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CA ON00009 F 194 · Fonds · 1920

Collection consists of a scrapbook of the 9th Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire in Toronto. Scrapbook contains: correspondence; delegates' passes; invitations and programmes for various entertainment events, including the official delegates' welcome, a theatre party, a banquet, a sailing party, an automobile tour of Toronto, and other events; menus from the dining cars of the Canadian National Railway; newspaper clippings regarding the Congress from the Globe, the Mail and Empire, and the Star; a programme of the Congress, containing rules, resolutions, and lists of delegates; and a copy of the official report of the Congress.

Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire. Congress (9th : 1920 : Toronto, Ont.)
A. M. Kennedy fonds
CA ON00009 C 41 · Fonds · 1927

Fonds consists of a floor plan of Casa Loma, and a pamphlet entitled The Castle-on-the-hill, Casa Loma Hotel, Toronto, Canada, by Lillian S. Foster.

Kennedy, A. M., fl. 1927-1984
A. M. Nicholson fonds
CA ON00009 F 80 · Fonds · 1920-1984

This fonds consists of the records Alexander Malcolm (Sandy) Nicholson and document his activities as a politician, social activist and oral historian. Included is correspondence relating to his involvement with the CCF, the Quan family, and personal matters. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings of articles written by Nicholson or about his career. Also included is a Nicholson personal photo album containing ca. 80 photographs, created 1920-1978. In addition, fonds contains audio reels, audio cassettes and transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by Nicholson, between 1968-1981. Interviewees include: Donald MacDonald, Murray Gaunt, Carson F. Morrison, Major Brian S. McCool, Sam Seckocheff, William Dellow, R.W.I. Urquart, Jack A. Hannah, J. Graham, P.S. Quan, Harvey McDougall, Wilder Penfield, Bette Stephenson, Stanley Knowles, Edna Jacques, Viola McIntosh, J.S. Woodsworth, M.J. Coldwell, William Dennision, Arthur D. Kelly, R.B. McClure, Clarence Fraser, Gilbert Parker, W.C. Wood, Angus McClaskey, Claire Brownscombe, Sylvanus Apps, Francis McNaughton, Henning Sorenson, Harry R. Jackman, Annie Ross MacIntyre, I.M. Hilliard, Jack Ayre, William Temple, Amy White, John McMurchy, Donald Lord Soper, Freed M. Young, Mary McLegnaghan, David S.H. MacDonald, Lewis Walmsley, Anna Pang, Mrs. Charlies Pang, C.W. Krug, Bert Wood, Art Kelley, J. Boscum St. John, A.W. Henry, Carl Witcher, Don McIntosh, Grace MacInnis, Elwood Greenfield, H. Ford, Allan Blakeney, Henry Link, Arthur Zitto, George M. Tuttle, Marnie Copland, W.M. Connell, Mrs. Toshiko Yoshikawa, Mrs. Thurlow, Hazel Toppings, and Tommy Douglas.

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Nicholson, A. M. (Alexander Malcolm), 1900-1991
Abraham Groves fonds
CA ON00009 C 303 · Fonds · 1871-1916, [ca.1930]- [ca.1935], [ca.1980]

Fonds consists of records created and acquired by Dr. Abraham Groves relating to his medical practice. There are also records included in the fonds that have been assembled by the donor.

The records include maps, certificates and diplomas, a notebook, a tribute poster, as well as hand-written pages of notes and correspondence pertaining to Dr. Groves' life and medical practice. The maps depict the prevalence of disease on a weekly basis annotated on the back presumably by Dr. Groves. The certificates and diplomas confirm his graduation from the University of Toronto and practicing licences from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Alberta and related courses in the North West Territories, Missouri and Michigan. The notebook reflects the period of his life in school, while the tribute poster highlights his career as a physician and surgeon, noting his achievement of 'firsts' in Ontario.

Also included are handwritten notes describing anecdotal events from his life, possibly written by Ethel Burke Groves, his second wife, and his sister, Catharine Bright. There is also correspondence sent to Dr. Groves from Dr. H. O. Walker writing from Detroit, Michigan.

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Groves, Abraham, 1847-1935
Abram Southard fonds
CA ON00009 F 4275 · Fonds · 1859-1864

Fonds consists of one handwritten volume which is the account book of Abram Southard in which he kept records of his cabinet business. Information on wood items sold and prices are included. Examples of the wood items sold are tables, chairs, and cradles. Information is included on sales of groceries and miscellaneous items such as microscopes. Photocopies of deeds are included in the account book.

Southard, Abram, fl. 1859-1864
Adam Hope fonds
CA ON00009 F 484 · Fonds · 1837-1878

Fonds consists of the personal correspondence of Adam Hope with his family in Fenton Barns, Scotland. Correspondents include his father, Robert Hope, and brothers, George and Charles Hope. References made include: family life, politics, climate, Highland settlers, business affairs as well as agriculture in both Upper Canada and Scotland.

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Hope, Adam, fl. 1841-1878
Adco Explorations Ltd fonds
CA ON00009 F 1355 · Fonds · 1903-1960

Fonds consists of files on potential sites for lucrative mining in Northwestern Ontario, which appear to have been gathered by Adco Explorations. Few of the materials in the files were originally created by Adco, or for the company. Rather, they were created by a wide variety of government of Ontario mining experts, other exploration companies, and private individuals. Files commonly contain correspondence, reports, and sketches and other notes regarding potential sites. Files exist for sites at Carp River, Nipigon, near Thunder Bay, Loon Lake, Steep Rock Lake, Black Sturgeon Lake, Nipigon, and other places in northwestern Ontario.

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Adco Explorations Ltd
A.E. Ames & Co. fonds
CA ON00009 F 2105 · Fonds · [Microfilmed 1991] (originally created 1917-1923)

Fonds predominantly consists of circulars, letters and brochures sent by A.E. Ames & Co. to its clients, correspondents and salesmen, promoting specific issues of bonds. The bonds were offered by the company for federal, provincial and municipal governments, public utilities, school boards and a number of private corporations. The fonds also includes a few letters and telegrams sent to individual investors concerning particular bond issues. In addition to these circulars, the fonds includes issues of the company's employees newsletter, the Ames Salesman, as well as issues of Investor's Reference and Canadian Investors Manual.

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A. E. Ames and Co
AE. Irving fonds
CA ON00009 F 1027 · Fonds · 1835-1911

Fonds consists of Aemilius Irving's records relating to his role as counsel for the Ontario government during disputes with the federal government. Included are: correspondence, notes, drafts, clippings, financial schedules and statements, telegrams, some printed court records, transcripts, evidence collected to support the Ontario position in the arbitration proceedings, typed transcripts of the proceedings of arbitration between Canada and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, printed copies of court documents, copies of printed government records and publications, and copies of court cases unrelated to the arbitration. Fonds also contains blotter copy letterbooks of Aemilius Irving. Fonds has, for the most part, been kept in its original arrangement, which consisted of the arrangement of records into consecutively numbered packages, with each package containing records relating to a particular subject or court action.

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Irving, Aemilius, 1823-1913
A.E. Wicks Ltd. fonds
CA ON00009 F 242 · Fonds · 1929-1949

Fonds consists of business records of the A.E. Wicks Ltd. lumber company. It includes a large number of subject files, which contain correspondence, memos, invoices, statements, orders, and advertising. Correspondence in subject files is with suppliers, forest products customers, camp foremen, government officials and departments, and local railways, particularly the Temiskang and Northern Ontario Railway, a carrier frequently used by the company. The files relate to: acquisition and distribution of supplies to camps, management of camps and sawmills, liaison with Federal and Provincial Governments under whose jurisdiction various aspects of the operation fell, cutting and scaling, setting up camps and contracting with foremen, insurance, financial accounting, and other topics. The fonds also includes contracts, accounts, deposit and bank books, shipment and stock ledgers, payroll records, insurance register, and journals containing accounts and daily mill reports.

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A.E. Wicks Ltd
CA ON00009 F 4337 · Fonds · [ca. 1812]-1975

The collection consists of material collected between the 1950s and mid-1970s by A.E. Williams, relating to the United Indian Bands of the Chippewas and Mississaugans. Most of the fonds was created by or collected on behalf of the United Bands of Ontario between 1903 and 1912 in the course of their efforts by Ontario First Nations to assert their rights on issues of land, hunting, fishing, and voting, and to secure payments promised under treaty commitments. Records pertaining to the United Bands of Ontario consist of correspondence, minutes, legal documents, accounting records, research notes, transcripts of records in the National Archives of Canada and the British Public Record Office. Also included are by-laws, claims for unceded territory, treaties, correspondence, band censuses and genealogies, petitions, speeches, memorials, and broadsides. A few documents contain totem signatures.

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Williams, A. E.
A.F. Jackson fonds
CA ON00009 F 1483 · Fonds · 1887-1927

Fonds consists of eight volumes of records containing financial records of the A. F. Jackson farm. These include ledgers (financial records arranged by personal name or product), 1887-1895; and journal containing daily transactions from 1887-1927. Fonds also includes a small amount of loose material, including an invoice and balance sheets.

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Jackson, A. F., fl. 1887-1927
A.H.D. Ross fonds
CA ON00009 F 1095 · Fonds · 1827-1945

Fonds consists of the records of Alexander Herbert Douglas Ross. Fonds predominantly includes transcriptions of Ross's essays such as: The Canadian Society of Forest Engineers; High School Teachers; Inspectors and University Professors; A Canoe Trip to James Bay; Explorers of Canada; Queen's University Graduates and Alumni Arts Class of 1888; and Observations on the Bridges of the Falls of Chaudiere on the Ottawa River. In addition, fonds contains newspaper clippings and correspondence pertaining to Queen's University, military matters, and forestry. Fonds also includes photographs of various classes at Queen's University, Kingston. Also included is a plan and brief rough specification of a bridge, at Chaudiere on the Ottawa River, signed by Colonel By, 1827.

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Ross, A. H. D. (Alexander Herbert Douglas), fl. 1827-1945
CA ON00009 F 58 · Fonds · 1837-1916

Fonds consists of correspondence, commissions, degrees, bills, receipts, and other records of James C. Aikins, James Sutherland, and Donald G. Sutherland. Correspondence includes letters of Captain James Sutherland concerning the activities of the steamboat Traveller in the Rebellion of 1837. Also included are letters of James C. Aikins, referring to political matters, such as letters from constituents and letters referring to the department of Indian Affairs and the Department of Lands (later the Department of the Interior). Correspondence of Rev. D.G. Sutherland is concerned mainly with family matters, but also refer to business conditions, farming, and the formation of the Economy Engine Company of Gananoque. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Commissions and diplomas include academic certificates and diplomas of Donald G. Sutherland and his daughter Clara, as well as commissions appointing James Cox Aikins to positions such as Senator, Secretary of State, and Lieutenant- Governor of Manitoba and Keewatin. Sutherland and Aikins items have been separated, then arranged chronologically.

Bills and receipts are mostly those of Rev. D.G. Sutherland, and are arranged chronologically.

Fonds also includes miscellaneous items, including the accounts of the steamboat St. George from the years 1842 to 1843.

Fonds also includes a photograph of James Cox Aikins, and an album entitled "The Ministry of the Dominion of Canada," including photographs of members of the government, including L.F.B. Masson, L.F.B. Baby, John Henry Pope, Lt.- Col. Mackenzie Bowell, Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, James McDonald, Sir Alex Campbell, John O'Connor, D.L. Macpherson, J.C. Aikins, H.L. Langevin, J.C. Pope, Charles Tupper, and Sir John A. Macdonald. Album also includes a photograph of a meeting room.

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Aikins, James Cox, 1823-1904
Aime Breton fonds
CA ON00009 F 1341 · Fonds · [Microfilmed 1974] (originally created 1940-1973, predominant 1940-1959)

Fonds consists of the business and legal records of Aime Breton. The fonds includes magazine articles, correspondence, mining claims, telegrams, and reports, predominant 1940-1959, relating to the Pronto Uranium Mine, mining development, and legal matters.

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Breton, Aime, fl. 1940-1973
CA ON00009 F 4631 · Collection · [192-?]-1969, predominant [192-?]-1949

The collection consists of sound and moving image records accumulated by Alan Bulman from 1965 to 1994. The films relate to Ontario locales including North Bay, Fenelon Falls, and Stratford. Other subject matter in the film footage includes: gold production in Ontario; the University of Toronto; Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited; a school bus in Ridgetown, Ontario; aviation in Toronto in the 1920s; a strike at the General Motors of Canada plant in Oshawa, Ontario; the 1930s Hi-Li game craze (a popular game in the 1930s); Red Cross emergency relief work; men from the Eglinton Hunt Club participating in a fox hunt; and the jitterbug dance. Also included is footage of Ontario troops in WWII.

Two audio cassettes contain interviews conducted by Alan Bulman and Greg Hoy with George Patton in February of 1969. George Patton, former Director of the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau (OMPB), discusses his work with the OMPB, Father Joseph Gravelle's purchase of the OMPB's collection of 28 mm films, the OMPB theatre at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), and getting fired from the OMPB in 1934. Patton also discusses his involvement in facilitating the purchase of 28 mm film projectors for every agricultural representative in Ontario, as well as his three month trip to England in 1930, where he made twenty films. In the interview, Bulman also discusses with Patton the content of an OMPB catalogue of films.

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Bulman, Alan, 1926-
Albert J. Kinsey fonds
CA ON00009 C 70 · Fonds · 1937-1946

Fonds consists of reels of 16 mm. film featuring scenes from Toronto and Southern Ontario 1937-1946. Film subjects include Georgian Bay scenes, including Camp Franklin, Franklin Island, and Nascoot; 1939 Royal Visit; Victory in Europe Day; Ice Follies; a Skating Carnival; and scenes from the Niagara region.

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Kinsey, Albert J.
Albert Lawrence collection
CA ON00009 C 68 · Fonds · 1970-1971

The collection consists of sound recordings relating to Lawrence's campaign for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party in 1971. The collection includes 4 audio tapes consisting of his announcement to seek the leadership, as well as interviews conducted with Lawrence by a number of radio stations. The fonds also includes a phonograph record produced for the Allen Lawrence for Leader Campaign Committee, used during the 1971 Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leadership Convention.

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Lawrence, Albert, 1923-2007
Albert N. Morgan fonds
CA ON00009 F 650 · Fonds · 1887-1903

Fonds consists of the records created and compiled by Albert N. Morgan in his capacity as Temiskaming Telephone Company solicitor. Fonds includes: legal correspondence, a telephone directory, a Temiskaming Telephone Company Ltd prospectus, and voters' lists for the electoral district of Nipissing, 1900-1903. Fonds also includes 12 maps of the Nipissing District.

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Morgan, Albert N. (Albert Norton), fl. 1887-1903