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Under the mask

Sheet folded to show only the masked head and hide words and mouth. School activity by Rishi, grade 5, 2020.

Back to Life

This photograph shows Lorna Ronald helping a dove back to health.


Tree and brown house with red door and chimney.

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Yellow sun in big red sky, and a small person et tree.

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A happy child

Blue father and red child, with tree and blue clouds.

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Jesus speaks

Jesus speaks to four people under orange sun.

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Man in blue shirt, red pants, and high hat, under sun and two cloud.

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Pretty little lamb

Lamb with red collar, between two people, one dressed in blue, the other in red.

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Uncle Paul

Green car and red tractor, farm animals and a house with red roof.

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Bijou and the chicken

Brown dog behind chicken and its chicks walk to the brown chicken coop.

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Autobiography in the form of a winding road with mispelled "stard" sign.

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