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Brampton - Main and Queen
CA ON00380 series 2-file 18 · Dossier · [187-?]
Fait partie de Betty Odlum fonds

File consists of a cabinet card photograph of the corner of Main Street [Hurontario] and Queen Street; Golding and Cole buildings are shown.

Bird Life in Labrador
CA ON00259 SC29-SC29-8-SC29-8-4 · Dossier · [189-]
Fait partie de James H. Fleming fonds

File consists of Bird Life in Labrador / by Winfrid A. Stearns. A fire-damaged book bought by James L. Baillie from C.J. Young and given as a gift to J.H. Fleming.

Taxidermy and photography notes
CA ON00259 SC51-1-25 · Dossier · [ca. 190?]
Fait partie de P. A. Taverner fonds

File consists of a notebook with notes on taxidermy and photography. The front of the notebook has a photograph of P.A. Taverner's wife, Martha pasted.