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Fonds Jean Étienne (Stephen) Fournier
CA ON00159 P061 · Fonds · 1886-1908

Le livre de correspondance de Jean Étienne Fournier contient presqu’uniquement la correspondance d’affaires de monsieur Fournier. Cette correspondance témoigne d’activités qui ont eu lieu au tout début de la ville de Sudbury. Les 746 pages de correspondance nous renseignent entre autre sur les activités du magasin général en terme d’achat, mais aussi en ce qui a trait aux créances de celui-ci. De nombreuses lettres font référence au rôle du maître poste ou encore du gérant d’entrepôt pour le Canadien Pacifique ou encore agent d’assurance. Certains faits et événements concernant le conseil scolaire ou les écoles y sont aussi relatés.

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Canada Optical Company collection
CA ON00397 2015.10 · Collection · 1947-1992

Collection of materials relating to the Canada Optical Company in Deseronto, Ontario, including photographs, promotional materials, newspaper and magazine articles and summary of employee benefits.

The materials were collected by Don Simpson, former general manager of the Deseronto plant.

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Child's dress
CA ON00428 2021.24 · Pièce · ca. 1800 - 1900

Item is one machine sewn child's dress. It features lace detailing on the collar and sleeves.

Snotneus lamp
CA ON00428 2021.27 · Pièce · ca. 1800

Item is an early 19th century brass oil lamp. It features a removable fuel chamber with a spout where a length of wick would be fed through. When in use, the second spout would catch drips from the wick. The bottom of the lamp has a weighted base for use on a table, and a hook at the top so it could be hung against a wall.

This style of lamp was popularized by the Dutch and is known as a Snotneus lamp, which translates to nose-drip, and refers to the double spout design. Sometimes called whale oil lamps, they were typically used with animal fats.

Shoe last and stand
CA ON00428 2021.33 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item is one shoe last and stand, or cobbler's anvil. It would be attached to the cobblers bench and would provide support while they made or repaired shoes. The last at the top of the stand is detachable and would and likely would have come in a set with different sizes.

Marbles and jacks
CA ON00428 2021.16 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item consists of 60 handmade clay marbles in varying colours, all roughly 1 cm in diameter. The marbles are housed in a fabric covered cardboard box, along with a small glass jar that holds 17 metal jacks. On the bottom, and inside the lid of the box, is a handwritten inscription explaining who previously owned and played with these items, however the name is illegible.

Boudoir cap
CA ON00428 2021.44 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item contains one crochet boudoir cap, or sleeping cap. The pink thread is crocheted in a small net pattern with a scalloped edge. Boudoir caps became popular in the 19th century as a sort of hairnet to protect the user’s hairstyle as they slept. By the early 1900s, caps like this lace example became popular for their femininity.

Kitchen towels
CA ON00428 2021.51 · Pièce · ca. 1900

Item consists of three linen kitchen towels. They are woven in the huckaback style, which was popular during the late 1800s and early 1900 for its durability and absorbance. Two of the towels feature additional detailing on the hems, one with lace and the other with a damask pattern. The items are indicative of what may have been used at Lambton House while it was operational.

.22 Short Bullet
CA ON00428 2022.13 · Pièce · 2022

Item is one lead .22 caliber bullet. Typically, this item was used with small pocket pistols and mini revolvers.

Sudbury History of Nursing Group fonds
CA ON00159 P148 · Fonds · 1997-2009

The Sudbury History of Nursing Group fonds attests not only to the group’s activities in developing and conducting their oral history project, but moreover it conveys an important part of the history nursing. Indeed, the fonds contains records documenting the management of such a project, such as: the history of the project, its goals and objectives, as well as all forms developed by the group to meet all requirements in conducting such a project. Moreover, it contains the original tape recordings of the 42 interviews of the retired nurses and their transcriptions, and some printed images of nurses interviewed and graduating classes. There is also a biographical profile of each nurse interviewed, who graduated from different Schools in Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec. Some of the nurses graduated in England, Ireland and the United States. All worked in Northern Ontario. The interview addresses not only different aspects of their work but also the context of their training and education as well as their family life.

The fonds is divided in two series: Series A: Project management; Series B: Interviews

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Town of Whitby fonds
CA ON00329 F 2011 · Fonds · 1855-1966

This fonds consists of the official records of Whitby, including Council Minutes, 1855-1960; By-laws, 1855-1966; Board and Committee Minutes, 1861-1954; Assessment and Collectors Rolls, 1855-1960; Board of Health Records 1934-1957; Court Records, 1928-1955.

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Township of Whitby fonds
CA ON00329 F 2012 · Fonds · 1837-1968

Fonds consists of the official records of Whitby Township, including Council Minutes, 1852-1967; By-laws, 1850-1967; Board and Committee Minutes, 1884-1966; Assessment and Collectors Rolls, 1848-1968; and Clerk-Treasurer's Records, 1837-1967.

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Whitby Senior Hockey Club fonds
CA ON00329 F 04 · Fonds · 1954-1962

Fonds consists of records relating to the administration, operation, and activities of the Whitby Dunlops hockey team. Records were created by the executive members of the Whitby Senior Hockey Club. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Financial records, administrative records, correspondence, advertisement and sponsorship, and programs and ephemera.

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City of Port Arthur fonds
Fonds · 1884-1969

The fonds consists of minutes, by-laws, agreements, correspondence, reports, financial records, maps and plans which document virtually all aspects of municipal rights, responsibilities and activities. Including council, administration, finance, waterworks, roads, planning, hydro-electrical power, building, engineering, public transportation, parks, recreation, telephone, welfare, police and fire service.

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David J. Culham fonds
Fonds · 1973 - 2000

The fonds consists primarily of correspondence between David Culham and staff and constituents regarding issues in Mississauga. The fonds also includes material relating to summaries of rezoning applications, by-laws, reports and studies. The fonds is divided into 15 subject based series, listed alphabetically. Records are primarily textual and are arranged alphabetically by series:

  • Series 1 Britannia Road Area.
  • Series 2 Community Services.
  • Series 3 Correspondence.
  • Series 4 Credit River.
  • Series 5 Culham Personal.
  • Series 6 Developers.
  • Series 7 Environmental Issues.
  • Series 8 Erindale/Erin Mills.
  • Series 9 Federal/Provincial Issues.
  • Series 10 Municipal Issues.
  • Series 11 Newspaper Clippings.
  • Series 12 Roseborough.
  • Series 13 Streetsville.
  • Series 14 Transportation and Works.
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Diggory Fonds
CA ON00411 MG-0023 · Fonds · 1937-1951

The Diggory Fonds contain various personal papers, logbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, telegrams, correspondence, and service records of Flying Officer Thomas J. Diggory during the Second World War. These Fonds also contain various artifacts, including pilot glasses, a British flag, an Ebel wristwatch, an ink well, cap badges, wings, stripes, dog tags, war medals, RAF buttons, an Air Force Doll, and an RAF Winter Navigator Helmet with radio and oxygen equipment.

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