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CA ON00311 PF21-PF21-1-984026-1-1 · File · 1915-1916
Part of George A. Johnston fonds

File consists of two certificates of military qualification promoting the rank of J.A.R. Mason during the First World War. The first certifies that Mason attained the rank of lieutenant. The second certifies that Mason attained the rank of captain.

CA ON00311 PF51-PF51-1-2005036-001 · File · 2003, 2005
Part of Albert A. Strauss fonds

File largely consists of photocopies of correspondence to Ian Outerbridge, the originals dating from 1989, from Albert Strauss, F.C. Maltman, and C.F. McKeon, describing their reminiscences about the errors and omissions insurance program. The letters were sent to Outerbridge for use in a history of the Law Society insurance programs that he was asked to prepare. The file also includes correspondence from Brian Bucknall (Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt) to Albert Strauss, LawPRO, and the Osgoode Society, suggesting an oral history interview of Strauss.

CA ON00311 PF71-985250-001 · File · 1873, 1876-1880
Part of Married Woman's Real Estate Act collection

File consists of affidavits, petitions and declarations filed by women under the "Married Woman's Real Estate Act," 1873. Cases relate to the transfer of property, including appeals to purchase, sell, transfer title, claim and mortgage property. Appeals were made on grounds of desertion, cruelty and non-support by the husband, mutual separation, the husband's incapacity due to psychological and cognitive impairment, and where a woman had been granted power of attorney. The majority of the cases involve property in south-central Ontario, within Toronto and the counties of York and Halton. Cases were submitted by the following women, with year of submission in parentheses: Anne Haslip, Elizabeth Ann Cholwell (1873), Eliza Ann Brush, Sarah Roche, Catherine Houses (?), Eliza Highinbotham, Anna Maria Roden, Mary Davis, Elizabeth H. Sundridge (1876), Helen W. Melville, Margaret Sarah Taylor, Susan Thompson, Eliza Matthewson Taylor, Jane Atkinson (1877), Susan Thompson, Mary Ann Elder, Emma Dobson, Francis Silverthorn, Mary Nickless, Margaret Lindsay, E. Hall, Mary Virtue (1878), Mary Doyle, Elizabeth Beatty, Sarah Selby, Margaret Lindsay, Lena von Schultes, Euphema Taylor, Mehala Anne Regan, Lucy Keane, Jane McInytre, Margaret Noies (1879), Eliza Ann Brush, Ann Bone, Margaret Fielding, Emily Jane Backas, Elza Jane Menge, Helen Amelia Jones, Martha Kennedy, Isabel Dixon and Marion Sheley (1880).

Railway passes and schedules
CA ON00311 PF138-985124-001 · File · 1867-1869
Part of Matthew Crooks Cameron fonds

File consists of records relating to rail service on the Great Western Railway in Ontario, and used by Matthew Crooks Cameron, an Ontario lawyer, politician and judge, between 1867 and 1869. The records include yearly rail passes, newspaper schedules for autumn train circuits, and a cheque written to E. Fitzgerald, signed by Cameron's law firm, Cameron, McMichael, Fitzgerald and Hoskin.

CA ON00311 PF143-985268-001 · File · 1909-1951
Part of George Mortimer Kelley fonds

File consists of records detailing tariffs and fees for a variety of legal services, but particularly relating to real estate and land, for reference or use in the County of York. The records take a number of forms, including printed and handwritten documents. Also included is correspondence with George Mortimer Kelley pertaining to the issue of tarriffs.

CA ON00311 PF147-985041-001 · File · 1850-1869
Part of John Sandfield Macdonald fonds

File consists of three letters written by John Sandfield Macdonald, the first Premier of Ontario. The letters concern his travel plans and law-related matters. One letter appears to be addressed to lawyer Lawrence Heyden.

Orders of admission
CA ON00311 PF154-985297-001 · File · 1853
Part of Orders of admission to British House of Commons collection

File consists of six handwritten, signed and dated passes admitting the bearer to the gallery section of the British House of Commons, issued in February and March 1853. Each pass appears to have been prepared by different individuals and are written on small pieces of paper.

CA ON00311 PF158-988009-001 · File · 1950
Part of Eugene Forsey fonds

File consists of typewritten copies of letters exchanged between Eugene Forsey (1904-1991), Dr. Herbert Alexander Bruce (1868-1963), former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and George Herbert Clarke, editor of "Queen's quarterly", written between October and December 1950. The subject of this correspondence relates primarily to an article by John Pickersgill published in the "Queen's quarterly" regarding the speeches of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. The correspondence between Bruce and Forsey also details plans for a social outing during a visit to Toronto by Forsey.

CA ON00311 PF159-989008-001 · File · 12 Nov. 1981
Part of Michael Wadsworth collection

File consists of records pertaining to a testimonial dinner held in Convocation Hall at Osgoode Hall on 12 November 1981 in honour of Michael and Bernadette Wadsworth on the occasion of their departure to New Hampshire. The records include a letter to Wadsworth from Premier Bill Davis and three copies of the programme for the dinner, two of which are annotated with speech notes by unidentified speakers.

CA ON00311 PF160-990004-001 · File · 1936
Part of Patrick Dunnion collection

File consists of records and ephemera produced by the Osgoode Hall Legal and Literary Society during the 1935-1936 school year. The records include luncheon tickets, an annual report, and an invoice.

Originals: English
CA ON00311 PF172-2008034-002 · File · [2003 or 2004]
Part of Mélanie Brunet fonds

File consists of English versions of the original recruitment letter, follow-up e-mail, letter of information, consent form, and questionnaire.

Originals: French
CA ON00311 PF172-2008034-003 · File · [2003 or 2004]
Part of Mélanie Brunet fonds

File consists of French versions of the original recruitment letter, follow-up e-mail, letter of information, consent form, and questionnaire.

Osgoode Hall
CA ON00311 PF175-999073-002 · File · 1946, 1979-1980
Part of Van Every family fonds

File consists of records pertaining to William Alan Van Every and his connection to Osgoode Hall. These records document Van Every's status as Life Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and as a former student of Osgoode Hall Law School. The records in this file include correspondence, certificates, examination booklets, and an etching.