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Ayr Library History
APL-APL 13 · Series · 1916-2001
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series consists of documents collected by the Ayr Branch of the Region of Waterloo Library that document the Ayr Branch's own history. The series includes a very large collection of photographs documenting the new library building that was constructed for Ayr during 2002-2004, a speech, written in 1956 by Mr. Duff Wilson recounting the history of the Library from its beginning to (what was then) the present, as well as some newspaper clippings connected to the history of the library, including a 1916 newspaper story about Ayr which includes a description of the old Ayr Public Library when it was only a few years old. There is also some memorabilia from the Library's 1971 restoration and an invitation from 2001 to a library event. The series is arranged chronologically.

Funeral Notices
APL-APL 14 · Series · 1870-1931
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series consists of funeral notices for Ayr-area cemeteries between 1870 and 1900. The funeral notices usually give the deceased's full name as well as their age, date of death, the location and date of the funeral and an invitation for friends and relations to attend. The funeral notices are categorized by place of burial and then are organized chronologically within each location set. Cemeteries mentioned within this series are: The Stanley Street Church Burial Grounds; The Paris Plains Cemetery; The Paris Church; The Knox Church Burial Grounds; The "Old Cemetery 1 1/2 miles East of Ayr"; The Galt Cemetery; The Hespeler Cemetery; The Seaforth Cemetery; The Cedar Creek Cemetery; The Richwood Cemetey; The Willis Burial Grounds; and the Wolverton Cemetery.

Also present are a collection of funeral notices for Ayr-area cemeteries from 1900 to 1931. These are organized chronologically.

Ayr Scrapbooks
APL-APL 16 · Series · 1920-1980
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series consists of scrapbooks of Ayr-specific newspaper clippings between 1935 and 1973. There appears to be scrapbooks completed by two different creators: Margaret Stockton, who compiled birth and death notices in several small notebooks; and another, unnamed creator who compiled births, deaths and general news items in very large scrapbooks. Between the two creators the years between 1920 and 1980 are covered, though the years between 1950 and 1980 received much more thorough coverage and many years have coverage from both sets of scrapbooks. Starting in 1969, the unknown creator began creating two scrapbooks per year thanks to the sheer amount of material. One scrapbook will cover the first half of the year, the other the later months and a collection of Birth, Death and Wedding Notices at the rear. Series is arranged chronologically.

Knox United Church
APL-APL 17 · Series · 1894-1984
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series contains documents that recount the history of the Knox United Church of Ayr, Ontario. The Church was created through the amalgamation of three churches that existed in Ayr- the Stanley Street Presbyterian Church and the Knox Prebyterian Church in 1914; and the addition of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1926.

These secondary sources formed part of the local history collection at the Ayr Branch of the Region of Waterloo Library. The documents, which are short pamphlets and booklets about the Church, were self-published by the Church on different anniversaries of its founding. There is also a 1960 edition of the United Church Observer which gives a then contemporary account of what was happening with the Knox United Church, as well as a script for a 1960 walking tour of Ayr prepared for the members of the Church.

Ayr 150th Anniversary
APL-APL 18 · Series · 1948-1974
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series consists of the scrapbook created by the Ayr's 150th Anniversary and Reunion Committee to document the planning and implementation of the five day festival in 1974 that celebrated Ayr's founding in 1824. The scrapbook contains correspondence between the Committee and various groups who were involved -or who wanted to be involved- in the reunion. The scrapbook also contains programmes of the planned events, maps of the space where it took place, as well as newspaper clippings of the event. Along with the scrapbook is a collection of the Reunion Committee's Minutes, several lists of the names and addresses of those who registered for the Celebration and a 1948 census of Ayr used in determining the names of former residents. Series is arranged chronologically.

Ayr Local History Reference
APL-APL 19 · Series · 1841-2014
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series contains material relating to the history of the village of Ayr, collected by the Ayr Branch of the Region of Waterloo Library. The material include primary documents from the early years of Ayr, as well as a number of secondary sources written by Ayr locals about their history. The series also contains copies of "The Village Beautiful", a periodic publication of the Village of Ayr, as well as historical newspaper clippings about Ayr and historical photographs of Ayr and its citizens. There is also a copy of "Homespun H'Ayr'itage" a play about Ayr's history written for their 150th Anniversary in 1974. Series is arranged chronologically. The primary sources collection is extremely eclectic, and includes a ledger from the old Ayr Rink, a passport from an Ayr resident during the First World War, a sound recording of the Ayr-Paris Kinsman Band, a reporduction of a letter from an Ayr settler circa 1841, a contract of indenture, a poem celebrating how the men of Ayr purchased a piano, programmes from the 1925 Historical Pageant of Ayr, and many other historical pieces, including souvenirs from various celebrations, openigns and elections through Ayr's history. "Ayr, The Village Beautiful" is a booklet published periodically that acts as a guide to the town's businesses, clubs, local history and points of interest. Originally published by the "Ayr Booster's Association", it is now published by the "Ayr Business Improvement Association". The secondary sources consists of written histories of Ayr, a number of documents related to the historical designation of Ayr Properties, a history of the rebuilding of the Ayr Ice Rink in the 1970s, and various brochures and pamphlets about history in the Ayr area. The newspapers consist of both full newspapers and clippings of articles dealing with events in Ayr through the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century. The newspapers include a pre-Confederation copy and a Confederation day copy of the Ayr Herald, a 1903 copy of the very rare Ayr Gun, and a story about Ayr from the 1889 Globe and Mail. There is also a large collection of newspaper clippings. The Photographs are an assortment of images of Ayr from the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, showing many views of different Ayr buildings, as well as historical persons from Ayr's past. The play "Homespun H'Ayr'itage was performed in 1974 for the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Ayr. The play, written by Helen E "Terry" Buck and Bob Boyd, features the ghosts of Abel and Maggie Mudge, the Village's founders, reminiscing about the history of Ayr.

Department of Education
APL-APL 2 · Series · 1895-1968
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series contains the Ayr Public Library's copies of the paperwork they sent to the Department of Education during their time as an independent public library. The Department of Education was responsible for issuing libraries with the operating grants they needed to complete thier budgets, and so the Department required that the libraries send them various statistics to determine whether or not they were eligible for grants. Within this series are the Library's copies of the Annual Reports they were required to send to the Department, the Annual Invoices of all books purchased, the other paperwork necessary to obtain their operating grants, as well as various announcements by the Department that were distributed to Ontario libraries.

The annual reports recorded various statistics including the number of books in circulation, staff pay and the costs of maintenance. The annual invoices were used to document what books were purchased or recerved by the Library. The invoices are separated into sheets for Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Children's Fiction and so on, with each different category having a different coloured sheet. The grant paperwork includes statements from the Department indicating the size of grant the Library could expect, as well as some grant forms from the 1960s. Until the 1960s, the annual report had contained the grant form, but the Department separated them in the sixties. The collection of announcements includes circulars about issues facing libraries, lists of new books and information about grant applications. Series is arranged chronologically.

Book Accession
APL-APL 6 · Series · 1899-1967
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series contains records from the Ayr Public Library pertaining to the accession of new books and the circulation of the library's existing books. The Library staff utilized these records to record incoming books, books wanted and the books actually read by the community. It contains monthly records of book circulation for 1915, 1920 and 1921, several ledgers recording the Library's stock of books, books wanted, books purchased, books donated to them, and a partial manual for using C. A. Cutter's system of book classification. The series also contains loose records of book accessions by the Ayr library. Series is arranged chronologically.

APL-APL 7 · Series · 1921-1967
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series consists of questionnaires sent by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics to the Ayr Public Library between 1921 and 1967. The Dominion Bureau of Statistics, founded in 1919 was the predecessor of Statistics Canada, which replaced the Bureau in 1971. The Bureau sent the Ayr Library annual questionnaires for them to fill out so that the Bureau could compile statistics about Canadian Libraries. The questionnaires asked about salaries, budgets, total revenues and expenditures, number of books, number of patrons and number of books circulated. The Ayr Library did not always retain a copy of the Questionnaire for themselves, so for a number of years there are only the instructions for filling the forms, but not the forms. In other years, the Library retained a copy of the completed forms as well as the instructions. Series is arranged chronologically.

APL-APL 9 · Series · 1908-1965
Part of Ayr Public Library

This series contains correspondence that the Ayr Public Library engaged in between 1908 and 1965. Since the recipient naturally kept the Library's letters to them, this series only contains the letters sent to the library. Within this series there are four types of correspondence. The first type is the solicitations- or advertisements- that the library recieved. The second type is business correspondence, where the Library was activiely corresponding with businesses for building repairs or upgrades, new equipment, lists of new books and the like. The third type is Inter-Library Correspondence, which includes letters from other Ontario muncipal libraries, generally discussing meetings of the Ontario Library Association, answering questions and making inquiries of the Ayr Library and passing along useful literature and hints for a newly founded library. The final type of correspondence present in this series is undated letters, and so cannot be organized properly into the other types. This file has only two letters- one written by an elementary school class to a librarian, and another written to the Library in general. Series is arranged chronologically.

C42 · Collection · 2015

Collection consists of materials produced to celebrate 100 years of the poem in Flanders Fields by John McCrae. Included is a pamphlet outlining the events and speakers for the unveiling of the John McCrae Statue. There is also two booklets "In Flanders Fields at 100: Time to Remember" published by the Guelph Mercury and "John McCrae in Flanders Fields" published by New Smallprint Press.

C46 · Collection · 1951, 1993

Collection consists of two photographs. One photograph is of the Stewart family reunion held in Guelph in 1951, and the other, is of David Stewart. The textual records consist of family group record sheets, notes and a program guide for the reunion.

C47 · Collection · [between 1960 and 1980]

This collection consists of three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings from various local newspapers that document the activities of the Daughters of Scotland Guelph Chapter. There are also some photographs found throughout the scrapbooks that also document the activities of the chapter.

Office of the Primate fonds
CA ON00003 F002 · Fonds · 1919-2019

Fonds consists of appointment calendars, addresses, correspondence, subject files, graphic materials, and audiovisual materials created by or accumulated by the following Primates:
Walter Foster Barfoot, 1951-1958
Derwyn Trevor Owen, 1934-1947
Howard Hewlett Clark, 1959-1970
Edward Walter Scott, 1971-1986
Michael Geoffrey Peers, 1986-2004
David Perry Crawley, February-June, 2004
Andrew Sandford Hutchison, 2004-2007
Frederick James Hiltz, 2007-2019
Nicholls, Linda Carol, 2019-

Anglican Church of Canada. Office of the Primate
House of Bishops fonds
CA ON00003 F003 · Fonds · 1893-

Fonds consists of minutes of the meetings, meeting files containing correspondence and reports, records of the House of Bishops task forces and committees, and documents related to the election and consecration of bishops.
Fonds is arranged in the following series: House of Bishops minutes, 1904-2010; House of Bishops meeting files, 1883-1981; Consecration Certificates, 1888-2020; House of Bishops Committees and Task Forces.

House of Bishops
CA ON00003 F004 · Fonds · 1896 -

Fonds consists of the minutes, correspondence created during the case. Includes case material, background material, record of the Registrar.

Supreme Court of Appeal