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CA ON00340 F2853 · Fonds · 1875-2014

Fonds consists of baptisms, 1898-1915, marriages, 1897-1921, and burials, 1897-1914, of New Hamburg Methodist Mission (including Beverly); records, including marriage certificate stubs, 1875-1880, of St. James Methodist Church, 1875-1925; records, including baptisms, 1888-1917, of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Waterloo, 1888-1926; records, including baptisms, 1906-1968, marriage, 1896-1990, and burial, 1902-1934, 1954-1992, of First United Church, 1896-2014.

First United Church (Waterloo, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F3707-3 · Series · 1980-2011
Part of Reed Family fonds

Series consists of Missionary Kids in West China / Missionary Kids and The Canadian School in West China Newsletter, 1998-2011, correspondence, letters, clippings.

Robert Delledonne collection
CA ON00334 F 30 · Series · 1825-1991

This collection is rich in social and cultural history of the village of Lakefield in the 19th history.

Collection of Robert Delledonne consisting of voters’ list, Lakefield, 1945-53; Charles Percy, Trent Canal timber charges, 1896; Women’s Institute, xxx; Mavis Birch ledger, 1922, 1937; Village of Lakefield Treasurer’s book, 1875-1897; Clarice M. Kidd, scrapbooks, c1930s to c1960s; Lakefield schools, 1889-1978, 1991; Ayotte family papers, 1830s-1980s; Lakefield, Grand Trunk Railway, 1893-1902 including freight way bills, 1893-1902, ledger, 1896-97, assessment papers, ticket stubs, daily report logs; Lakefield News, scattered issues, 1900-1954; maps, 1883, 1950’s; literary manuscripts and drafts related to the Lakefield history, 1990s; research materials, scrapbooks, news clippings, photographs on varied aspects of the history of Lakefield; copies of township directories, 1857-1917, 1948; and copies of voter’s lists, land deeds and wills significant to the history of Lakefield. The collection includes many local history books and Dun and Bradstreet mercantile register, Canada, 1935, 1938, 1940, 1949.

The papers are organized in the Following Series:
A. Directories, 1857-1948, 1 cu ft; files 1-54
B. Lakefield and Young’s Point, 1856-1991, 2.2 cu ft; files 55-249
C. Lakefield Women’s Institute, c1970’s, .3 cu ft; files 250-256
D. Clarice M. Kidd Scrapbooks, c1940’s to 1960’s, .5 cu ft; files oversize 19-25, files 257-262
E. Schools, 1889-1978, 1991, 1 cu ft; files 263-285, 293-312
F. Ayotte family papers, 1830’s-1980s, 1 cu ft; files oversize 37, 38, 39, 313-357
G. Lakefield Grand Trunk Railway, 1893-1902, 1 cu ft; files 611-649
H. Lakefield News, 1990-1955, and other newspapers, .5 cu ft; files 358-385, 603-610
I. Maps and plans, 1883, 1950s, .5cu ft; files 398-440
J. Photographs and Postcards of Lakefield People and Businesses, Calendars; files 286-292, 386-397, 521-566, 602
K. Mixed Items, Lakefield and Peterborough; files 441-520, 567-601, 609-610
L. Lakefield history books

Robert Delledonne
Minutes and Correspondence
CA ON00340 F566-1 · Series · 1874-1930
Part of United Church of Canada Committees on Law and Legislation

Series consists of Minutes of the Committee on Law and Legislation, 1921-1942, correspondence and letterbooks of committees’ and church lawyers, 1927-1936, minutes of the Joint Committee on Church Union, 1923-1927; records on Church Union Legislation, Commissions and Miscellaneous, 1874-1930.

Legal Issues
CA ON00340 F566-5 · Series · 1926-1968
Part of United Church of Canada Committees on Law and Legislation

Series consists of non property/property files covering legal issues, 1927-1968, boards, departments and committees, 1926-1964; and property and estate files and enquiries of the church barrister Armond T. Whitehead, 1942-1949.

CA ON00340 F571 · Fonds · 1967-1997

Fonds consists of minutes, 1976-1997; nominations to college boards and committees, 1980-1985; and correspondence and reports.

United Church of Canada. Committee on Nominations.
Personnel Records
CA ON00340 F518-4 · Series · [195-]-2005
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

In 1971 the Division of Ministry and Education added the term “Personnel” to its name. The term was added to reflect the need within the United Church to improve the method and quality of pastoral care for persons in ministry. Henceforth ministry personnel were managed by a number of areas within DMPE, including high level departments and committees such as the Personnel Services, Personnel Advocacy and Support, and the Pastoral Relations Committee. The advocacy of particular types of ministers was often overseen by smaller committees and areas such as Women in Ministry and Diaconal Ministry Committee.

This series contains strictly ministry personnel files. Subseries includes: 1) Individual Personnel Files, 2) Ministry Candidate Files, 1960-1980, 3) Lay Ministry Personnel, [195-]-2005, 4) Ministers Ordained from Other Denominations, 1965-1971, 5) Chaplains, 1995-2000, 6) Personnel Transfers, 1982-1983.

CA ON00340 F518-7 · Series · 1969-2004
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

In 1971 following the Implementation Committee’s Report on the Commission on Ministry in the 20th Century and the establishment of an office of Pastoral Relations, DMPE’s work proceeded in that area to regularize the methods of communication both to ministers and to Pastoral Charges concerning call and settlement of ministers. Studies were established on retraining and rehabilitation for ministers who were not successful in being located in congregational employment and a number of persons received assistance, retraining and rehabilitation (1972 yearbook). In 1975 the National Pastoral Relations Committee developed a new policy on personnel and procedures for admissions and readmissions and DMPE helped to make those policies available in a handbook for Conference Personnel Officers.

Series consists of records concerning DMPE work in the area of pastoral relations and has three subseries: 1) Office Files, Historical Files and Resources, 1971-2003, 2) Pastoral Relations Committee, 1964-2004, 3) Admissions, 1969-1999.

CA ON00340 F518-10 · Series · 1978-1997
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

The 27th General Council’s passed a resolution that the Division of Mission in Canada and the Division of Ministry Personnel and Education should provide decisive direction in the area of training for leadership in Native settlements. A joint staff group from both divisions was formed called the Task Force on Native Ministry Training. The role of the task force was to survey the situation and develop resources for Conferences to improve native ministry training. In 1980 there was a National Native Ministry Consultation, planned in part by members of this task group. The purpose of the consultation was to allow Native communities to express their concerns on ministry. In light of their concerns, DMPE formed a standing committee to address their concerns by formalizing training for native ministry and providing support, financial and administrative in this area.

Series consists of two subseries: 1) Secretary and Office Files, 1979-1997, 2) Training for Native Ministry Committee, 1978-1990.

CA ON00340 F518-16 · Series · 1960-1991
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

Continuing education has been a valued aspect of UC ministry since union. In 1928 the General Council asked theological schools to provide continuing education for their graduates. The 1968 General Council cemented continuing education by providing three weeks continuing education leave for all ministry personnel. They also created the Continuing Education Fund where money could be made available to underwrite some of the costs involved. The Continuing Education Fund was administered by DMPE. DMPE held the portfolio of continuing education for all if its existence, and the following records reflect the work of the division to foster continuing education by maintaining programs and providing funding.

Series consists of three series: 1) Secretary and Office Files, 1960-1983, 2) Continuing Education Committee, 1969-1991, 3) Colleges and Training Schools, 1968-1981.