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CA ON00154 2015.78.1 · File · 1923-1928

File consists of a ledger book including meeting minutes from the Port Hope Old Boys and Girls Association, Toronto Branch, 1923-1928. The book includes many historically important Port Hope Names (i.e. Brockenshire, Snell, Baulch, Merrifield, Skitch, Mackie, Byrne, Davidson, Lockington, Craig, Hacker, McLennan, Clarke, Kelly, McMahon, Wright, Martin, Kerr, etc.). Early meetings were held in the home of William Skitch (311 Jarvis Street, Toronto), with E.C. Merrifield serving as Secretary.

Levine and Cass family fonds
CA ON00210 25 · Fonds · [188-]-1973

The fonds consists of family photographs that document the Cass and Levine families of Toronto. The records also include photographs of several families related through marriage, such as: the Salamansky (Salem), Thuna, Bliss, Samuels, Soskin, Cass, Segel, Sax, Weiner, Levy, and Rosenbes families. The photographs date from the late nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century. The fonds also contains one file of textual records.

CA ON00402 NM · Collection · 1915-2005

The collection consists of an incomplete series of the newspaper The Northern Miner, on microfilm.

Gallery Moos fonds
CA ON00012 SC090 · Fonds · 1956-2011

Fonds consists of corporate records of Gallery Moos, including files on artists and associated dealers and galleries, art fair participation and travel, business correspondence, publishing and administrative records and the records of David Moos and gallery director Gerard Jennings. Fonds also contains the gallery’s published material, including exhibition invitations and catalogues, posters, and limited edition publications. Two films on gallery artist Gershon Iskowitz are also included.
The accrual of 2004 consists of Series 8 and Series 9, listed below. In 2012 the accrual of material from Gallery Moos augmented Series 1–6, 8 and 9, and added Series 10–14.

Workscene Gallery fonds
CA ON00012 SC057 · Fonds · 1974-1996

Fonds documents Workscene Gallery as an artist collective, artist-run gallery and publisher in Toronto, including photographs, negatives, slides , photo albums, one poster, newspaper clippings, invitations, guest books, log books, exhibition catalogues, one video tape, address stamp and corporate seal.
Contains series:

  1. Members and associate members files
  2. Exhibition files
  3. Executive Committee files
  4. Financial records
  5. Publications
  6. Correspondence
  7. Administration files
Gershon Iskowitz fonds
CA ON00012 SC114 · Fonds · [191-?]-1988

Fonds consists of personal and professional records of Gershon Iskowitz, including photographic documentation of his family and early life, self and studio, and works of art; publicity material including newspaper clippings about his career; personal artefacts such as identity documents; a small amount of personal correspondence; and a condolence book signed at his memorial service.
Contains series:

  1. Photographs
  2. Publicity material
  3. Identity documents
  4. Personal correspondence and notes
  5. Writings about the artist
  6. Sketch and notes for Northern Lights Septet #3
  7. Audiovisual records
  8. Artist’s palettes
  9. Condolence book
Thoreau MacDonald collection
CA ON00012 SC104 · Collection · 1933-1979

Collection consists chiefly of illustrative works by Canadian graphic artist Thoreau MacDonald, including a portfolio of drawings for an unpublished illustrated edition of Henry David Thoreau’s study Walden and a volume of layouts for the novel Maria Chapdelaine by French author Louis Hémon. Collection also includes some correspondence.

Barbara Astman fonds
CA ON00012 SC123 · Fonds · 1951–2009

Fonds consists of records of the artistic and academic career of Barbara Astman, chiefly in Toronto from the 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century, including photographs of her projects and exhibitions, correspondence and textual documentation of projects, personal and other photos and journals, and some audiovisual materials.

Fonds · 1890 - 1894

The fonds consists of photographic negatives featuring members of the Patteson family. Most of the photographs on the glass plate negatives were taken by Rose MacInnes (nee Patteson) and feature the Pattesons on their estate in Eastwood, Ontario (the former Admiral Henry Vansittart property). The film negatives feature Daisy (Christine Millicent) Moss (nee Patteson) and her son Pat (Thomas) Moss.

It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Glass Negatives - Eastwood
Series 2: Film Negatives - Pat & Daisy Moss

CA ON00340 F2907 · Fonds · 1919-2011

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1941-2010, marriages, 1950-2004, and burials, 1950-1986, 1989-2010, of Centennial-Rouge Pastoral Charge (includes Centennial United Church in Scarborough, Fairport, Rouge Hill, and Centennial-Rouge United Church in Scarborough), 1925-2011; records of Rouge Hill United Church, Scarborough, 1948-1971; records of Centennial-Rouge United Church, Scarborough (includes Centennial Methodist Church in Scarborough and Centennial United Church in Scarborough), 1919-2011.

CA ON00340 F2979 · Fonds · 1954-2013

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1970-2011, marriages, 1970-2011, and burials, 1970-2013, of Iondale Heights United Church, Scarborough, 1954-2013.

CA ON00340 F2949 · Fonds · 1997-2004

Fonds consists of a register, including baptisms, 1999-2002, marriages, 1997-2004, and burials, 1999-2002, of Toronto Urban Native Ministry.

CA ON00340 F2823 · Fonds · 1842-2000

Fonds consists of trustee minutes and financial records of Don Mills Methodist Church, 1902-1925; records, including baptisms, 1984-1985, marriages. 1966-1992, and burials, 1986, of Don Mills United Church, 1924-2002.

CA ON00340 F2848 · Fonds · 1887-2004

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1897-1919, of Woodgreen Tabernacle, Toronto, 1887-1919; records, including baptisms, 1919-2004, marriages, 1919-2004, burials, 1919-2004, of Woodgreen United Church, Toronto (includes Woodgreen Tabernacle, Toronto), 1919-2004.

Raymond Hart Massey fonds
CA ON00416 F04 · Fonds · 1736; 1895-1983

Fonds consists of material pertaining to Raymond's portrayal of Abraham Lincoln on stage and film and includes photographs of Abraham Lincoln, sketches of Raymond as Lincoln, framed playbill on the night of Lincoln's assassination, framed Republican national ticket for President Lincoln, TV Guide awards for Raymond's performance in Tyger, Tyger and Dr. Kildare, and correspondence.

Fonds also consists of the Raymond Massey Rare Book Collection which he bequeathed along with the rest of the items in the fonds.

Fonds consists of the following series: Abraham Lincoln, Correspondence, Publicity, Raymond Massey Rare Book Collection.

CA ON00428 2021.55 · Item · 1805

Item is a composite image created from two separate photographs detailing the boundaries of the Toronto Purchase between the Crown and the Mississaugas of the Credit. The original sale is dated to 1787, however there were questions raised about the legitimacy of the documents and about the delineation of the land. In 1805 a formal purchase was documented and is referenced in the text of the item. William Claus, the Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs, signed on behalf of the Crown.

Cameron family fonds
CA ON00370 F0493 · Fonds · 1865-1990 ; 1969-1990 predominent

Fonds consists of more than 60 letters, newsletters, poems, and greeting cards written by Margaret Laurence to Ian and Sandy Cameron, as well as a copy of Laurence's will. The correspondence discusses Laurence's work as a writing instructor and speaker at the University of Toronto, her relationship with other Canadian writers and Clara Thomas, her move from Toronto to Lakefield, and her involvement with the Writers' Union of Canada conference in Ottawa in November 1973. Laurence comments extensively on her own works and her efforts to encourage other writers (including Ian Cameron), her efforts to produce a recording of songs with her lyrics and Cameron's musical score to accompany "The diviners," the film contract based on this novel, and her elation at winning the Molson Prize in 1975. The correspondence also discusses her divorce from Jack Laurence, her relationship with her children, and her views on social and generational change. The correspondence is accompanied by nine vinyl recordings given by Laurence to the Camerons that feature European classical music, African palm wine music, and Ghanian highlife music. The fonds also contains five letters from John Ruskin, the Victorian writer and art critic, to Kate Towney and Arbuthnot Cameron, 1865-1867, regarding Towney's marriage and financial affairs, mineral collecting, and ideas from Ruskin's book, "Modern painters." These letters are accompanied by notes and transcripts, as well as a letter written in 1907 regarding the Ruskin correspondence.

CA ON00340 F1209 · Fonds · 1887-1996

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1909-1911, of High Park Avenue Methodist Church, Toronto (includes Annette Street Methodist Church and West Toronto Junction Methodist Mission), 1887-1926; records of Royce Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1904-1908; records, including baptisms, 1914-1918, of Alhambra Avenue Presbyterian Church (includes Royce Avenue Presbyterian Church), 1904-1925; records, including baptisms, 1925-1928, and marriages, 1929-1968, of High Park Avenue United Church (includes High Park Avenue Methodist Church), 1919-1970; records, including baptisms, 1921-1970, marriages, 1946-1963, and burials, 1946-1970, of Alhambra Avenue United Church, 1909-1971; Official Board minutes, 1962-1969, of Alhambra-Prospect Park Pastoral Charge (includes Alhambra Avenue United Church and Prospect Park United Church); and records, including baptisms, 1960-1996, marriages, 1968-1996, and burials, 1980-1996, of High Park-Alhambra United Church (includes High Park Avenue United Church), 1926-1996.

CA ON00340 F1294 · Fonds · 1908-1969

Fonds consists of records of Howard Park Methodist Church, 1908-1924; records of North Parkdale methodist Church, 1889-1925, including records of marriages 1897-1917; records of Hight PArk PResbyterian (including records of Fern Avenue Presbyterian Church), including records of marriage 1915-1923; records, including baptisms, 1941-1961, and marriages, 1930-1961, of North Parkdale United Church (includes Garden Avenue Methodist Mission, St. Alban's Methodist Church and North Parkdale Methodist Church), 1909-1961; records, including baptisms, 1910-1954, marriages, 1922-1958, and burials 1918-1957, of Erskine United Church (includes Fern Avenue Presbyterian Church and High Park Presbyterian Church), 1910-1961; records, including marriages, 1958-1969, and burials, 1941-1966, of Emmanuel United Church (includes Erskine United Church and North Parkdale United Church), 1941-1969; records, including baptisms, 1913-1969, marriages, 1920-1969 (including a marriage register for the German congregation, 1957-1959), and burial records, 1952-1969, of Howard Park United Church in Toronto (includes Howard Park Methodist Church), 1916-1969.

CA ON00340 F1295 · Fonds · 1855-1974

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1867-1870, 1909-1921, marriages, 1868-1885, 1907-1922, and burials, 1909-1920, of Queen Street Methodist Church (includes Westminster Methodist Circuit and Euclid Avenue Methodist Church), 1855-1922; records, including, baptisms, 1929-1972, marriages, 1922-1974, and burials, 1943-1947, 1962-1974, of Queen Street United Church (includes Queen Street Methodist Church, Church of All Nations [including International Congregation, Portuguese Congregation]), 1922-1974; records of the social mission of Queen Street, including records of the Downtown Clothing Centre, 1962-1972, Downtown Church Surveys, 1922-1935, and the Inner City Church Council, 1962-1965.