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Guelph Mercury fonds
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Captain J.S. Hugill

This picture shows Captain J.S. Hugill of Guelph who was a transport officer in the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.

Pay Parade at Armoury

This picture shows from left Bandsman Ken Copeland, Bdr. Thomas R Dyson and Sgt. Walter Dickinson all of Guelph after the parade at the Armoury.

Terry Fox in Guelph

This picture shows Terry Fox giving a signature to a Guelph resident during his Marathon of Hope.

Terry Fox in Guelph

This picture shows Terry Fox in Guelph on his Marathon of Hope.

George A. Drew Former Mayor of Guelph

This picture is of George A. Drew, Mayor of Guelph in 1925 and Canadian High Commissioner in London at the time of the photograph

Dedicated bowler

This picture shows John Bendig of St. Joseph's Home bowling at the Guelph Lawn Bowling Club.

Dancing and modelling

This picture shows the St. James' Summer school class dance pack that had an open house for parents and friends.

Sharing In Rain

  • CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-1-F45-0-1-0-0-1363
  • Pièce
  • September 22, 1981
  • Fait partie de Guelph Mercury fonds

This photograph shows Victory School students Alisa McRonald and Elizabeth Caley sharing an umbrella on a rainy day.

Salute to our Native People at Public Library

This photograph shows a group of young people with Flora Conroy who is a member of the Cree tribe discussing Indian tradition and legend. Flora is pictured at the Guelph Public Library with from left: Sara Jean Smith, Jennifer Cochrane, Stephanie Pavone, and Susan Kelleher. “Pg2 78% Crop 4x4 Salute to 22/4-20/6” is written on the reverse of the photograph.

Education Board Honored Retiring Teachers

This photograph shows several individuals retiring from teaching with the Wellington County Board of Education. Pictured in the front row is Jean Hutchinson, Marguerite Huby, and Dorothy Roszell. In the back row from left to right is Eleanor Wilson, Mary Carter, E. Rae Stuart, Gladys Ernst, Docalda Switzer, and Mavis Flewelling. “P11 4 x6 As is Education Board As is 22/4-20/4” is written on the reverse of this photograph.

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