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50th Anniversary

This series consists of a certificate, and notes related to the celebration of the Field Naturalists’ 50th Anniversary. The series is composed of the following file:
-50th Anniversary, 1983 (Box 1, File 36)


This series consists of letterhead, membership renewal forms, and a pressed plant scrapbook. The series is composed of the following files:
-Ephemera (Box 1, File 37)
-Pressed Plant Scrapbook (Box 1, File 38)


This series consists of the minutes of general and executive meetings of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists. The series is composed of the following files:
-Minutes: Executive and General Meetings, 1933-43 (Box 1, File 2)
-Minutes: Executive and General Meetings, 1946-56 (Box 1, File 3)
-Minutes: Executive and General Meetings, 1956-66 (Box 1, File 4)
-Minutes: General Meetings, 1967-77 (Box 1, File 5)
-Minutes: Executive Meetings, 1967-77 (Box 1, File 6)
-Minutes: General Meetings, 1978-82 (Box 1, File 7)
-Minutes: General Meetings, 1983-84 (Box 1, File 8)
-Minutes: General Meetings, 1985-87 (Box 1, File 9)
-Minutes: Executive Meetings, 1978-87 (Box 1, File 10)
-Minutes: General Meetings, 1988-89 (Box 1, File 11)
-Minutes: Executive Meetings, 1988-89 (Box 1, File 12)
-Minutes: Meeting Minutes Notebook, Feb. 22, 1982 – Jan. 25, 1988 (Box 1, File 13)


This series consists of the treasurer’s duties, reports, and cash books. The series is composed of the following files/items:
-Treasurer’s Reports 1964-82 (Box 1, File 14)
-Treasurer’s Duties (Box 1, File 15)
-Cash Book, 1933-50 (Box 1, Item 1)
-Cash Book, 1960-67 (Box 1, Item 2)
-Cash Book, 1968-71 (Box 1, Item 3)
-Cash Book, 1972-78 (Box 1, Item 4)

Club History

This series consists of copied newspaper clippings, notes, and other records detailing the history of the club. The series is composed of the following files:
-Club History/Wild Flowers of Thunder Bay (Box 1, File 16)
-Information on Past Presidents, 1933-82 (Box 1, File 17)
-Claude Garton the Person and Achievements (Box 1, File 18)
-Newspaper Clippings (Box 1, File 19)

Membership Lists

This series consists of membership lists of the club. The series is composed of the following files:
-Membership Lists 1933, 1966-82 (Box 1, File 20)
-Membership Lists, 1984-89 (Box 1, File 21)


This series consists of newsletters, newsletter supplements, correspondence and general announcements.
-First Newsletter, 1947 (Box 1, File 22)
-Annual Meeting and Event Announcements, 1940-85 (Box 1, File 23)
-Supplement No. 2, 1961 “Birds of the Canadian Lakehead Area” (Box 1, File 24)
-Supplement No. 3, 1977 “Fishes of the Lake Superior Basin Within Thunder Bay District” (Box 1, File 25)
-Correspondence, 1985-88 (Box 1, File 26)
-Your Club News, 1988 (Box 1, File 27)

Research and Information

This series consists of wildlife observations, species lists, book lists, and presentation notes. The series is composed of the following files:
-Bird, Plant, and Book Lists, 1964-86 (Box 1, File 28)
-Observations 1939-86 (Box 1, File 29)
-Publications and Presentations 1934-76 (Box 1, File 30)
-Breeding Bird Surveys, 1968-76 (Box 1, File 31)
-Ontario Nest Records Scheme, 1956-77 (Box 1, File 32)


This series consists of correspondence and notes related to the club’s lobbying for wildlife protection, and involvement in wildlife related projects. The series is composed of the following files:
-Lobbying, 1977-89 (Box 1, File 33)


This series consists of correspondence, pamphlets, and various other material related the Ontario Naturalists Conferences held in Thunder Bay. The series is composed of the following files:
-Federation of Ontario Naturalists Annual Conference, Thunder Bay 1978 (Box 1, File 34)
-“Naturally Superior,” Federation of Ontario Naturalists Conference, Thunder Bay 1990 (Box 1, File 35)

Bay Street Project

Records and reference material from five major research projects sponsored by the Finlandia Club and other organizations.

  • Bay Street Project I: A study of Finnish immigration to Canada
  • Bay Street Project II: A study of Finnish settlements in the rural Thunder Bay District
  • Bay Street Project III: A study of sports and athletics in the Finnish community in Thunder Bay
  • Bay Street Project IV: A study of religion and churches in the Finnish community in Thunder Bay
  • Bay Street Project V: A study of the arts in the Finnish community in Thunder Bay, including literature, theatre, and music

Finnpraxis Project

Collected records related to organized labour and the Finnish community in Thunder Bay. Include records related to the Canadan Suomalaisen Jarjesto (Finnish Organization of Canada), Vapaus Publishing Company, Canadan Farmarien Yhteysliitto (Farmers' Unity League of Canada), Lumber & Agricultural Workers Industrial Union of Canada.

Also includes forms and notes related to oral history interviews.


Original records and research collections arranged by a variety of subjects and creators.

  • Bay Street Project research materials
  • Business & industry
  • Genealogy, people, & families
  • Greeting cards
  • News articles
  • Einar Nordstrom collection (phonographs & transcripts)
  • Organizations (including Suomalainen Osasto (Finnish Association), Finnish Building Company, Canadan Teollisuusunionistinen Kannatus Liitto (CTKL), Canadan Uutistoimisto (CUT), Vapaus Publishing Company, Tyolaisnaisten Liitto, Port Arthur Finnish History Society, Port Arthur Finnish Language School)


Photographs are divided into seven subseries:
A - Architecture
B - Arts (Theatre, music, dance, arts, crafts)
C - Business & industry
D - Churches
E - Communities in Northwestern Ontario
F - People, families, & genealogy
G - Organizations

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