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Al Betts fonds
Fonds · [196-?] – [ca. 1982?]

Records consist of photographs created by Streetsville resident Al Betts during his time as a professional photographer. Betts worked professionally as a photographer from ca. 1965 to ca. 1983.

Included are wedding portraits, passport portraits, photographs of various industrial and commercial properties, confirmation (first communion) photographs, and photographs taken for the Streetsville Review newspaper. The geographic coverage of the material is not limited to Streetsville or Toronto Township; Betts travelled throughout Ontario while working for clients, and as a result photographs of other locales are present (including Burlington, Etobicoke, and Toronto). One of Betts’ major commercial clients was the Toronto-based foundry and engineering company John T. Hepburn Ltd. and they sent him to document their projects throughout Ontario.

Betts, Al
CA ON00340 F1342 · Fonds · 1952-1999

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1954-1958, marriages, 1954-1968, burials, 1954-1972. of Applewood United Church, Mississauga, 1952-1999.

Applewood United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1663 · Fonds · 1911-2005

Fonds consists of records of Bethesda United Church (includes Bethesda Methodist Church), 1911-1968; records, including baptisms, 1925-1968, marriages, 1925-1966, burials, 1926-1968, of Dixie Pastoral Charge (includes Burnhamthorpe-Bethesda Pastoral Charge, Bethesda ), 1925-1949; records, including baptisms, 1968-2003, marriages, 1957-2003, and burials, 1968-2003, of Bethesda United Church of Forest Glen, Mississauga (includes Bethesda United Church), 1957-1987.

Bethesda of Forest Glen United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2844 · Fonds · 1920-1996

Fonds consists of Britannia United Church, Mississauga (includes Britannia Methodist Church), 1920-1996.

Britannia United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1229 · Fonds · 1887-1979

Fonds consists of Board of Trustees minutes of Burnhamthorpe Methodist Church, Mississauga, 1887-1908; records, including baptisms, 1949-1978, marriages, 1949-1978, burials, 1949-1978, of Burnhamthorpe United Church (includes Burnhamthorpe Methodist Church), 1932-1979.

Burnhamthorpe United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
Collection · 1904-2017

This collection consists of textbooks; correspondence; articles; pamphlets; newspaper articles; bulletins; guidebooks; booklets; registration forms; maps; master plans; inventories; indexes; publications; slides; reports; conference and symposium programmes; speaker biographies; mailing lists; business cards; hand-written notes; photocopied articles and appendices; presentations; and reference lists created by Canadian conference organizers and their participants with a focus on horticulture, landscape, garden history, and historical farms and museums.

CA ON00340 F2781 · Fonds · 1926-1992

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1926-1992, marriages, 1927, 1929, 1937-1992, burials, 1938-1992, of Lakeview United Church, Mississauga, 1926-1992; and records, including baptisms, 1954-1985, marriages, 1956-1973, of Lyndwood United Church, Mississauga, 1954-1989

Cawthra Park United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1606 · Fonds · 1878-1995

Fonds consists of records of Carman Methodist Church, Clarkson, 1878-1923; records of Clarkson Community Church, 1918-1924; records, including baptisms, 1933-1989, marriages, 1919-1993, burials, 1948-2001, of Christ Church, Mississauga (includes Clarkson Community Church, Clarkson United Church), 1878-2006.

Christ Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
Fonds · 1944 - 2011

Fonds consists of material created, collected, and used by the Cloverleaf Garden Club of Mississauga. Included are yearbooks, newsletters, meeting minutes, correspondence, club constitution and bylaws, membership and executive lists, newspaper clippings, Garden Tour brochures/programs and flyers, photographs, drawings, membership questionnaires, fertilizer sales financials, Flower Show material (award classes and entry rules), and award and prize ribbons.

Cloverleaf Garden Club of Mississauga
CA ON00340 F1362 · Fonds · 1857-1996

Fonds consists of marriage register of Cooksville Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Mississauga (includes Port Credit), 1857-1870; circuit register of Cooksville Methodist Circuit, Mississauga (includes Burnhamthorpe, Port Credit, Bethesda Church, Sheridan, Springfiled, Carman Church), 1883-1902; Board of Trustee minutes of Bethesda Methodist Church, Mississauga, 1864-1909; records of Cooksville Methodist Church, Mississauga, 1864-1924; records, including baptisms, 1901-1949, marriages, 1896-1934, burials, 1910-1973, of Cooksville Pastoral Charge, Mississauga (includes Cooksville Methodist Circuit, Sheridan, Brittania, Meadowvale), 1896-1973; records, including baptisms, 1952-1989, marriages, 1934-1996, of Cooksville United Church, Mississauga (includes Cooksville Methodist Church ), 1919-1995

Cooksville United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1429 · Fonds · 1832-1995

Fonds consists of records of Eden Wesleyan Methodist Church (includes Switzer’s Station Methodist Church), 1832-1890; financial and statistical reports from Streetsville Methodist Circuit, 1832-1909; records, including baptisms, 1969-1981, marriages, 1975-1995, and burials, 1975-1995, of Eden United Church, Mississauga (includes Eden Wesleyan Methodist Church, Switzer’s Station Methodist Church, Huttonville and Britannia), 1867-1995.

Eden United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1931 · Fonds · 1947-2011

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1957-1975, marriages, 1957-1989, of Erindale United Church, Mississauga, 1947-2011

Erindale United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2807 · Fonds · 1867-1998

Fonds consists of records of Port Credit Methodist Church, 1908-1925, and records, , including baptisms, 1935-1992, marriages, 1912-1998, and burials, 1934-1987, of First United Church, Mississauga (including Port Credit Methodist Church), 1867-1998

First United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
Fonds · 1877 - 2009

Fonds consists of records created or collected by members of the prominent Gordon family of Port Credit during the course of their personal and professional lives.

While the records span three generations of the Gordon family, the fonds centres on the personal and professional records of George W. Gordon. His records, as well as smaller bodies of records created by four of his children, Lillian, Rhena, Francis (Frank), and Douglas Wilden, came into the care of his granddaughter, Sandra (Gordon) Moore who partially organized them and conducted related family research. Moore’s own records and those of her ancestors have therefore been treated as an organic whole and no attempt has been made to split the body of records into separate fonds; however, series are described in terms of the family member to whom records pertain (see below for series listing).

George W. Gordon’s records include a substantial number of letters dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century from members of the Wingfield, Beamish, and Gordon family members and acquaintances, relating to daily life in small Ontario settler and farming communities such as Utterson, Allensville, Port Credit, Springfield-on-the-Credit (now Erindale) as well as larger centres such as Hamilton and Toronto. Some letters came from further afield in the North West Territories, England, and the US. Domestic and personal records collected or created by Gordon also include administrative records related to fraternal organizations (Masonic and Orange Lodges), household receipts, farming expense accounts and diaries, land and financial records, and various ephemera.

The fonds also contains a significant body of records emanating from George W. Gordon’s role as justice of the peace and magistrate for Port Credit, including marriage licence applications, administrative records related to the Toronto Hamilton Highway Commission, and police court records. The latter include completed forms such as summons, warrants, and complaints, correspondence and signed statements made in court relating to criminal charges and civil infractions.

Records created by Gordon’s children, Lillian, Rhena, Frank, and Douglas Wilden include correspondence, photographs, ephemera, family research, and professional records related to teaching. Lillian Gordon’s records include a significant amount of mid-twentieth-century correspondence with suitors located in Ontario, the US and Germany.

Sandra Moore’s records contain a substantial amount of family research, including correspondence with relatives and records offices in North American and the United Kingdom. Her records include extensive documentation of the Beamish family of which one branch settled in Springfield-on-the-Credit.

Fonds comprises the following series:

Series 1: Wingfield correspondence
Series 2: Beamish correspondence
Series 3: Gordon family correspondence
Series 4: George W. Gordon domestic and personal records
Series 5: Lillian Gordon records
Series 6: Rhena, Frank, and Douglas Wilden Gordon records
Series 7: Sandra Moore (nee Gordon) records
Series 8: Gordon family photographs
Series 9: Gordon oversize records
Series 10: Gordon professional records

Gordon family, Port Credit
Fonds · 1964 - 2000

Fonds consists of two scrapbooks detailing the activities of the Mississauga chapter of IODE, formerly known as the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. The scapbooks detail the activities of the local chapter, municipal chapter, and the IODE provincially and nationally. The local chapter was involved with organizations including the Senior Citizen's House of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, Titchfield High School in Jamaica, Sheridan College, Square One Shopping Centre, Sheridan Mall, Credit Valley Hospital, and others.

Many pages focus on the Mississauga Citizenship Court of the Canadian Ministry of Multiculturalism and Citizenship. During the 1980s and 1990s, they were active in providing catering for the ceremonies. Judges presiding over the court in that era include Kamal Akbarali and Joanne Robertson.

IODE Mississauga Chapter
Fonds · 1976 - 1987

Fonds consists of the corporate records of an organization that aimed to create an active living retirement facility in Mississauga.

Box 1

  • Statements of Purpose, Goals, Visions and Building Ideas for the K.A.R.H.
  • Membership Lists 1980-86 (including general members, boards of directors and advisors)
  • Financial Statements and Auditors Reports 1981-1985
  • Minutes 1978-1987
  • Papers Pertaining to the 1984 General Meeting (mainly correspondence)
  • Papers Pertaining to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (including correspondence and loan applications)
  • Papers Pertaining to Revenue Canada (including correspondence and tax information)
  • Papers Pertaining to the Ministry of Commercial and Consumer Relation (largely in regards to K.A.R.H.’s incorporation status)
  • Papers Pertaining to the Ministry of the Attorney General, Office of the Public Trustee
  • a file of K.A.R.H. newspaper clippings

Box 2

  • Correspondence: “Moral Support” 1978-82, 1986
  • Correspondence: Political 1979-86
  • Correspondence: Internal 1978-86
  • Correspondence: Re: 1983 Annual Meeting
  • Correspondence: Charitable Foundations 1978-81, 1983
  • Correspondence: K.A.R.H. Directors 1978-82
  • Correspondence: Unclassified 1978-1987
  • Photographs (Labelled)
  • Photographs (Unlabelled)
Keep Active Retirement Home Corporation
Collection · [192-] - [20--]

Collection consists of material documenting the Lakeview Golf Course collected by Ian Blair, a Mississauga businessman who played the golf course for more than 40 years. Blair was also Chairman of the golf course’s Centennial Celebration Committee. The collection includes letters of congratulation, score cards, photographs, posters, and plaques collected by Blair during his time on the Committee.

  • Scorecards and green fee tickets, ca. 1930-1997
  • Photographs, [199-?]
  • Sports celebrity & amateur tournament registration forms, 1996
  • Awards & recognition, [199-]
Lorena Beck fonds
Fonds · Mar. 1960 - Sep. 1985

Fonds consists of slides focusing on the architecture of Peel County, but including images from elsewhere in the province. While Beck was a resident of northern Chinguacousy Township, now part of the Town of Caledon, her images skew to downtown Brampton. Building types include houses, cabins, churches, schools, train stations, theatres, and mail boxes.

Photographs were taken in all of Peel's townships.

Beck's photos of residences in Brampton include structures on Alexander Street, Centre Street, Church Street, David Street, Elizabeth Street, Ellen Street, John Street, Joseph Street, Isabella Street, Lynch Street, Malvern Court, Main Street North, Maple Street, Market Street, Mill Street, Nelson Street, Rosedale Street, Thomas Street, Queen Street, Vodden Street, Wellington Street.

  • File 1: Barns
  • File 2: Bolton
  • File 3: Brampton Main St. N.
  • File 4: Brampton - Nelson St.
  • File 5: Brampton - Northeast
  • File 6-7: Brampton - Northwest
  • File 8: Brampton - Oakville
  • File 9-10: Brampton - Queen Street
  • File 11: Brampton - Southeast
  • File 12: Brampton - Southwest
  • File 13-15: Cemeteries
  • File 16: Chinguacousy Township
  • File 17-22: Churches
  • File 23: "E" - Township [Bruce County, Halton County, Simcoe County, Wellington County]
  • File 24: Farms - Summer
  • File 25: Gravestones
  • File 26: Inglewood
  • File 27: Log Cabins
  • File 28: Mailboxes
  • File 29: Main Street South, Brampton
  • File 30: Metal Tombstones Family
  • File 31: Mississauga
  • File 32: Mississauga (Toronto Township)
  • File 33: Mono Township
  • File 34: Schools - Chinguacousy Township
  • File 35: Schools - Other
  • File 36: Stations
  • File 37: Unsorted
  • File 38: Schools - possibly Chinguacousy Township

Ontario locations outside of Peel appear in a variety of files. Known villages and townships include Acton, Arthur, Balsam Lake, Beeton, Belwood, Blue Mountain, Chesley, Clarksburg, Collingwood, Collingwood Township, Egremont Township, Elmwood, Eramosa Township, Erin Township, Essa Township, Glen Williams, Goderich, Grand Valley, Grey County, Guelph, Hamilton, Harriston, Hillsburg, Hope Township, Hornings Mills, King City, Lavender, Lloydtown, Maple, Markdale, Meaford, Melancthon, Milton, Mono Township, Mount Forest, Mulmur Township, Nassagaweya Township, Nelson Township, Neustad, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Norval, Oakville, Orangeville, Orillia, Ospringe, Paisley, Palmyra, Perrytown, Port Perry, Relessey, Stratford, Swinton Park, Toronto, Trafalgar Township, Uptergrove, Uxbridge Township, Weston, West Montrose, Whitfield, and Woodbridge.

Beck, Lorena
CA ON00340 F1363 · Fonds · 1868-2002, predominant 1950-1963

Fonds consists of Board of Trustees minutes of Sheridan Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1868; records, including Sunday School Association of Trafalgar Township minutes, of Trafalgar Pastoral Charge, 1895-1960;
records of Sheridan Park Pastoral Charge (includes Trinity United Church, Park Royal), 1912-1964; records, including baptisms, 1961-1962, marriages, 1961-1963, burials, 1962-1963, of Sheridan United Church, Mississauga (includes Sheridan Methodist Church), 1896-2002; records, including baptisms, 1960-1963, marriages, 1963, burials, 1962-1963, of Trinity United Church, Park Royal, Mississauga.

Sheridan United Church (Mississauga, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2668 · Fonds · 1960-2003

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1960-2003, marriages, 1963-2003, burials, 1961-1987, of St. Luke's On-The-Hill United Church, Mississauga, 1960-2003

St. Luke's On-The-Hill United Church (Missauga, Ont.)