Carmel Church in Troy), 1953-1969; records, including baptisms, 1951-1952, of Harrisburg United Church, 1930-1960; records of Mount Carmel United Church in Troy (includes Troy Methodist Circuit and Mount Carmel Methodist Church in Troy), 1896-1992; records of First United Church, Lynden (includes Lynden Methodist Church), 1925-1944; records of Central United Church, Lynden (includes Lynden Presbyterian Church), 1925-1945; records, including baptisms, 1950-1968, marriages, 1925-1968, burials, 1950-1969, of Lynden United Church (includes Lynden Methodist Church, First Methodist Church), 1913-1995

Lynden - Troy Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1205 · Fonds · 1896-1938

Fonds consists of marriage register of Sparta Methodist Circuit (includes Sparta, Yarmouth Township, Orwell), 1896-1912; congregational minutes of Sparta United Church, 1932-1938.

Sparta United Church (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1208 · Fonds · 1855-1999

Fonds consists of Official Board minutes of Newmarket and Aurora Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, 1855-1868; records of Newmarket Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1857-1883; records, including baptisms, 1908-1925, marriages, 1896-1925, 1949-1950, burials, 1908-1925, of Newmarket Methodist Church, 1877-1950; records, including baptisms, 1925-1988, marriages, 1917-1992, burials , 1925-1992, of Trinity United Church, Newmarket (includes Newmarket Methodist Church), 1940-1992

Trinity United Church (Newmarket, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1210 · Fonds · 1853-2010

Fonds consists of records of New Durham Methodist Church (includes New Durham Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1853-1915; Board of Trustees minutes of Newark Methodist Church, 1872-1912; Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Burgessville Methodist Church, 1904-1912; records, including baptism/marriage/burial records, 1907-1933, 1943-1978, of Burgessville Pastoral Charge (includes New Durham, Newark, Burgessville Methodist Circuit), including baptism/marriage/burial records, 1907-2010; records of Burgessville United church (includes Burgessville Methodist Church), 1907-1984; Board of Trustees and Congegational minutes of Newark United Church (includes Newark Methodist Church), 1912-1941; and records of New Durham United Church (includes New Durham Methodist Church), 1914-1974.

Burgessville Pastoral Charge (Ont.)