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This photograph shows Alison Gauch and Kelly Craig after they jumped off the stone bridge in Royal City Park. The weather had been hot and muggy during that week.

This photograph was labelled as July 11-16, but was published July 13, 1977.

3-Pitch Champions

This picture shows the Laurine Ave school team that captured the Wellington County junior elementary 3-Pitch Championship.

4 Offices Gutted In Morning Blaze

This photograph shows a "stubborn" fire that was brought under control after 3 1/2 hours by the Guelph Fire Department. The fire occurred on Speedvale Ave. East.

40-Foot Banana Split

This photograph shows the winning region(s) in a contest held by the Central Pentecostal Church. The church wanted to increase Sunday school attendance so they set out four school buses to pick up children in different areas. The area that showed the greatest percentage increase in attendance won the 40-foot banana split. Two regions had the biggest increase and got to share in the tasty treat after a service.

40th Anniversary

This photograph shows Legion provincial president Bill Jeffries with his wife Sadie at the 40th anniversary service of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 275.

4-H Achievements

This photograph shows Jane Pengelly of the ministry of argiculture presenting a silver cake server and advanced honor to Donna Schulte, while Mary Beth Curtis recieves her provincial honors in the 4-H program.

4-H Conference

This photograph shows from left to right, Cathy Chamberlain, Bev Cunningham, Molly McGee, Cindy McLean and Carolyn Montgomery around the piano for the 4-H conference.

4-H Girls Choir

This photograph shows members of the 4-H Homemaking Clubs during their time in choir practice. Activities like these were available for the girls to try out as part of a four day annual conference. Susan Kraftcheck lead the choir practice.

This photograph is labelled April 22 - June 20, 1977 but was published June 25, 1977.

4-H Girls Get Acquainted

This photograph shows Suzanne Beauchamp, Nancy Kuranyl, Cathrine Poleschuck, and Patricia Lawson at the 4-H girls Homecoming Club Conference at the University of Guelph.

4-H Homemaker Award Winners

Pictured here are the winners from the 4-H Homemakers groups of Fergus. Advanced honours were given to Joanne Vanoene (left), Judy Foote and Renee Vanoene. Mrs. Neil Hattle (right) received a 15 year service award.

4-H Homemakers Receive Honors

This photograph shows the members of the 4-H homemaking clubs from the Fergus area receiving awards at James McQueen School. The awards were given during an annual achievement day at the school. As reported by the Mercury those pictured are “Front row from left; Marina Boot, Kathy Playle, Donna Marshall, Ruth Hattle, Collen Stumpf, Judy Bell and Debbie Chamberlain. Back row, Ingrid Riemersma, Darlene Smith, Alice Veldhuizen, Wendy Whittaker, Donna Wilkinson and Heather Giles.”

"Pg 5 4X4 100% 4-H Homemakers 22/4-22/6" is written on the reverse of this photograph.

4-H Members Complete Spring Project

This photograph shows 4-H Homemaking Club members who received County honors for completing six projects at the 4-H Achievement Day. Pictured here are: Irene Sullivan, Mary Tromp, Aithea Lambert, Sandra McLean, Anne Marie Lake, Susan Tosh.

4-H Members Complete Spring Project

This photograph shows members of the 4-H Homemaking Club during a fashion show they held at St. John's United Church. Seen here are the Maypole are Group 1 members Heather Bilton, Julie Bessey, Connie Smeltzer, Gwen Ward, Shelly Ives, Dianne Bilton, and Miss Kirk.

4-H Members Complete Spring Project

This photograph shows members of the 4-H Club who were given Provincial honors for completing a 12-18 projects at Achievement Day. Pictured here are: Marie McMillan, Sally Parkinson, Jo Ann Benham, Marian Budd, Lynn Bosco, Barbara Cowan, and Marg Pearson.

50th Wedding Anniversary

This picture shows James and Sophie Law celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at a celebration supper at the Berkley Room.

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