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Sangeetha Gnagnavel
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Fonds Sangeetha Gnagnavel

  • CA ON00431 F4-SG
  • Fundo
  • 2019-2021

The drawings were made in 2020 and 2021. The family's first item contributions to CDIC was in July 2020, and an additional one in 2021.

Five red tulips

Four tulips made with fork prints with shades of green and blue in the background. School activity by Rishi, grade 5, 2020.

Four tulips

Four tulips made with fork prints. The grass is a stripe of green paper attached with scotch tape. By Sahana, 2020.

Sun over house

Simple lines house and sun. Strips of yellow paper attached with scotch tape inside the sun. By Sahana, 2020.


Large bag of popcorn. The bag has eyes and one popcorn flies off. By Sahana, 2020.


Curvy ghost that says "Boo". By Sahana, 2020.

Mushroom house

Inspired by a toy. Red, white dotted, round roof, window and blue door. By Sahana, 2020.

I love

Three figures of self portrait, with the note "I love Sahana". By Shana, 2020.

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