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167 Walton Street
CA ON00154 2018.5.1.6658 · Item

167 Walton Street, Port Hope during and after building the house. 6658d shows owners Mr. & Mrs. Henderson, and another person (possibly builder).

CA ON00154 2014.74-2015.2.5 · File
Part of Doherty Collection

File consists of two (2) artifacts from the 175th Port Hope Fall Fair, 15-17 Sep 2006. It includes: (1) Port Hope Fair 175th Anniversary Button; (2) "Show and Shine" Car Show Card.

CA ON00154 2018.38.1 · Item · 1846

An official copy of the 1846 Plan of Port Hope Harbour and an overlaid Plan for a New Harbour by surveyor Peter Fleming.

The plan shows Peter Fleming's proposed Harbour plan in red, the Office of the Board of Work's plan in Green, and the present Harbour lands and piers in yellow.

Fleming, Peter
CA ON00154 2017.17.1 · Item · 1899

Item is a typed booklet of transcribed advertisements from 1899, likely from the Port Hope Guide. Includes advertisements from Port Hope businesses.

CA ON00154 2018.28.1.6790-2018.28.7.6806 · Item
Part of Extinguisher Hose Company, 1896

Team portrait of the 1909 Town League Hockey Champions, "Royal Artillery", Port Hope

In the portrait:
K. John
J. Brown
H.A. Johns
J. Valencourt
J. Record
C. Perry
W. Paul
G. McMillan
C. Davis
C. Perry
P. Nixon

CA ON00154 2018.33.1 · Item · 1935

Item is a program from the 1935 'Annual Commencement Exercises' for Port Hope High School. Includes staff and board names, winners of scholarships and championships, and field day championship.

Names mentioned:
Fred Kelly
G.L. Brackenbury
Fern Clark
Bruce Elliott
A.E. Fulford
Leona O'Neill
W.J.B. Davison
Mildred Bickle
W.A. Dunbar
Ruby Thorndyke
C. Stephenson
Murwin Austin
H.W. Mitchell
Margaret Wallace
S. Ryan
Jack Sylvester
Edward Hunt
Elwin Quantrill
L.T. Sylvester
Helen Barnes
Doris Boughen
Fern Hodgson
R. A. Sculthorpe
F.R. O'Neill
G.L. Brackenbury
P.J. Bigelow
M.E. Carson
C.E. Eastman
E.C. Foy
M.E. Hagerman
L.R. Hammond
R.P. Reid
G.E. Ryan
K.M. Staples

CA ON00154 2017.26.1-2017.26.2-2017.26.4-2017.26.9.1-2017.26.9.2-2017.26.9.3-2017.26.10-2017.26.11-2017.26.12-2017.26.13-2017.26.14-2017.26.14.6764 a-f-2017.26.15-2017.26.16-2017.26.17-2017.26.18-2017.26.19 · Item
Part of Dining Room at Ballintruan

Item is a blank Christmas card inscribed from the Midland Regiment and includes the regiment's insignia on the front of the card.

CA ON00154 2017.26.1-2017.26.2-2017.26.4-2017.26.9.1-2017.26.9.2-2017.26.9.3-2017.26.10-2017.26.11-2017.26.12-2017.26.13-2017.26.14-2017.26.14.6764 a-f-2017.26.15 · Item
Part of Dining Room at Ballintruan

Item is a blank notecard from the 1st Battalion Midland Regiment's Officers' Mess.

CA ON00154 2011.10-2014.69.1 · Item · 2014
Part of Marielle Lambert Collection

Item is a ticket and brochure for the ACO's 49th Annual Port Hope House Tour. The tour occurred on 3 October 2014 and this is ticket number 1362. Inside, there is a message from the co-chairs as well as major Thompson. In addition there is a map depicting the location of each house on the tour. The following properties were included in the tour: 28 Bedford Street (Crawley House), 14 Cumberland Street, 9 Church Street (William Trick Cottage or Dorothy's Cottage), 245 Ridout Street, 15 Sullivan Street, 15 Victoria Street, 78 Victoria Street, 66 Pine Street S., 39 Mill Street, 36 Princess Street, and St. Mark's Parish Hal

Lambert, Marielle (Bennett)
CA ON00154 2017.26.1-2017.26.2-2017.26.4-2017.26.9.1-2017.26.9.2-2017.26.9.3-2017.26.10-2017.26.11-2017.26.12-2017.26.13-2017.26.14 · Item · 2004
Part of Dining Room at Ballintruan

Files includes materials relating to the 50th anniversary of the depositing of the Midland Regiment's colours in St. Mark's Church. 1) booklet detailing the history of the Midland Regiment for the 2004 anniversary event. 2) St. Mark's Church 2004 anniversary program 3) A reading from the St. Mark's Church 2004 anniversary service 4) Poster for the commemoration event

CA ON00154 2017.26.1-2017.26.2-2017.26.4-2017.26.9.1-2017.26.9.2-2017.26.9.3-2017.26.10-2017.26.11-2017.26.12-2017.26.13-2017.26.14-2017.26.14.6764 a-f · Item · 2004
Part of Dining Room at Ballintruan

Photographs taken on Sunday, November 21st, 2004. Members of the Midland Regiment attended the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the depositing of the Regimental Colours at St. Mark's Anglican Church, Port Hope.

a) Left to Right: Morley Chesher, Ralph Hodgson, Normal Gould, William Watson, Colin Lees
b) "
c) "
d) Left to Right: Ralph Hodgson, William Watson, Wilfred Pound, Colin Lees, Morley Chesher
e) Photograph of the framed Midland Regiment colours at St. Mark's Church.
f) Photograph of the framed Midland Regiment colours at St. Mark's Church.

CA ON00154 2011.10-2015.68 · File · 2015
Part of Marielle Lambert Collection

File consists of two (2) tickets and information booklets from the 50th Anniversary Port Hope House Tour, hosted by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Port Hope Branch, 3-4 Oct 2015. The tour included: The Cone (115 Dorset Street West), Wimborne (89 Dorset Street West), 110 Dorset Street West, 82 Pine Street South, 76 John Street, Bloomsbury (2 Baldwin Street), Craig House (42 Bedford Street), Molson Mill (284 Hope Street North), Terralta (160 Dorset Street West), Thomas McCreery House (78 Augusta Street), Cawthrone House (64 Augusta Street), Coach House (39 Pine Street South), Metcalfe Terrace (134-136 Walton Street), Palmer House (23 Shuter Street), 25 Shuter Street, Log Cabin (284 Hope Street North).

Lambert, Marielle (Bennett)
CA ON00154 2018.28.1.6790-2018.28.2.6792 · Item
Part of Extinguisher Hose Company, 1896

Postcard photograph of a building, mentioned on the reverse as being located at the south-east corner of Bramley Street and Ridout Street, Port Hope. Shows the storefront of William Clapp Groceries, Confectionary, Paints, Oils, Wall Paper & C.