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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Belleville) fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1885-2006

This collection is made-up of files regarding St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. The first folder contains documents relating to the church's history such as a 1901 article in the Daily Intelligencer and a history on the church written by Kenneth S. Hill. The second file contains items of correspondence as well as newsletters. The two folders following this are 15 assorted annual reports and financial statements up to 1970. There is also a copy of a fund-raising proposal. The next set of documents are the minutes from the St. Andrew's Society from February 12, 1885 as well as a menu from the St. Andrew's Day anniversary from 1890.

Additionally, there is one file that contains notices, a program from a service dedicated to Queen Victoria's funeral, a list of soldiers from the congregation who fought in World War One, a program from Sunday, December 4, 1932, programs from Stainer's “The Crucifixion” from 1958, 1959, and 1961, the itinerary from the 1959 annual council meeting of the Women's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the list to elect the church's elders from 1959, a program from the church choir's production of Handel's Messiah in 1960, a program from the Girl Guide – Brownie Sunday service in 1961, a catalogue of art painted by Allan and Donnah Cameron for an exhibit held in 1964, a program and an advertisement for an organ recital from 1968, there is also a 1968 retelling of a performance by the Ladies of St. Andrews Church from 1889, and finally a copy of Talk 405 given by Gerald Boyce on Anniversary Sunday 2006. The final file contains an array of newspaper clippings.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Belleville)

South Hastings Film Council fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1935-1966

The fonds consists of 1 b/w photograph, 9 notebooks, a projectionist manual, 4 film directories, a pamphlet on selected films, souvenir programme, an envelope, film schedules, banking records and minute notes.

Detailed listing:
B/W photograph of Jim and Connie Churchill at their wedding, 1935.

Small black notebook listing films at different schools 1945-47.
Black notebook, Treasurer of Foxboro and District Film Council 1948 and 1949 includes information on membership, mailing list, film rentals and receipts.
Black notebook 1950, Jan. 1 – Sept. 1, records memberships, film rentals and receipts.
Blue notebook, 1950-51, records memberships, film rentals, receipts and attendance.
Black notebook 1956-58 records film titles, number of showings and attendance at each.
Small black notebook, Mar. 5, 1945- Jan. 8, 1947, Wanda I. Sine Foxboro Public School, records meeting minutes, pages cut out, poor condition, pages falling out, back cover detached, other things tucked between pages, notices, letter, envelope.
Black notebook, Wanda I. Sine Secretary-Treasurer, 1947 records meeting minutes, receipts, secretaries report.
2 ring notebook, Jan. 14, 1948, report of the secretary of Foxboro and District Film Council for 1947, Treasurers report and meeting minutes from 1948, typed with handwritten notes at the end.

Green minute book, Dec. 1950.
Manual of Projectionist Training, no date.
Film Directory 1962-63.
Films 1963, catalogue of films.
2 loose pages, information on film strips.
Pamphlet on eight programs of selected films featuring stories from our history, no date.
Souvenir programme, NFB Jubilee 25, 1964.
Envelope to Mrs. C. Churchill from NFB.
2 film directories, 1963 and 1965, note from M.T Montgomery, Corrections to 1965 Directory
Pamphlet on history of Ontario Film Association Inc.
2 Annual Meeting and Fall Conference programmes
Envelope to Mrs. Churchill.
Film schedules from 1963 and 1965
2 notes from secretary-Treasurer
Zone B Special meeting Feb. 9, 1963
Minutes of annual meeting, Ontario Association of Film Councils Bulletin Sept. 1965
Minute notes from 1958-59, 61-62, 62-63, 63-64
Sidney circuit and Thurlow-Tyendinaga, list of teachers and schools
Map of Sidney Township
Notice from Mrs. R.B Hamilton
2 letters from Rev. W.A Smith
Banking records, receipts, invoices, statements and 2 bank books.
Zone A schedule 1965-1966

South Hastings Film Council

Sidney Pastoral Charge (Sidney Township, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1738
  • Fonds
  • 1996-1998

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1917, and burials, 1890s, of Sidney Methodist Circuit (includes Aiken's, Scott's, Stone, Wallbridge (earlier Town Hall), Wesley, Zion Hill, Foxboro North, and Finkle's (later Centenary)), [ca.1859]-1918; circuit register of Bayside Methodist Circuit (includes White's Church in Bayside, Case's Church in Sidney Township, Centenary Church in Sidney Township, Wesley Church in Sidney Township), 1890-1913; circuit list of Wesley Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1896; records of Scott's Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1897-1916; records of Stone Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1898-1921; trustee board minutes, 1918-1923, and collection book, 1899-1901, of Centenary Methodist Church in Sidney Township; records of the Pleasant View Auxiliary of the Methodist Woman's Missionary Society, 1906-1922; records, including baptisms, 1903-1956, marriages, 1903-1964, and burials, 1903-1962, of Sidney Pastoral Charge (pre-1969) in Sidney Township (includes Sidney Methodist Circuit, Aiken's, Scott's, Stone, and Wallbridge), 1903-1965; records, including baptisms, 1905-1958, marriages, 1896-1958, and burials, 1905-1958, of Bayside Pastoral Charge (includes Bayside Methodist Circuit, Centenary Church in Sidney Township, Wesley Church in Sidney Township, and White's Church in Bayside, Case's Church in Sidney), 1905-1972; records of Aiken's United Church (formerly Aiken's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1901-1972 (note: the Aiken's U.C.W. branch continued to meet after the church closed in 1969); records of Centenary United Church (formerly Centenary Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1912-1978 (note: the Cetenary U.C.W. branch, the Sunday School, and the youth group continued to meet after the church closed in 1969); records of Scott's United Church (formerly Scott's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1904-1969; records of Stone United Church (formerly Stone Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1898-1967; records of Wallbridge United Church (formerly Town Hall Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1876-1970 (note: the Wallbridge U.C.W. branch continued to meet after the church was closed in 1969); records of Wesley United Church in Sidney Township, 1934-1966; records of White's United Church (formerly White's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1920-1968; and records of Sidney Pastoral Charge (beginning in 1969 and including Westminster United Church in Sidney Township), 1969-1982; also includes W.M.S. photographs.

Sidney Pastoral Charge (Sidney Township, Ont.)

Sidney Cheese and Butter Factory Association fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1893-1930

This fonds contains one folder of real estate related material, a volume containing a ledger with the Association's rules and regulations, and two volumes of minute books.

Sidney Cheese and Butter Factory Association

Shannonville Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1570
  • Fonds
  • 1858-1967

Fonds consists of marriages, 1896-1913, and a membership roll, 1859-1907, of Shannonville Methodist Circuit (includes Shannonville, Point Anne, Emmons' Church, Belleville Road Church in Thurlow Township, Front Road Church in Thurlow Township, Milltown, and Spencer's Church); records, including baptisms, 1894-1916, marriages, 1897-1914, and burials, 1900-1916, of Melrose Methodist Circuit (includes Melrose, Lonsdale, Salem Church, Mount Pleasant, and Tyendinaga (Township)), 1876-1925; marriages, 1858-1925, and a communion roll, 1902-1925, of Melrose Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Melrose, Lonsdale, Shannonville, and Roslin); records, including baptisms, 1862-1967, marriages, 1908-1967, and burials, 1908-1967, of Shannonville Pastoral Charge (includes Shannonville Methodist Circuit, Melrose Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Shannonville, Melrose, Lonsdale, and Salem Church), 1862-1967; and records of Shannonville United Church, 1926-1960.

Shannonville Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Shannonville Loyal Orange Lodge fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1938-1964

Fonds consists of one volume of the financial secretary's membership book covering 1938-1964. Also part of a letterhead with a logo.

Shannonville Loyal Orange Lodge #242

Selby Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1568
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1915

Fonds consists of records of Selby Methodist Circuit (includes Selby, Mount Pleasant, Empey Hill, Richmond (Township), Bethel, and Victoria), 1873-1915; historic roll of Selby Pastoral Charge (includes Selby and Empey Hill); records, including baptisms, 1974, of Selby United Church (includes Selby Methodist Church), 1919-1987; and membership roll of Empey Hill United Church, 1962-1999.

Selby Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Roslin-Thomasburg Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1506
  • Fonds
  • 1866-1994

Fonds consists of circuit register, 1872-1908, and Quarterly Board minutes, 1870-1916, of Thomasburg Methodist Circuit (includes Moira Methodist Circuit, West Huntingdon, Thomasburg, Roslin, Bethel Church in Thurlow Township); records of Plainfield Methodist Circuit (includes Plainfield, Bethel Church in Thurlow Township, Zion Church in Thurlow Township, and later Mount Pleasant), 1885-1912; baptisms, 1907-1950, marriages, 1911-1950, burials, 1907-1950, of West Huntingdon - Thomasburg Pastoral Charge (includes Thomasburg Methodist Circuit, Thomasburg Pastoral Charge, West Huntingdon, Thomasburg); records of Thomasburg Pastoral Charge (includes Thomasburg Methodist Circuit, West Huntingdon - Thomasburg Pastoral Charge, Thomasburg, Roslin, Bethel Church in Thurlow Township, West Huntingdon, Moira, Eggleton), 1909-1967; records, including baptisms, 1957-1964, of Plainfield Pastoral Charge (includes Plainfield, Mount Pleasant, Bethel Church in Thurlow Township, Zion Church in Thurlow Township, and later Roslin), 1907-1967; baptisms, 1952-1983, marriages, 1951-1983, burials, 1951-1993, of Roslin - Thomasburg Pastoral Charge (includes Plainfield Pastoral Charge, Roslin, Thomasburg), 1951-1993; records, including marriages, 1918-1947, of Thomasburg United Church (includes Thomasburg Methodist Church), 1866-1994; records of Mount Pleasant United Church (includes Mount Pleasant Methodist Church), 1901-1961; Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Bethel United Church, Thurlow Township (includes Bethel Methodist Church) , 1912-1927; records of Moira United Church (includes Moira Methodist Church), 1914-1993; records of Plainfield United Church (includes Plainfield Methodist Church), 1917-1978; records, including baptisms, 1952-1957, marriages, 1952-1972, burials, 1951-1974, of Trinity United Church, Roslin (includes Plainfield Pastoral Charge), 1929-1981; Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Zion United Church, Thurlow Township, 1942-1950; baptisms, 1951-1964, and Woman's Missionary Society records, 1951-1961, of Bethel - Zion United Church, Thurlow Township.

Roslin-Thomasburg Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Rona Rustige fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1880-2000

The fonds consists of 1 box of textual records and 7 audio tapes. The fonds consists of research notes and 7 tapes of interviews with the Tyendinega Mohawk elders relating to the research, writing and production of Rona Rustidge's book "Tyendinega Tales".

Rustige, Rona

Rawdon - Springbrook Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F2684
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1984

Fonds consists of the following series: circuit register of Stirling Methodist Circuit (includes Stirling Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Stirling, Carmel, Salem, Ebenezer, Bethel, Mount Pleasant, Rawdon), 1873-1906; records, including marriages, 1896-1910, of Rawdon Methodist Circuit (includes Mount Pleasant, Bethel, Stirling, Rawdon), 1895-1915; records of Ivanhoe Methodist Circuit (includes Bethesda, Beulah, Salem, Minto), 1890-1924 financial record book of Springbrook Methodist Church, 1882-1909; records of Ivanhoe Pastoral Charge (includes Beulah, Bethesda, Salem, Minto), 1935-1965; records, including marriages, 1926-1984, burials, 1929-1984, of Springbrook Pastoral Charge (includes Rylestone, Stanwood), 1926-1984; records, including baptisms, 1905-1981, marriages, 1904-1967, burials, 1907-1981, of Rawdon Pastoral Charge (includes Rawdon Methodist Church, Rawdon, Bethel, Mount Pleasant), 1905-1981; marriages of Rawdon-Springbrook Pastoral Charge (includes Rawdon, Springbrook, Mount Pleasant, Bethel, Salem), 1967-1984; records, including baptisms, 1905-1967, of Rylstone United Church (includes Rhylstone Presbyterian Church), 1905-1968; communion roll and register of Springbrook United Church, 1925-1950; baptisms of Stanwood United Church, 1927-1963

Rawdon - Springbrook Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Ralph Morton Collection

  • CA ON00156 MG 648
  • Collection
  • 1913-1990

The collection contains the following textual records:

  • Belleville High School Elevator yearbooks from ca. 1913-1926 (gaps)
  • BCIVS yearbooks from ca. 1929-1978 (gaps)
    *1972 yearbook from York Regional School of Nursing
  • Belleville Sports Hall of Fame program from Sept 12 1987
  • Program- Tribute to Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment at St. Thomas Church
  • A Flyer of Centennial House Tour May 13 1978
  • Historic buildings of downtown Belleville walking tour pamphlet
  • Heritage Belleville's Walking Tour pamphlet
  • Bell Telephone Co. Subscribers lists for 1883 reproduction
  • Official Telephone Directory 1900 reproduction pamphlet
  • The Ont. Mutual Life Assurance Co. reproduction pamphlet
  • Hastings County Historical Society "Outlook" Issue 88, November 1990
  • Belleville's What's Happening Magazine Nov/Dec 1974

Quinte Women's Institute records

  • CA ON00156 MG645
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1987

Fonds consists of 17 minute books of the Quinte Women's Institute and the group's Tweedsmuir history, which includes postcards, press clippings and photographs. Also included is a banner for the institute, history of the institute and files of loose papers for each minute book (letters, receipts, newspaper articles, reports, programmes and newsletters).

Quinte Women's Institute

Queensborough Pastoral Charge fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1685
  • Fonds
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1929, of Eldorado Methodist Circuit (includes Eldorado, Cooper, and Union), 1896-1929; Sunday school attendance records, 1912-1924, of Fox Methodist Church; records of Hazzard's Methodist Church, Madoc Township, 1884-1909; Trustee minutes of Queensborough Methodist Church, 1872-1903; records, including baptisms, 1899-1957, marriages, 1899-1958, and burials, 1899-1952, of Eldorado Pastoral Charge, 1899-1983 ( includes Eldorado Methodist Circuit, Union, and Cooper); United Church Women minutes, 1962-1974, of Cooper United Church; records, including baptisms, 1904-1958, marriages, 1904-1958, and burials, 1904-1958, of Queensborough Pastoral Charge (includes Queensborough Methodist Circuit, Queensborough, Hazzards Church in Madoc Township, Hart's Church in Madoc Township, Gordon's Church, Pineview, Cooper, Eldorado, and Union), 1878-1958; records of Queensborough-Eldorado Pastoral Charge (includes Queensborough Methodist Circuit, Queensborough Pastoral Charge, Queensborough, Hazzards Church in Madoc Township, Cooper, Eldorado, and Union), 1914-2011; records of Queensborough United Church, 1938-1967; records of Union United Church in Eldorado, [ca.1904]-1967; records of Hazzards United Church in Madoc Township (includes Hazzard's Methodist Church), 1919-1977; records of St. Andrew's United Church, Queensborough, 1975-2005; records of Eldorado United Church, 1940-2014.

Queensborough-Eldorado Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Prince Edward Belleville Ladies Club fonds

  • CA ON00156 MG 649
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1999

The fonds comprises the following records:

  • Minute Books from 1943-1999
  • Receipts & Expenses from 1943-1966
  • Treasurer's Accounts from 1967-1978
  • Membership Groups from 1974-1976
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Two membership cards from 1993, 1994
  • Record of cheques from 1984-1996
  • Bank of Montreal passbook from 1945
  • Statements from 1991-1999

Prince Edward Belleville Ladies Club

Ponton Papers fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1809-1965

The fonds consists of 10 boxes of textual and graphic material about the Hutton-Ponton family. The fonds is organized chronologically by the following categories: Military and Civilian. The fonds consists of the following categories:
Boxes 1-3 files 1-26 (1879-1916 15th Battalion Argyll Light Infantry- correspondence: telegrams, financial/inspection reports, inventory lists, medal applications, order books, sergeant's mess meeting minutes, service rolls and how the infantry was named)
Boxes 3-5 files 27-46 (1896-1903 Belleville Rifle Range, 1896-1900 Bicycle Corps, 1900 Canadian Patriotic Fund, Deseronto Militia Company, Militia Headquarters-Ottawa: 1895-1906 discharge and pension documents, 49th Hastings Rifles Battalion order book, 1879-1917 infantry tests and military schools: applications, notebook of notes about Toronto School of Musketry, invitations to various events, letters, documents, militia orders and newspaper articles)
Box 5 files 46-53 (empty envelopes, documents about Queen Victoria's Jubilee, The Red Cross: booklet, The School for the Deaf: letters, the South African War: letters, applications and militia orders, World War 1 and "Wrinkles": letters and wall posters, pamphlets and newspaper clippings)
Box 6 files 54-64 (family papers: certificates, letters, notebook, family history:Hutton/Putton house, wills, estate matters and journal/travel/address book)
Boxes 6-7 files 65-76 (family accounts from 1869-1903)
Box 7 files 77-90A (Belleville Industrial Committee: minutes from meetings, letters, newspaper clippings and various documents about opening different factories in Belleville)
Boxes 7-8 files 91-101-2 (Land and Estate Papers: grants, deeds of land and mortgages and sale of part of a cricket field)
Box 9 files 102-106 (Legal papers: daily journal and legal documents)
Boxes 9-10 files 107-112-4 (Programs and invitations to various programs and events)
Box 10 files 113-117-2 (misc correspondence and newspaper clippings: letters, certificate, and notes)
Box 10 files 118-127 (misc business and other items: reports, letterheads, advertisements, postcards and brochures)
3 red books (The Quarterly Militia List:1897-1900)
small reddish brown book (Infantry Drill by Authority-1889)
2nd larger reddish brown book (Field Artillery Training-1914)
greyish book (The Militia Lists-1886)

Ponton (family)

Pitman family fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1932-1963

The fonds consists of two books plus banking records and statements, invoices, a postcard, phone bills and two flyers. Book 1 is an account ledger with name index spanning from 1932-1940. Book 2 is a notebook from 19 March 1940- 18 Sept. 1944. Other records include a statement from Sept. 21, 1936 plus 10 pages from an accounts ledger, no date, possibly recording household goods sold from the Pitman's store; two Canadian Bank of Commerce vinyl folders; seven “Long Distance Service” phone bill statements; two receipts; four loose pages from a petty accounts book; two envelopes; card from “Tuck” to Mrs. J. Churchill, no date; two flyers, one from “Charlinore Kennels” and one from “Director of Annuities”.

Pitman (family)

Philip Etter fonds

  • CA ON00156 2012-12
  • Fonds
  • 1935-2012

Photographs from World War Two, Philip Etters identification cards, literature on the navy and military, correspondances with the Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans Association, newspaper articles, newspapers from World War Two, House of Commons releases, the journal "The Red Duster".

Etter, Philip Herbert

Nick and Helma Mika collection

  • CA ON00156 MG 1
  • Collection
  • 1858-1986

The collection reflects the publishing interests of Nick and Helma Mika. It comprises four main series: photographic files, reference files, printing process files and other materials. The collection is strong in local history materials, particularly relating to the history of the United Empire Loyalists, railways, and the city of Belleville.

Napanee Methodist Episcopal Circuit (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1546
  • Fonds
  • 1835-1869

Fonds consists of baptisms, 1835-1854, of Bay of Quinte and Napanee Circuits; Quarterly Board minutes, 1837-1852, of Bay of Quinte Circuit; Quarterly Board minutes, 1843-1869 of Napanee Circuit; and financial records, 1841-1845.

Napanee Methodist Episcopal Circuit (Ont.)

Morrison Family fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1909-1914

The fonds contains 12 postcards with images of various locations throughout Ontario, mailed to members of the Morrison family in Tweed, Ontario.

Morrison (family)

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