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CA ON00340 F1287 · Fonds · 1926-1965

Fonds consists of baptismal and marriage records, 1928-1964 and minutes of committees, women's and youth groups, of All People's United Church, Hamilton, 1926-1965.

All People's United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1391 · Fonds · 1871-1946

Fonds consists of records of Ancaster Methodist Circuit (includes Glanford Methodist Circuit, Ancaster, Bowman, Bethesda, White and Salem Churches in Ancaster Township), 1871-1919; records including, marriage register, 1928-1939, of Ancaster Pastoral Charge (includes Ancaster Methodist Charge, Ancaster, Bethesda and Bowman Churches in Ancaster Township), 1921-1954.

Ancaster Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1304 · Fonds · 1832-1994

Fonds consists of circuit register of Barton Methodist Circuit, 1877-1886; records, including baptisms, 1842-1850, marriages, 1842-1843, burials, 1841-1843, of Barton Stone Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, 1832-1925; records, including baptisms, 1880-1983, marriages, 1926-1980, burials, 1933-1988, of Barton Stone United Church, Hamilton (includes Trinity Church, Hannon, Barton Stone Presbyterian Church), 1880-1981.

Barton Stone United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1329 · Fonds · 1863-1958

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1917, of Bartonville Methodist Church (includes Barton Methodist New Connexion Circuit, Lake Methodist Church in Hamilton, Upper Thirty, Mount Hope), 1863-1925; records of Bartonville United Church (includes Bartonville Methodist Church), 1889-1958.

Bartonville United Church (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1252 · Fonds · 1881-1961

Fonds consists of records of Bowman Methodist Church, Ancaster Township, 1885-1922; and records of Bowman United Church, Ancaster Township (includes Bowman Methodist Church), 1881-1961.

Bowman United Church (Ancaster Township, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2663 · Fonds · 1923-2009

Fonds consists of Mission Band minutes of Southcote Mission, 1923-1925; records, including baptism, marriage, burial records, 1954-2009 of Bethesda- Bowman Pastoral Charge (includes Bowman and Bethesda churches in Ancaster Township), 1953-2009; records of Bowman United Church, Ancaster Township, 1928-1989; records of Bethesda United Church, Ancaster Township, 1924-1990

Bowman-Bethesda Pastoral Charge (Ancaster Township, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2178 · Fonds · 1908-1988

Fonds consists of records of Burkholoder United Church, Hamilton (includes Burkholder Methodist Church), 1908-1988

Burkholder United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1311 · Fonds · 1882-1983

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1882-1904, of Caistorville Methodist Circuit (includes Sinclairville, Merritts), 1884-1917; Sunday School attendance records of Sinclairville Methodist Church, 1907-1923; records, including marriages, 1896-1949, of Caistorville Pastoral Charge (includes Merritts, Sinclairville, Caistorville Methodist Circuit), 1896-1983; records, including baptisms, 1915-1949, marriages, 1915-1949, burials, 1915-1950, of Caistorville United Church (includes Caistorville Methodist Circuit), 1908-1949; and Sunday School attendance record of Sinclairville United Church, 1924-1943.

Caistorville Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1230 · Fonds · 1906-1968

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1908, 1918-1919, burials, 1908-1909, 1919, of Calvary Methodist Church, Hamilton, 1908-1919; records, including baptisms, marriages, burials, 1918-1968, of Calvary United Church, Hamilton (includes Calvary Methodist Church), 1906-1968.

Calvary United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
Collection · 1926-2008

This collection consists of correspondence, reports, lists, ballots, newsletters, and publications created by Canadian flower societies.

Collection · 1919-2012

This collection consists of bulletins; newsletters; yearbooks; correspondence; articles; pamphlets; registries; annual reports; member lists; judge list; officer list; newspaper clippings; constitutions and by-laws; application forms; board of directors documents; and a flower show programme.

Collection · 1904-2017

This collection consists of textbooks; correspondence; articles; pamphlets; newspaper articles; bulletins; guidebooks; booklets; registration forms; maps; master plans; inventories; indexes; publications; slides; reports; conference and symposium programmes; speaker biographies; mailing lists; business cards; hand-written notes; photocopied articles and appendices; presentations; and reference lists created by Canadian conference organizers and their participants with a focus on horticulture, landscape, garden history, and historical farms and museums.

Collection · 1857-2011

This collection consists of yearbooks; annual reports; newsletters, handbooks; prize lists; constitutions and by-laws; board of director information; lists of presidents; correspondence; a newspaper clipping; programmes; show announcements; booklets; emblems; publications; hand-written notes; a petition; rules and regulations; proceedings of an annual convention; show books; bulletins; pamphlets; articles; a presentation; and member lists.

CA ON00340 F1769 · Fonds · 1834-1992

Fonds consists of records of Hamilton Wesleyan Missionary Society (includes First Wesleyan Methodist Church (King St.), Brick Wesleyan Methodist Church (John St.), Stone Wesleyan Methodist Church (MacNab St.), Centenary Wesleyan Methodist Church (Main St.), 1834-1884; records of Stone Wesleyan Methodist Church (MacNab St.), Hamilton, 1838-1870; records of Brick Wesleyan Methodist Church (John St.), Hamilton, 1841-1860; Sunday School records of Centenary Methodist Church (Main St.), Hamilton, 1868-1873; records, including marriages, 1858-1914, of Wesley Methodist Church (John St.), Hamilton (includes Brick Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1858-1921; records, including marriages, 1896-1913, 1921, of Centenary Methodist Church (Main St.), Hamilton (includes Centenary Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1866-1924; Sunday School records of Simcoe Street Methodist Church, Hamilton (includes Simcoe Street Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1872-1879; records, including marriages, 1898-1917, of Gore Street Methodist Church, Hamilton, 1887-1917; records, including baptisms, 1897-1957, marriages, 1899-1936, 1942-1956, burials, 1899-1949, of Wesley United Church (John St.), Hamilton (includes Wesley Methodist Church), 1841-1957; records, including baptisms, 1903-1957, 1961-1962, marriages, 1898-1897-1972, burials, 1903-1960, of Centenary United Church (Main St.), Hamilton (includes Centenary Methodist Church), 1898-1992.

Centenary United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1249 · Fonds · 1876-1963

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1890, marriages, 1896-1920, of Emerald Street Methodist Church, Hamilton, 1876-1925; and records, including baptisms, 1927-1963, marriages, 1920-1962, burials, 1926-1962, of Central United Church, Hamilton (includes Emerald Street Methodist Church), 1920-1963.

Central United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1752 · Fonds · 1966-1990

Fonds consists marriage register of Chinese United Church, Hamilton, 1966-1990.

Chinese United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2703 · Fonds · 1859-2006

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1859-1925, marriages, 1896-1924, of St. Christ Presbyterian Church, Lyn, (includes Yonge Mills, Caintown and Mallorytown),1859-1925; records, including baptisms, 1920-1991, marriages, 1920-2006, burials, 1920-2005, of Christ United Church, Brockville (includes Lyn Methodist Church, Glen Buell United Church and New Dublin United Church), 1920-2006; Board and Sunday School records of Glen Buell United Church, 1897-1967; Board records of New Dublin United Church, 1946-1968; and annual reports of Lyn Pastoral Charge, 1945-1968.

Christ United Church (Lyn, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1763 · Fonds · 1910-2006

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1910-1990, 2002, marriages, 1912-1998 ,2006, and burials, 1912-1989, of Church of the Redeemer United Church, Hamilton (includes Italian Presbyterian Mission, Italian United Mission), 1910-2006.

Church of the Redeemer United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
Cooke fonds
CA ON00034 2012-004 · Fonds · 1855 - 2005

Fonds consists of material relating to J. Cooke Concrete and to William Jacob Cooke, and includes deeds and other legal documents relating to lands; correspondence; ephemera; news clippings; maps and plans; notes on biographical and administrative history; photographs; and artifacts.

Cooke family
CA ON00340 F1404 · Fonds · 1846-2009

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1846-1853, of Ancaster Methodist New Connexion Circuit (includes Copetown, Lynden, Harrisburg, Zion Church in Ancaster Township, Salem Church in Beverly Township, Cummins Church in East Flamborough Township, Tuck's Chapel in Nelson Township, Mt. Tabor Church in Millgrove, Dundas, Waterdown), 1846-1865; records of Copetown Methodist Circuit (includes Ancaster Methodist New Connexion Circuit, Lynden Methodist Circuit, Harrisburg, Salem Church in Beverly Township, Brock Road in West Flamborough Township, Mount Zion in Beverly Township), 1865-1923; Trustee Board minutes of Copetown Methodist Church, 1890-1916; records, including marriages, 1896-1984, of Copetown Pastoral Charge (includes Copetown Methodist Circuit, Rockton, Salem Church in Beverly Township), 1896-1987; records, including baptisms, 1942-2009, marriages, 1984-2009, and burials, 1941-2001, of Copetown - Rockton Pastoral Charge, 1942-2009; and records of Copetown United Church, 1916-2002

Copetown Pastoral Charge (Ont.)