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Archival description
CA ON00340 F2973 · Fonds · 1876-2011

Fonds consists of records of Allenford Methodist Circuit (incudes Allenford, Elsinore, North Derby, County Line (Salem) and Skipness) 1883-1921; records of Allenford Methodist Church, 1905-1925; Trustee minutes of Park Head Methodist Church, 1876-1923; Official Board minutes of Allenford - Park Head Pastoral Charge (includes Allenford and Park Head), 1940-2011; records of Allenford United Church (includes Allenford Methodist Church), 1908-1981; and records of Park Head United Church (includes Park Head Methodist Church), 1920-2009.

CA ON00340 F2975 · Fonds · 1964-2005

Fonds consists of membership and board records of Wesley United Church in Mersea Township, 1964-2005.

Alfred Edward Lavell Fonds
CA ON00340 F3697 · Fonds · 1875-1940

Fonds consists of records relating to the Methodist Board of Education and Alfred Edward Lavell’s interest in Educational Reform including correspondence, minutes, reports and resources as well as general correspondence 1875-1940.

CA ON00340 F511-2 · Series · 1962-1971
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Congregational Life and Work fonds

Series consists of Administrative files of the Division, 1962-1971 and is concerned with the organization and functioning of the Division, including reports from the various Boards that reported to the Division along with material on re-organization plans that eventually led to the creation of the Division of Mission in Canada.

CA ON00340 F4004 · Fonds · 1974-2007

Fonds consists of minutes, 1976-2001; correspondence/subject files, 1974-2007; and manuscripts of papers, 1978-1987.

CA ON00340 F4003 · Fonds · 1964-2016

Fonds consists of the following series: 1) Administrative Records; 2) Applications; 3) Conferences; 4) Courses and Training; 5) Records of the Board; 6) Records of the Executive; 7) Records relating to the Annual General Meeting; 8) Finance Records 9) Records of the Education Standards Commission; 10) Records of the Professional Practice Commission; 11) Records of Committees; 12) Records of Regions; 13) Publications; 14) Canadian Foundation For Pastoral Practice And Education; 15) Correspondence; 16) Institutions; 17) Personal Files and Evaluations; 18) Sound recording; 19) Photograph.

Norah McMurtry fonds
CA ON00340 F3611 · Fonds · 1972-2002

Fonds consists of records relating to the Student Christian Movement (SCM) at the University of Manitoba, 1972-1973, Ecumenical Decade for Churches in Solidarity with Women, 1988-1999, Daring Hope conference,1997, the World Council of Churches assembly, 1998, Gender Justice and Partnership Consultation, 1998, Women's March, 2000 and Women Doing Theology in Canada, 2002.

Rev. Kathleen Walton fonds
CA ON00340 F3614 · Fonds · 1991-2005

Fonds consists of the minister's sermons. 1991 - 2005 including some written during her student ministry and from her first charge.

W. Harvey Grant fonds
CA ON00340 F3615 · Fonds · 1895-1950

Fonds consists of correspondence, speeches and notes on the Honan mission including the history of nursing in Honan.

Reid Emerson Vipond fonds
CA ON00340 F3618 · Fonds · 1943-1996

Fonds consists of addresses and talks, 1947-1996, correspondence, 1959-1993, sermons, 1943-1996, invocations and prayers, 1945-1996, and radio scripts, 1950-1964.

John F. McKay fonds
CA ON00340 F3624 · Fonds · 1957-2000

Fonds consists of a personal register including records of sermons, 1957-1999; baptisms, 1957-1960 from Beechy, Lucky Lake, Demaine, Birsay, Meadow Lake, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; 1962-1996 from Toronto, Port Credit, Georgetown, Windsor, Burlington, Leamington, London, Oakville, Ontario; marriages, 1957-1959 from Beechy, Lucky Lake, Demaine, Birsay, Saskatchewan; 1964-2000 from Toronto, London, Ontario and funerals, 1957-1960 from Beechy, Lucky Lake, Demaine, Birsay, Saskatchewan; 1962-2000 from Toronto, Windsor, London, Ontario.

Elizabeth B. Campbell fonds
CA ON00340 F3625 · Fonds · [19-?]

Fonds consists of reminiscences and speeches, lesson plans and course outlines, [19-?] and photograph.

CA ON00340 F3632-1 · Series · 1925-1991
Part of Frank Prescott Fidler fonds

Series consists of correspondence on a wide variety of topics, both personal and work related. Additionally, correspondence related to the many workshops and conferences Fidler presented at and attended. Workshop files may include additional resources. Some topics include marriage, marriage preparation, couples clubs, counselling, sexuality, sexual education, family, gerontology, Planned Parenthood, family planning, Christian education, Boys work, Lay preachers, the Publication Coordination Commission of the United Church of Canada, the Cedar Glen Implementation Committee, the Committee on Marriage Preparation, Marriage Guidance, the Marriage Guidance Council, the Canadian Council on Children, Ottawa Presbytery, Montreal and Ottawa Conference, Young Peoples, Tuxis, Divorce, Aging and Retirement, Christian Family Life Committee, United Church of Canada Board of Evangelism, The Vanier Institute, United Church of Canada Board of Christian Education.

CA ON00340 F3632-3 · Series · 1933-1969
Part of Frank Prescott Fidler fonds

Series consists of sermons and resources for sermons compiled by Frank Prescott Fidler in his capacity as a minister and councillor. Prescott was a minister at Bloor Street United Church, 1933-1939 and Glebe United Church, Ottawa 1939-1949. See also Series 4: Personal Registers for sermon record.

Jean Marilyn Day fonds
CA ON00340 F3634 · Fonds · 1993-1996

Fonds consists of a personal marriage, 1993-1996.

A. Walton Tonge fonds
CA ON00340 F3637 · Fonds · 1896-1917

Fonds consists of a personal marriage register including Kenilsworth, Mt. Forest, Arthur, Plattsville, Chesley and Brant, 1896-1917.

Duncan White fonds
CA ON00340 F3639 · Fonds · 1996-2009

Fonds consists of a personal register consisting of marriages for Port Hope and Cobourg, 1996-1998. The register was subsequently used by Rev. David Potter for marriages in Cobourg, Grafton, Brighton and Hamilton Townships in Northumberland County, 2000-2009.

Richard Davidson fonds
CA ON00340 F3655 · Fonds · 1911-1944

Fonds consists a personal record; including baptismal stubs (1921-1942) for Bruce Beach (Kincardine, Ontario), Forest Hill (Toronto), Broadway Tabernacle (Toronto) and Emmanuel College (Toronto), marriage stubs (1911, 1913) in Toronto, and a personal Marriage Register (1923-1944) for marriages at Knox College Chapel (Toronto), Emmanuel College (Toronto), Toronto and London, Ontario.