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Minute Books
ON00120 008-2-1 · File · 1965-1966
Part of Denis Landry

File consists of two typed, annotated, Chelmsford Valley District High School Board minute books. Reports of the three committees formed by the board, Finance & Education, Property & Maintenance, and Building & Transportation are included within the minutes.

ON00120 047-2-1 · File · Between 1929 and 1935
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains images of Capreol Public School teachers in Capreol, Ontario.

ON00120 033-1-1 · File · 1959 - 1982
Part of Col. David Younger Public School

File consists of one scrapbook which relates the history of Col. David Younger Public School. The scrapbook begins with documents relating to the building, naming and incorporation of the school. Included is a program for the school's official opening, a typed transcript of the dedication service delivered by a minister at the school's opening, a copy of the certificate naming the school and giving a brief history of Col. David Younger (January 15, 1906 - November 2, 1962), newspaper clippings about the opening of the school, a brief history of the school, Col. Younger wife's obituary (Helen Younger, nee Campbell December 8, 1909-March 10, 1980), a short biography of David Younger written by eight history students at Laurentian University in 1980, a short biography of former library clerk and supply secretary for the school Joyce Netzke (1925-2009), a brief history by Peter Hellstrom of his house on Hawthorne Drive, a historical list of the school's mailing addresses, a certificate incorporating the school into The Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations on March 6, 1962, an annotated half gestetner copy, half typed three page contact list for members of the Col. David Younger Public School Home & School Association, a biography for Muriel Lappas (Muriel "Woodard" Lappas), a teacher at Col. David Younger Public School, two newspaper clippings concerning the retirement of principal Ray Kaattari on June 17, 1988 and another newspaper clipping from the Sudbury Star dated February 18, 1993 recommending safety modifications to a slide in the school's playground which was similar in design to one involved in a child fatality. The scrapbook then lists enrolment statistics by room, grade and teacher for the years 1959 to 1996 and awards won by the students between the years 1971 and 1995. The last two sections of the scrapbook deal with the issues of overcrowding in the school during the years 1976 to 1977 and threats of school closure between 1978 and 1982. Included in these last two sections are newspaper clippings, copies of speeches and briefs prepared by the Parents' Advisory Committee for the Col. David Younger Public School and memos sent home to parents by the school and the school board relating to the issues of overcrowding and closure.

Social Studies
ON00120 047-1-1 · File · [Between 1948 and 1949]
Part of C.R. Judd

File consists of five volumes of a grade eight social studies lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

ON00120 047-3-1 · File · Photocopied after 1969 (originally August 11, 1926)
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains a photocopied, typed and handwritten 'Form of Agreement for Engagement of a Public School Teacher' between Chester Roy Judd (the teacher) and the Public School Board of the Town of Capreol, Ontario, contracting Judd as a teacher for Capreol Public School from September 7, 1926 to June 31, 1927.

ON00120 047-4-1 · File · 1937 - 1946
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains "A Brief Survey of The History of The Capreol Public School" written by C.R. Judd, principal of Capreol Public School from 1926 to 1964. The 'brief survey' includes a handwritten timeline of events, a chronological list of the school teachers, a chronological list of school board members and trustees and a copy of a typed, annotated letter from Judd to Inspector of Public Schools L.L. Skuce regarding the history of Capreol Public School.

ON00120 015-2-1 · File · [1955 or 1956]
Part of Heit Family

File contains an annotated typed letter from R.G. McDorman, Principal of the Sudbury Mining and Technical School, addressed to parents of students indicating times and locations for parent/teacher meetings to discuss their children's progress. A list of teachers names and classroom numbers is included.

ON00120 047-1-2 · File · [1932]
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a geography lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

ON00120 047-2-2 · File · Between 1934 and 1937
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one image of C.R. Judd and his class at Capreol Public School in Capreol, Ontario.

ON00120 049-8-2 · File · 1946-1949
Part of Town of Copper Cliff

File consists of a bound, handwritten and date stamped Bank of Toronto Pass Book for the Town of Copper Cliff. This pass book was used for the municipality's Construction and Public School Equipment funds. Also included are a typed note concerning a cheque to Harper Construction Company, an invoice from Harper Construction Company (formally Harper & Vuori) dated September 12, 1946 in the amount of $103.95 for construction work on the Copper Cliff High School and two paid cheques, one to Harper Construction Company, dated October 2, 1946, in the amount of $103.95 and signed by the Mayor and Town Treasurer and one to the municipality, dated March 18, 1949 in the amount of $6.91, also signed by the Mayor and Town Treasurer.

ON00120 033-1-2 · File · 1964 - 1976
Part of Col. David Younger Public School

File consists of a scrapbook of Col. David Younger Public School. The scrapbook opens with a picture of the grade six graduating class of June 1964 with a typed list of the students' names. Following is a page with all of the signatures of the students who graduated in 1965; a newspaper clipping from the Sudbury Star (November 10, 1975) describing the academic efforts of David Basso, a former student of the school (1960-1967) who became visually impaired; and a green coloured page with the pictures of all the teachers from the 1968 to 1969 school year. Class photographs, listing all of the students' names, are included for the years 1969 to 1976. Photographs showcasing the students learning about and taking part in reading and language, mathematics, social studies, science, french and physical education activities have also been incorporated into the scrapbook. Photographs from the May 1972 grade five class visit to Paisley Road Public School in Guelph, Ontario to meet the students' pen pals, images from the 1972 Fall Fair and the Christmas concert have been included, as well as photographs of grade five and six students making snow sculptures in February 1975, a class trip to the sugar bush in Hanmer, Ontario in April 1975, a class trip to Storybook Farm by the grade one and two classes in June 1975, the grade two and three classes visiting the Big Nickel in May 1976, and a puppet show at the school by Mr. Strom of Thunder Bay in February 1976. Four Canadian UNICEF Committee Award of Appreciation certificates to Col. David Young Public School from 1971 to 1974 are also included in the scrapbook along with several newspaper clippings of various school events and activities and a letter from CKNC "The Mid-Canada Television System" owned by J. Conrad Lavigne Limited to the grade 1 & 2 teacher Miss Mona Pretty on January 10, 1976 which states their television station's intention of airing a letter written by her students concerning violence and profanity on television during the early evening hours. Pretty's students had previously written a letter which was printed in the Sudbury Star on December 11, 1975 requesting children appropriate programs to be aired before their bedtime.

CA ON00154 2004.23-2004.23.2.6 · File
Part of Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)

File consists of (1) Anniversary issue of Blue & White, the Port Hope High School newsletter. Issue includes information on the school, crest, history, memories, photographs of principals and photographs of different buildings used for the high school since 1853, Valedictorians, Staff, Student Council and school song; and (2) Programme for the 25th class reunion 1956-1982, Port Hope High School.

CA ON00154 2000.9-2004.7.1.4 · File · 1919
Part of Port Hope and District Hospital Fonds

File consists of a diploma received by M. Isabel Jones St. Louis (1897-1987) on 15th October 1919. Diploma is signed by the president, secretary, superintendent and mission of the Port Hope Hospital Training School for nurses, established in 1916. The diploma was presented to the Port Hope and District Hospital as Ms. St. Louis was the last surviving of that graduating class. It hung in the Port Hope & District Hospital until it closed.

Port Hope & District Hospital
CA ON00154 996.21-2006.10.3.4 · File · 1931-1948
Part of Barbara Loucks Family Collection

File consists of papers related to Trinity College School [TCS], as originally owned by Gerald James. It includes: (1) Sketch depicting the TCS chapel; (2) Newspaper advertisement for TCS, c. 1900; (3) Listing of Junior School Prize winners 1931, and "The School on the Hill;" (4) Christmas Carol Service, TCS.

Loucks, Barbara
ON00120 047-1-3 · File · [Between 1930 and 1950]
Part of C.R. Judd

File contains one volume of a botany lesson plan compiled by C.R. Judd.

ON00120 033-1-3 · File · 1976 - 1985
Part of Col. David Younger Public School

File consists of a scrapbook of Col. David Younger Public School. Included are class photographs listing all of the students' names as well as photographs of teachers and supportive staff members. Newspaper clippings and various correspondence showcasing Col. David Younger School students participating in school and community activities are quite numerous in this scrapbook and there are a number of certificates given to individual students and to whole classes celebrating their participation in activities such as public speaking contests, putting together materials for a time capsule, the creation of a award and plaque for the "most improved student" donated by Mr. & Mrs. E. Hywarren in June 1980, and raising money for UNICEF Canada. Correspondence regarding the 2001 Sudbury time capsule along with lists and samples of work from the school placed in the capsule are also included (sample 2001 predictions made by students in January 1979 include predictions made by Dean Nadoronzy, Barbi Blasutti, Lisa Younger, Leah Hywarren, and Debbie Nadorozny). The article "The Hassle of Hospitals" by Christine Grexton (age 10) of Col. David Younger Public School which was published in The Sudbury General Hospital's "Capsule" (spring, 1977) is also included (this article describes Grexton's experience at both the Laurentian and General Hospitals after she broke her arm in a school yard accident). Photographs of school events and activities are also included, such as a fashion show put on by grades five and six students in October 1978, school Christmas concert in 1980, students playing outside in the snow during the winter of 1981, a participation run in May 1981 and the 1980 - 1981 junior kindergarten class trips to the Garson Post Office and the New Sudbury Shopping Centre to see Santa Claus. Royal Bank Junior Olympics ribbons for first, second, and third place and a Junior Olympics Royal Bank badge are included. Finally, thirteen photographs from the grade five and six weekend camping trip to Killarney Provincial Park on June 18, 19 and 20, 1984 show some of the outdoor activities the students took part in while on the fieldtrip.