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Archival description
CA ON00343 RG 1-TH 1 · Fonds · 1881 - 1977
Part of The Toronto Hospital record group

The fonds includes three sous-fonds:

1.1 Toronto General Hospital School of Nursing sous-fonds
1.2 Atkinson School of Nursing of the Toronto Western Hospital sous-fonds
1.3 Grace Hospital Training School for Nurses sous-fonds.

For details see sous-fonds and series-level descriptions.

CA ON00343 RG 1-TH 1-1.1 · Sous-fonds · 1881-1977
Part of The Toronto Hospital record group

Sous-fonds consists of applications for admission; student records; Director’s reports and correspondence; registers, day books and procedures manuals; materials relating to the Student Nurses’ Association and to ceremonies and special events connected with the School; education program files and photographs created and maintained by the TGH School of Nursing and subsequently maintained by the TTH Nursing Education and Research Department. Sous-fonds includes 13 series:

1.1.1 Applications for admission
1.1.2 Student records
1.1.3 Director’s reports
1.1.4 Director’s correspondence
1.1.5 Registers
1.1.6 Day books
1.1.7 Procedures manual
1.1.8 Student Nurses’ Association
1.1.9 Ceremonies and special events
1.1.10 Education program
1.1.11 Photographs
1.1.12 Student yearbooks
1.1.13 Permanent Record Books

CA ON00343 RG 1-TH 3 · Fonds · 1992
Part of The Toronto Hospital record group

The fonds consists of minutes of meetings of the Committee and copies of correspondence, reports and other materials distributed and discussed at meetings. The fonds includes one series:

3.1 Minutes

CA ON00343 RG 1-TH 14 · Fonds · 1910-1998
Part of The Toronto Hospital record group

Fonds consists of five series:

14.1 TTH Auxiliary (General Division) Minutes
14.2 TTH Auxiliary (General Division) Annual Reports
14.3 TTH Auxiliary (General Division) Scrapbooks
14.4 TTH Auxiliary (General Division) Correspondence
14.5 Histories and Ephemera