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Long, Norman Thomas Family and personal life
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Alfred Henry Clark Long Papers

Series consists of correspondence, legal documents, and financial documents pertaining to the life and estate of Alfred Henry Clark Long, 1888-1972. It also includes: A.H.C. Long Insurance Agent Licence/Photograph, 1899; Alfred Long Report Card, 1888; A.H.C. Long Chairman of Town Property Committee Announcement, 1918; Patient Chart regarding Mr. Long's stay at St. Luke's Home in Vancouver with Typhoid c1901; and Mr. A.H.C. Long Calling Card.

Alfred Henry Long of the Midland Regiment Papers

File consists of the military papers of Alfred H.C. Long, 1910-1916. It includes: Certificate of Military Instruction, Infantry Branch, 1910; 46th Regiment, School of Signaling, Certificate of Military Instruction, 28 Apr 1911; Certificate of Military Instruction 24 Jun 1913; 46th Regiment, Certificate of Military Instruction, Field Officer, 1916; Certificate of Military Instruction of Musketry Instruction, 1916; Regimental Fund Account, 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, C. E. F. 1915-1916; Battalion Order # 112. Second page duplicated. Syllabus of training, May 13, 1916 Commanding 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, Port Hope; Militia Orders, 21 May 1910, A. H. C. Long listed, 46th Regiment; Appointments, Promotions and Retirements, Canadian Militia, 1914; Letter to Major A. H. C. Long, junior Major from Lt. Col. R. W. Smart regarding Smart's resignation, 1916.

Brig. Gen. George H. Ralston Family Papers

Series consists of newspaper clippings and correspondence related to the family of Brigadier General George H. Ralston, of Hill and Dale, c1900-1984. It includes: obituaries, a Christmas card signed Billy and Elyse Ralston, Certificate of Registration of Birth for John Stewart Harrah Ralston (1903), and correspondence addressed to General and Mrs. Ralston.

Col. Arthur T.H. Williams Research

Series consists of various research, notes, newspaper clippings, and correspondence created by N. Tom Long related to Col. Arthur Trefusis Heneage Williams. It also contains notices related to Sarah S. Williams (nee Ward), Phyllis Williams Arnoldi, William Fraser, and John Tucker Williams.

Diaries of Alfred Long, 1898-1902

Series consists of three (3) diaries of Alfred H. C. Long, born in Port Hope and spent time in western Canada. It includes: (1) September 1, 1898 Port Hope; (2) October 1899, Port Hope; (3) 1900-1902.

Edna Alice Long (nee Gibson) Papers

Series consists of papers belonging to Edna Alice Long (nee Gibson), 1891-1969. It includes: Baby's Record from The Toronto Mail, 1891; Marriage Certificate to Alfred H.C. Long, 1913; Canada Registration Card, 1918; Certificate of Confirmation from St. Mark's Church, 1927; Birth Certificate (registered 1961); Correspondence re: Old Age Security, 1961; Certificate of Appreciation from Port Hope & District Hospital Auxiliary, 1969; Funeral Notice from Ross Funeral Chapel, 1969; Obituary, 1969.

Herbert Kitchener Long Papers

Series consists of papers belonging to Herbert Kitchener Long, 1925-1942. It includes: marriage announcements of H.K. Long to Marguerite Snell, 1942; Port Hope Public School Report Card, 1925; Port Hope High School Report Cards, 1928-1932; Port Hope High School Admission Certificate, 1927; Letter addressed to "Twoie," undated (on Christmas letterhead). It also includes obituaries from the Port Hope Evening Guide for Herbert K. Long.

J.T. Stephenson Book of Psalms and New Testament

File consists of two (2) volumes: Book of Psalms and The New Testament (only Matthew and Mark). Both volumes are inscribed with the following message: "To my aunt Miss J T Stephenson A Souvenir of my visit to Canada in the summer of 1860" dated "Port Hope 28 Sep 60."

Keith Alfred Long Papers

Series consists of papers belonging to Keith Alfred Long, 1923-1940. It includes: a hand-drawn calendar for Mar 1923; Christmas Essay Competition in the Port Hope Times, 1926; Ontario Rugby Football Union Certificate, 1929; Port Hope High School Admission Certificate, 1927; Cadet Signalling Certificate, 1926; Military Departmental Staff Record, 1940; Letter addressed to "Twoie," undated.

Long Collection Photograph Album

Series consists of a thirty-six (36) page photograph album, with fifteen (15) pages of black and white and sepia coloured photographs. Photographs include Walton Street, Drill Shed on Queen Street, Midland Railway station, 1878 flood, rural scenes, unidentified family portraits. It also includes images from Cleveland.

Long Family Collection

  • CA ON00154 2015.25
  • Fonds
  • 1817-1992

Fonds consists of papers and photographs from the Long Family Collection. It includes materials created and accumulated by: Alfred H. Long (military publications, letter books), N. Tom Long (local history research files, St. Lawrence Hotel plan, directories, photographs), Geo. Wilson (memoirs, correspondence re: Port Hope Evening Guide, Wilson family photographs), and Brig. Gen. George H. Ralston. For more detailed information refer to series-level descriptions.

Long Family Estate Papers

Series consists of the estate papers, including financial records, obituaries and correspondence, for Sarah Jane Long (nee Clark), Thomas Long Sr., John H. Clark, and Alfred Henry Clark Long, 1894-1941. The lawyer for the family estates was Duncan H. Chisholm of Port Hope.

Long Family Invitations, Programs and Publications

Series consists of various documents belonging to Alfred Henry Clark Long and N. Thomas Long, 1902-1985. It includes: Ink Blotters; Invitation to Mr. Geo. B. Henwood "Farewell Dinner," 1902 - and menu signed by guests; Invitation to Opening of Parliament, 26 Feb 1920; Port Hope High School "My Fair Lady" Program, 1966 (featuring Robin Long); Rameses Temple Christmas Menu, 1904; Remembrance Day Service Program, 9 Nov 1947; G.C. "Dutch" Brown Retirement Program, 14 Jun 1985; "Officers' Mess" The Midland Regiment, 1949; "1939-1945: The Cassino Memorial, Introduction to the Register"; "Canada's Veteran War Horses," 1933; "The Burns Society of the City of New York," Jan 1902.

"Memoirs of My Life" by George Wilson

Series consists of a type-written copy of "Memoirs of My Life" by George Wilson, c1862. It was written in Montreal, and dedicated to Sarah (his wife). The series also includes one edition of the Port Hope Evening Guide (17 Jun 1929), as published by Geo. Wilson.

Royal Family Deaths Research

Series consists of newspaper clippings related to the deaths of King George V, King George VI, Edward VIII (later Duke of Windsor), and Wallis Simpson (later Duchess of Windsor), c1935-1986. It also includes the following publications: "A Form of Prayer and of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the Protection Afforded to His Majesty King George V of Great Britain during the Twenty-five Years of his Auspicious Reign," 6 May 1935; "Memorial Service" for King George V, 1936 (Montreal); "The Form and Order of the Service that is to be performed and the ceremonies that are to be observed in the Coronation of their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Abbey Church of S. Peter Westminster on Wednesday the 12th Day of May 1937."

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