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Toronto Western Hospital
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Board of Governors/Board of Trustees records

Series consists of various records created or maintained by the Board of Governors (1896-1967)/ Board of Trustees (1968-1986) of the Toronto Western Hospital. The series is divided into two sub-series:

TW 1-1 Annual Reports
TW 1-2 General administrative files

Toronto Western Hospital

Correspondence & Administration

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence accumulated by William Louth who served as TTH Executive Vice-President from 1986 to1992. Most files relate to the TGH/TWH Merger.

Correspondence and position papers

Series consists of correspondence and position papers regarding Princess Margaret Hospital’s relocation and the merger between Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital. The material related to the Princess Margaret Hospital relocation was compiled while Dr. Cowan was Chair of the Oncology Coordinating Council at the University of Toronto. The material related to the TGH-TWH merger is from Dr. Cowan’s time as Head of the Department of Medicine at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. Opinions on the proposed merger had been requested of the Chairs of Clinical Departments in the Faculty of Medicine by the Dean of Medicine, University of Toronto in 1985. Each head of a hospital’s Department of Medicine were sent copies.

Dr. Cowan organized these files with both names and numbers. File titles retain Dr. Cowan’s original titles and his file numbers are included at the end of the file titles in brackets. Arrangement is according to Dr. Cowan’s original numbering. There were two different files numbered 23. Files 1-21 and 37 were not donated to the Archives.

Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen papers

This series consists of various documents and photographs relating to the life and activities of Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen (ASG).

File TW 14-0-2 contains photographic portraits of ASG and her mother, Emily Howard Jennings Stowe. File TW 14-0-3 contains materials relating to ASG's involvement with the Ontario Medical College for Women: a copy of the College's calendar for 1905 with ASG's name inscribed on the cover; and "A Brief History of the Ontario Medical College for Women" (1906) by ASG.

File TW 14-0-4 contains materials relating to ASG's involvement in the women's suffrage movement, including a copy of letters patent incorporating the Canadian Suffrage Association (April 1912) in which ASG is named as one of the founding directors; "The History of the Formation of the National Council of Women of Canada" (1931) by ASG; "A Synopsis of Woman Suffrage in Canada" ([193?]) by Hilda Ridley, with ASG's manuscript inscription "I gave the material to Miss Ridley to write this synopsis"; a copy of the Constitution of the Canadian Suffrage Association ([1912?]); a delegate's badge and ribbon for the Annual Convention of State and National Woman Suffrage Association (October 13-21, 1908, Buffalo N.Y.); a delegate's badge and ribbon for the 31st Annual Meeting of the National Council of Women of Canada (October 8-15, 1924, Toronto); a delegate's ribbon for the World's Congresses of 1893 - Department of Women's Progress; and a draft membership card and membership application form for enrolment in the "Canadian Women's Suffrage Association (The League for Representative Government)".

File TW 14-0-5 contains materials relating to ASG's education: lecture attendance certificates for the School of Practical Science, Toronto (1878-79), the Toronto School of Medicine (1879-1882), and the Toronto General Hospital (1879-80); a certificate of matriculation issued by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (May 1879); and graduation diplomas issued to ASG (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) and her husband, Dr. J.B. Gullen (Trinity College, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) April 1883.

File TW 14-0-6 contains various ribbons documenting ASG's service as a member of the Toronto Public School Board: Toronto Public School Board Member (1893), Public School Games Trustee (June 29, 1895), and Public School Games Judge (June 29, 1895).

File TW 14-0-7 contains miscellaneous materials relating to ASG: a copy of ASG's autograph; a list of ASG papers in the custody of her executor and nephew F.C. Gullen (March 1953); a greeting card with a portrait of Isabel Marjoribanks, Lady Aberdeen, as a child; and a copy of an article by Kathleen Smith "Dr. Augusta Stowe Gullen: A Pioneer of Social Conscience" CMAJ June 15, 1982, Vol. 126. pp. 1465-67.

Stowe-Gullen, Augusta

Dr. Lionel T. Armstrong papers

This series consists of lectures and reprints of articles and papers by Dr. Lionel T. Armstrong, Head of the TWH Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology from 1945/1946-1957.

Armstrong, Lionel T., 1898-1958

General administrative files

This sub-series consists of miscellaneous general administrative files created or maintained by the TWH/Atkinson School of Nursing and pertaining to the day-to-day operation of the School. There are gaps in the records for some of the files:
• Graduation programs (File TW 5-3-3) are missing for 1920-27, 1929-31, 1933-36, 1938, 1941, 1943, 1950, 1953-58, 1960.
• File 5-33-22 only contains minutes of the Charting Committee from 1949, 1952, 1959, 1961, 1965, and 1967.
• Programs for “Whites in Review” (File TW 5-3-24) are missing for 1958, 1960, and 1962-66.

File TW 5-3-4 includes an address to convocation by Robertson Davies from 1965. File TW 5-3-25 contains the publications Half a Century of Nursing at the TWH [1948?] and The Nurses Alumnae Association of the TWH: Diamond Jubilee 1898-1988 [1988]. Both pamphlets contain histories of the TWH and Grace Hospital Schools of Nursing

Toronto Western Hospital. School of Nursing

Grace Hospital records

This series consists of records created or maintained by the Grace Hospital and its predecessor, the Toronto Homeopathic Hospital, and of miscellaneous photographs of Grace Hospital staff, buildings, and facilities.

The series is divided into six sub-series:
TW 7-1 Annual Reports
TW 7-2 Treasurer's accounts journal and correspondence
TW 7-3 Women's Auxiliary records
TW 7-4 Grace Hospital Training School For Nurses records
TW 7-5 Photographs
TW 7-6 History

Toronto Homeopathic Hospital

Grace Hospital Training School For Nurses records

This series consists of records created or maintained by the Grace Hospital Training School for Nurses including a register of students and graduates, reports, handbooks, portraits of school administrators, curriculum, graduation exercises and speeches.

Grace Hospital (Toronto, Ont.). Training School for Nurses

Medical Advisory Committee fonds

Fonds consists of the bound minutes of the Medical Advisory Committees (or Boards) for the Toronto Western Hospital, the Toronto General Hospital, and later The Toronto Hospital. Minutes include discussions of by-laws, clinical policies, salaries, credentialing, and building/renovation projects; lists of appointments to staff and interns; sub-committee reports; and from time to time discussion of a patient and/or disciplinary action on staff.

The fonds includes five series:

7.1 Medical Advisory Committee Minutes / Toronto Western Hospital
7.2 Medical Advisory Board Minutes / Toronto General Hospital
7.3 Medical Advisory Committee Minutes / Toronto Hospital
7.4 Medical Advisory Board Minutes / Toronto Hospital
7.5 Ambulatory Care Committee Minutes

The Toronto Hospital. Medical Advisory Committee

Medical Advisory Committee Minutes / Toronto Western Hospital

Series consists of bound minutes from the Medical Advisory Committee of the Toronto Western Hospital, which were kept in the office of the Department of Medical-Legal Affairs of The Toronto Hospital after the merger between the Toronto Western and Toronto General Hospitals. Series also includes loose papers consisting of correspondence, minutes and reports, related to the merger of these hospitals.

Miscellaneous publications and minutes

Series consists of publications, minutes, correspondence, reports, and staff handbooks which were accumulated by the Department of Public Affairs and Communication. Files 2.9.48 to 2.9.52 appear to be correspondence and documents sent to Gloria Bishop, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications from the President’s Office.

Patient admission ledgers

Series consists of a bound volume of the Daily Record of the Operations of the Toronto Western Hospital from 1962-1981 and patient admission ledgers, also from the Toronto Western Hospital. Daily Records of Operations of the Toronto Western Hospital include the numbers of inpatients (adult male, adult female and infants), numbers admitted or births during the day, numbers of discharged during the day and numbers of deaths. The earlier patient admission ledgers include names of patients, their procedures, names of the surgeons and anaesthetists, and clinical information such as blood pressure. Later patient admission ledgers include registration numbers, name of patient, age, sex, date of admission and name of attending physician. File 5.5.8 is a computer printout that includes the additional information of medical record number and admitting diagnosis.


Series consists of photographs accumulated by the Public Affairs and Communications department from their predecessor departments. Files 3.6.1 to 3.6.5 are large composite class photographs of students in the Armed Service Radiologists School at the Toronto General Hospital. Files 3.6.6 to 3.6.7 are photographs that were originally mounted and framed for display and had exhibit captions affixed to the back of one of the frames. The caption for file 3.6.6 read:

Private Patient’s Pavilion, 1940
The first of a series of photographs taken in the early 1940s. Most likely taken as a marketing tool for the Private Patient’s Pavilion (now called the Main Pavilion). View taken from the south, the Fell Pavilion now sits on the driveway.

The caption for file 3.6.7 read:

New Aid for Medical Research, circa 1967
“One of the world’s most powerful electron microscopes has been installed in Canada’s leading cancer research centre as the centennial gift of The Canada Life Assurance Company. Here Dr. T.C. Brown, chief pathologist of Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, examines the 3,200-pound instrument with A. H. Lemmon, president of Canada Life and president of the Canadian Life Insurance Association. The EM 300 will be used in the fight against cancer, arthritis, muscle degeneration, and diseases of the kidney, liver and skin. It is capable of magnifying an image 500,000 times.” 1967 photograph label.

School of Nursing records

Series consists of various records created and maintained by the TWH School of Nursing and the Atkinson School of Nursing at the TWH, and of photographs depicting School staff, students, facilities and activities. The series is divided into six sub-series:

TW 5-1 Annual reports to Ontario Department of Health/ College of Nurses of Ontario
TW 5-2 Monthly/ quarterly reports to Ontario Department of Health
TW 5-3 General administrative files
TW 5-4 Photographs
TW 5-5 Scrapbooks
TW 5-6 Yearbooks

Toronto Western Hospital. School of Nursing

TGH-TWH Merger records

Series consists of two files of documentation related to the merger between the Toronto General Hospital and the Toronto Western Hospital accumulated by the Vice-President, Finance, Mr. J. Elliott. Records in file 5.3.1 include correspondence and reports on the positions of various University of Toronto and Hospital Departments regarding the proposed merger; scattered issues of Merger News, a newsletter produced by the office of W. Vickery Stoughton, President, TGH; copies of draft merger agreements; news releases; related appendices from Board of Trustees meetings; the final version of the Report of the Marotta Committee Regarding the TGH-TWH Merger; and newspaper clippings. Records in file 5.3.2 include copies of various Bills and Bylaws; a copy of a Banking Resolution approved by the Board of Trustees at its monthly meeting on December 16, 1986; a list of Board of Trustees with information on when they were first appointed and their base hospital; and Terms of Reference and membership lists of the various Committees of the Board as of October 21, 1986.

Toronto Western Hospital Auxiliary records

This series consists of documents and photographs created and maintained by the Toronto Western Hospital Auxiliary and its predecessor bodies, the TWH Women's Auxiliary, the TWH Women's Board, and the TWH Ladies' Board.

The series is divided into 11 sub-series:

TW 6-1 Meetings
TW 6-2 Financial records
TW 6-3 Gift Shop Committee records
TW 6-4 Photographs
TW 6-5 Administrative records
TW 6-6 Membership records
TW 6-7 Correspondence
TW 6-8 Publicity and fundraising records
TW 6-9 House Committee report book
TW 6-10 History
TW 6-11 Scrapbooks

Toronto Western Hospital. Auxiliary

Toronto Western Hospital Board of Trustees Minutes

Series consists of minutes of the Toronto Western Hospital’s Board of Governors (1896-1967)/ Board of Trustees (1968-1986) which had been kept as seven volumes, six of which were locked binders. Some minutes from the Building Committee, Finance Committee, Executive Committee, Joint Conference Committee and other special committees are included. Minutes in each volume or file are in reverse chronological order.

Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital ephemera collection

  • CA ON00343 TWH-EC
  • Collection
  • 1909-1976

The Toronto Western Hospital ephemera collection is an assembly of material in various formats that have been accumulated by the UHN Archives from a variety of disparate sources including, but not limited to, family members of former staff or students, other repositories, or anonymous donations. Collection consists of photographs and publications. Material in the collection relates to the history of the hospital, its staff or students. Material is arranged by accession. No particular order has been imposed by the Archivist.

File 1 includes photographs of TWH Residents, ca. 1937.

Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital fonds

  • CA ON00343 TW fonds
  • Fonds
  • 1894-1986

The fonds is arranged into 27 series:

TW 1. Board of Governors/Board of Trustees records
TW 2. Office of The Superintendent records
TW 3. Medical Staff records
TW 4. Department of Nursing records
TW 5. School of Nursing records
TW 6. Toronto Western Hospital Auxiliary records
TW 7. Grace Hospital records
TW 8. Personnel records
TW 9. Publications
TW 10. Internal Committee files
TW 11. Photographs
TW 12. Building Campaign records
TW 13. Architectural plans and drawings
TW 14. Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen papers
TW 15. Dr. Lionel T. Armstrong papers
TW 16. Arthur J. Swanson papers
TW 17. Dr. G. Harvey Agnew papers
TW 18. Department of Radiology records
TW 19. Department of Medicine records
TW 20. Dietary/ Food Services Department records
TW 21. Department of Anaesthesia records
TW 22. Department of Pathology research study
TW 23. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine photographs
TW 24. Department of Obstetrics And Gynecology Annual Report
TW 25. Research Office reports
TW 26. Miscellaneous records on the hospital’s history
TW 27. Department of Finance records

Toronto Western Hospital

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