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Archival description
Artifacts. - 1897-2004
CA ON00373 MG 57-M013.3/3 · Series · 1897 - 2004
Part of Pierre Berton fonds (MG 57)

Series consists of awards (figures and statues) and Pierre’s clothing including honourary robes, suite jackets and shirts, bow ties, cummerbunds, and his famous top hat.

CA ON00373 MG 52-M012.16/2 · Series · 1948 - 2004
Part of Janet Berton fonds (MG 52)

Series consists of records (minutes, reports, conference proceedings, guidelines, legislation, discussion papers, etc) relating to the preservation of built heritage in Vaughan and throughout Ontario and Canada. Of particular note is the extensive list of files relating to heritage structures throughout Vaughan which originated with Janet’s participation in Heritage Vaughan.

CA ON00373 RG 1-RG 1/III · Series · 1850-2005
Part of City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

Series consists of records which represent the continuing ordinances passed by Council to deal with internal management of the municipality’s civic administration and political offices and to exercise its powers in the realm of local regulatory functions.
As the By-Laws represent the final decisions of Council on all matters brought before it, they provide an excellent source of evidence vis-a-vis the functions and activities of the Council as well as the civic administration. In addition, the series offers information relating to all manner of topical subjects and local personalities.

CA ON00373 MG 52-M01.16/4 · Series · 1949 - 2005
Part of Janet Berton fonds (MG 52)

Series consists of correspondence, notes, minutes, and reports from Janet’s attendance at the many conferences, events, and meetings held by the CFUW across Canada. Also includes extensive history on the CFUW due to the creation of two history books. Also includes an extensive collection of records on the rights of women during the 60s and 70s.

CA ON00373 RG 1-RG 1/IIa · Series · 1850-2014
Part of City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

Series consists of volumes recording the deliberations and decisions of the City of Vaughan Council and its predecessor bodies (Vaughan Township Council and Town of Vaughan Council) in its role as the municipality’s governing body. Records provide information as to annual Council membership, municipal appointments, as well as reports of standing committees, special committees, departments and deputations, motions and resolutions.
In terms of evidential and informational value, this series, along with the Council Committee Agendas and Minutes and By-Law series ranks as the most significant in the City of Vaughan Council fonds. It most thoroughly evidences activities, functions and policies of Vaughan’s municipal government from its inception to the advent of regional government. Additionally, the development of the community can in large measure be traced through this series, as can a litany of diverse subjects, such as the impact wrought by certain individuals on the area’s economic development. It is of note that agendas to the minutes first make their appearance in 1967.

CA ON00373 RG 1-RG 1/IIb · Series · 1976-2014
Part of City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

Series consists of records of the deliberations and decisions of the Town and City of Vaughan Council Committee. These records consist of notices of meetings and agendas, minutes, working notes, staff reports and related correspondence for Council appointed Committees such as Property Standards Committee, Planning Committee, Committee of Adjustment and so forth.

Court of Revision Records
CA ON00373 RG 1-RG 1/VI · Series · 1955-1970
Part of City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

Series consists of lists of appellants, correspondence, oaths/declarations of office of Court members, applications for adjustment of property taxes and minutes of the meetings of the Court of Revision including decisions rendered on specific properties. These records document Vaughan Township Council’s assumption of the role of a Court of Revision to adjudicate in the matter of appeals against the assessment rolls of Vaughan Township between 1955 and 1964. From 1965-1970, the records chronicle the transfer of this role to the York County Council. Certain early Court of revision records may be found in Series I.

Series · 1784-1987, predominant 1854-1901
Part of Marion C. Keffer fonds

Series consists of all known surviving documentary evidence of the early Shunk and Keffer clans of Vaughan Township, Ontario. The series illustrates the role of the Keffers and Shunks in the Sherwood Grange (No. 205), as well as depicting the social and economic role of this type of organization in mid-19th century Vaughan.

CA ON00373 RG 1-RG 1/V · Series · 1885-1936
Part of City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

Series consists of published printed matter attributable to the Council of the County of York. They were used by Vaughan Township Council as a reference tool in its official relations with the said higher jurisdiction. The informational content of these records includes officers and committees appointed by Council, Council deliberations and decisions, in addition to abstracts of accounts for County roads, schools, reports to committees to Council, petitions received by Council, resolutions of the latter and so forth.
Due to the paucity of surviving records, this series represents ipso facto a random sample, and as such assists in illuminating somewhat the functions and activities of the County Council and the nature of Vaughan’s relationship therewith.

CA ON00373 MG 52-M012.16/5 · Series · 1930 - 2005
Part of Janet Berton fonds (MG 52)

Series consists of the personal records of both Pierre and Janet Berton such as correspondence, articles (written by and about the couple), drafts, invitations, photographs, calendars and daily planners.

Petitions to Council
CA ON00373 RG 1-RG 1/IV · Series · 1871-1881
Part of City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

Series consists of formal written requests of supplicants to the municipal authority, requesting on the basis of specified legal entitlements, some dispensation such as redress of grievance, provision of particular services and so forth.


Series consists of photograhs depicting the people and places of early Vaughan as well as the post offices throughout Vaughan Township (Norberta wrote a book Chatting About the Post Offices of Vaughan Township, Ontario, published 1983), Norberta was also a long-time journalist with the Woodbridge and Vaughan News and thus some of the photos she used in her articles can also be found in this series.

CA ON00373 MG 57-M013.3/2 · Series · 1886 - 2002
Part of Pierre Berton fonds (MG 57)

Series consists of images of the Yukon including the gold rush and Dawson City, Pierre as a child, and Pierre working his first job in Middle Dominion, Pierre at work in various offices, publicity photos, book tours and signings, and personal photos of Pierre at home in Kleinburg.

Textual Records 1939-2002
CA ON00373 MG 57-M013.3/1 · Series · 1939 - 2002
Part of Pierre Berton fonds (MG 57)

Series consists of correspondence, party lists and invitations to social events, fan mail, articles written by and about Pierre Berton, and newspaper clippings.