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Donna McPherson fonds

  • Archief
  • 2012

Photographs of historic homes in West Hill, Belleville, Ontario. The following houses are pictured:
16 Benjamin Street
35, 45, 70, 83, 110 and 117 Bridge St. West (and three unidentified properties)
2 Catherine Street
House at corner of Cedar/Henry Streets
10 and 12, 11, 14, 22, 23 and 58 Charlotte Street
Coleman (Billa Flint's house)
23, 29, 42 and 49 Dunbar Street
14 Henry Street
2, 11, 16, 25, 51, 74 and 88 Highland Street
Unidentified property on Holloway Street
8, 11, 18 and 26 Isabel Street (and Queen Mary's School)
9 and 102 James Street (and an unidentified property)
169 Moira St. West (and five unidentified properties)
114 Moodie Street
6, 18 and 20 Murney Street
Unidentified house on Octavia Street
125, 149 and 159 Yeoman Street

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Culbertson Tract Land Claim collection

  • CA ON00156 DA TD/CTLC
  • Collectie
  • 2007

This collection comprises documents received in response to an Access to Information request addressed to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) by the Corporation of the Town of Deseronto, Ontario, in 2008. The request asked for copies of documentation submitted as part of the Culbertson Tract land claim of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and upon which the decision to allow the claim had been based.

The documents in this collection are all photocopies of materials located in public archives in Canada. The materials range in date from 1779 to 1959 and record the interactions between the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and the British and Canadian governments, in relation to lands, from the time of their departure from the Mohawk Valley to the mid-twentieth century.

Queensborough Pastoral Charge fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1685
  • Archief
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1929, of Eldorado Methodist Circuit (includes Eldorado, Cooper, and Union), 1896-1929; Sunday school attendance records, 1912-1924, of Fox Methodist Church; records of Hazzard's Methodist Church, Madoc Township, 1884-1909; Trustee minutes of Queensborough Methodist Church, 1872-1903; records, including baptisms, 1899-1957, marriages, 1899-1958, and burials, 1899-1952, of Eldorado Pastoral Charge, 1899-1983 ( includes Eldorado Methodist Circuit, Union, and Cooper); United Church Women minutes, 1962-1974, of Cooper United Church; records, including baptisms, 1904-1958, marriages, 1904-1958, and burials, 1904-1958, of Queensborough Pastoral Charge (includes Queensborough Methodist Circuit, Queensborough, Hazzards Church in Madoc Township, Hart's Church in Madoc Township, Gordon's Church, Pineview, Cooper, Eldorado, and Union), 1878-1958; records of Queensborough-Eldorado Pastoral Charge (includes Queensborough Methodist Circuit, Queensborough Pastoral Charge, Queensborough, Hazzards Church in Madoc Township, Cooper, Eldorado, and Union), 1914-2011; records of Queensborough United Church, 1938-1967; records of Union United Church in Eldorado, [ca.1904]-1967; records of Hazzards United Church in Madoc Township (includes Hazzard's Methodist Church), 1919-1977; records of St. Andrew's United Church, Queensborough, 1975-2005; records of Eldorado United Church, 1940-2014.

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Sidney Pastoral Charge (Sidney Township, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1738
  • Archief
  • 1996-1998

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1917, and burials, 1890s, of Sidney Methodist Circuit (includes Aiken's, Scott's, Stone, Wallbridge (earlier Town Hall), Wesley, Zion Hill, Foxboro North, and Finkle's (later Centenary)), [ca.1859]-1918; circuit register of Bayside Methodist Circuit (includes White's Church in Bayside, Case's Church in Sidney Township, Centenary Church in Sidney Township, Wesley Church in Sidney Township), 1890-1913; circuit list of Wesley Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1896; records of Scott's Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1897-1916; records of Stone Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1898-1921; trustee board minutes, 1918-1923, and collection book, 1899-1901, of Centenary Methodist Church in Sidney Township; records of the Pleasant View Auxiliary of the Methodist Woman's Missionary Society, 1906-1922; records, including baptisms, 1903-1956, marriages, 1903-1964, and burials, 1903-1962, of Sidney Pastoral Charge (pre-1969) in Sidney Township (includes Sidney Methodist Circuit, Aiken's, Scott's, Stone, and Wallbridge), 1903-1965; records, including baptisms, 1905-1958, marriages, 1896-1958, and burials, 1905-1958, of Bayside Pastoral Charge (includes Bayside Methodist Circuit, Centenary Church in Sidney Township, Wesley Church in Sidney Township, and White's Church in Bayside, Case's Church in Sidney), 1905-1972; records of Aiken's United Church (formerly Aiken's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1901-1972 (note: the Aiken's U.C.W. branch continued to meet after the church closed in 1969); records of Centenary United Church (formerly Centenary Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1912-1978 (note: the Cetenary U.C.W. branch, the Sunday School, and the youth group continued to meet after the church closed in 1969); records of Scott's United Church (formerly Scott's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1904-1969; records of Stone United Church (formerly Stone Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1898-1967; records of Wallbridge United Church (formerly Town Hall Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1876-1970 (note: the Wallbridge U.C.W. branch continued to meet after the church was closed in 1969); records of Wesley United Church in Sidney Township, 1934-1966; records of White's United Church (formerly White's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1920-1968; and records of Sidney Pastoral Charge (beginning in 1969 and including Westminster United Church in Sidney Township), 1969-1982; also includes W.M.S. photographs.

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Ivanhoe Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1527
  • Archief
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1858-1917, of Ivanhoe Methodist Circuit (includes the Bible Christian Mission in Huntingdon Township, West Huntingdon Circuit, West Huntingdon, Beulah Church in Huntingdon Township (near Ivanhoe), Salem Church in Rawdon Township, and Bethesda Church in Huntingdon Township (near Crookston)), 1858-1917; Sunday School record book from Beulah Methodist Church, 1898-1916; baptisms, marriages, and burials, 1899-1967, of Ivanhoe Pastoral Charge (includes Ivanhoe Methodist Circuit, Beulah Church, Bethesda Church, Salem Church, and Fuller); records of Bethesda United Church (includes Bethesda Methodist), 1893-1969; records of Beulah United Church (includes Beulah Methodist), 1892-1967; and records of Fuller United Church (includes Fuller Methodist), 1915-1960.

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White Lake Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1585
  • Archief
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of Session minutes, 1849-1856, of the McNab and Horton Congregation of the Free Church (in Horton and McNab Townships); Session minutes, 1870-1912, of the White Lake Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes White Lake and Burnstown); records of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in White Lake, 1884-1917; minutes of the Board of Managers and Congregational Meetings, 1895-1919, of Calabogie Presbyterian Church; records, including marriages, 1897-1927, and burials, 1938-1984, of White Lake Pastoral Charge (includes White Lake Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, White Lake, Burnstown, Bellamy Road (closed ca. 1950), and Calabogie (beginning ca. 1950)), 1897-2018; records of St. Andrew's United Church in White Lake (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian), 1873-1984; records of Burnstown United Church (includes Burnstown Presbyterian), 1915-1957; and records, including baptisms, 1933-1944, marriages, 1934-1935, and burials, 1934-1944, of Calabogie United Church (also includes Horton and Castleford), 1931-1958.

Missions-Tweed series

  • CA ON00279 50-0011
  • Reeks
  • 1986

This series contains very limited records about the opening of a mission house in Tweed, Ontario by the Sisters of St. Joseph from the Pembroke diocese. There is a short note about the plan for Sisters Emma Castonguay, Clare Sullivan, and Mary Keizer to share a house on Irving Street in Tweed, beginning in June 1986, and to formally open the house on July 16, 1986. There is correspondence from Sister Margaret Glofcheskie, the General Superior, appointing Sister Clare as the local superior for the house. There is also a short note indicating that Sister Clare taught for two years at St. Cartagh’s in Tweed beginning in 1984. The school was part of the Hastings County Roman Catholic Separate School Board.

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Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Quinte Region Branch fonds

  • CA ON00156 MG 635
  • Archief
  • 1983-2002

Contains mostly the Quinte Branch newsletter but also a number of walking tours of Belleville and Picton. Some of the minutes from meetings are also included as are some newspaper clippings associated with historic buildings of the region.

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Local recipe books collection

  • CA ON00156 MG 653
  • Collectie
  • 1982-2005

Contains four recipe books including: 'Quinte Cuisine' by the Canadian Federation of Univeristy Women Belleville and District (2005), 'Chefs of the City' by the City of Belleville Staff (1999), 'Our Best to You' by the residents of Quinte Living Centre (1982), and 'Recipes from the Hearts of Canadians' compiled by Volunteers and Information Quinte (2000).

Deseronto Town Hall photograph collection

  • CA ON00397 2015.13
  • Collectie
  • 1970s-2011

Photographs of Deseronto, Ontario dating from the 1970s to 2011, depicting a variety of Town events. They include a set of aerial photographs of the town from the 1980s; the interior of the former Home Hardware store in the Baker Block on Main Street; the O’Connor House on Main Street before its demolition; the 1989 100th Anniversary celebrations, photographs of Centennial Park and Rathbun Memorial Park; the opening of the Deseronto Public Library in its 358 Main Street location in 2001; the Ontario Provincial Police handover ceremony in 2001; an Easter Parade from the early 2000s; a Santa Parade; the 2002 New Year’s Levee; and the 2010 Olympic Flame run in Deseronto.

Most of the photographs appear to have been taken by Town staff. One envelope was donated to the Town by Irene Usher and contains photographs taken by her late husband, Tom.

The Belleville Times newspaper collection

  • Collectie
  • 1969-1970

Copies of The Belleville Times, a weekly newspaper, published on Wednesdays in Belleville, Ontario by Roger Worth in 1969 and 1970.

Albert College fonds

  • Archief
  • 1962-1986

There are two files, one consisting of two folders containing the newsletter Albertalks, a publication designed, "for and about Graduates and Friends of the College." The second is a collection of notes from the 1962 Older Boys Parliament.

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Hastings County Historical Society photographic collection

  • Collectie
  • 1957-2010

Collection comprises photographs, negatives and reproductions made and collected by the Hastings County Historical Society between 1957 and 2010. The contents cover a wide range of subjects, mostly of locations and individuals in Belleville and other communities in Hastings County, Ontario.

Hastings County Historical Society fonds

  • Archief
  • 1957-2012

Fonds comprises minutes, correspondence, press clippings, photographs and reports of the activities of the Hastings County Historical Society.

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BCIVS 'Elevator' collection

  • CA ON00156 2016-39
  • Collectie
  • 1953-1961, 1978

Seven volumes of the 'Elevator' publication of Belleville Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, from: 1953-1954 1955-1956 1956-1957 1957-1958 1958-1959 1959-1960

Also a list of prize winners and entrants into the 50th Anniversary juried Arts and Crafts Show at BCIVS in 1978.

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Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute fonds

  • Archief
  • 1950-2000

Fonds consist of 3 Tweedsmuir scrapbooks compiled by the Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute. Also included are 2 minute books and 1 binder of president's notes. Books contain newsclippings, photographs, minutes, brochures, expenditures, handwritten notes, poems, maps and reports of local history and the Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute. Subjects covered within the scrapbooks are programmes, banquets and miscellaneous events.

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John Doran collection

  • CA ON00156 2016-22
  • Collectie
  • [1950s]

15 images rescued from the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf in the 1980s. The images date from the early 1950s and are pasted on to card. They were used in teaching children at the school. They depict buildings in Belleville, Ontario: the Armouries; the Government Dock (printed image from a brochure); Deacon Brothers Ltd. (printed image of the Dundas Street site); postcard of Victoria Park and Belleville Harbour (taken from the City Hall tower); the Tabernacle United Church (b/w photograph); Belleville Public Works Department (b/w photograph); Belleville City Hall and Belleville City Council Chamber (2 b/w photographs); Shire Hall [demolished 1961] and Hastings County Council Chamber (2 b/w photographs); group of children standing behind Belleville Police Station, with Armouries in rear (b/w photograph); St. Thomas Church from the south (b/w photograph); Pump House (b/w photograph); Hastings County Registry Office (b/w photograph); the Baptist Church on Pinnacle Street/Victoria Avenue (b/w photograph).

The collection also includes a colour print of 'Keep BCI in the Picture' a reproduction of 'East Side, West Side' by Eve Lucy, printed by Market High as part of the campaign BCIVS 2000, commiteeted to keeping the Belleville Collegiate Institute and Vocational School building as part of the Belleville landscape.

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Carmel Women's Institute fonds

  • Archief
  • 1949-2001

Fonds consist of three Tweedsmuir scrapbooks compiled by the Carmel Women's Institute and nine volumes of minute books.

The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, photographs, and reports of local history and the Carmel Women's Institute. Subjects covered within the scrapbooks are World War II, excursions of the group, local businesses and news about the community.

The minute books cover the years 1949-2001 and include accounting information for the Institute. Some have lists of meetings, attendance registers and lists of members.

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