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Canadian National Exhibition
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Artifact Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2008

The collection consists of artifacts pertaining to the Canadian National Exhibition, Exhibition Place, and related events and bodies. Artifacts are predominantly Midway prizes, exhibitor promotional materials, and CNE souvenirs.

Biographical Photo Negative Collection

  • Collection
  • 1912-1980

Collection consists of over four hundred (400) glass and film negatives, depicting various personalities, figures, and events at the Canadian National Exhibition. There is a finding aid for this collection in Binder #5.

Blotter Collection

  • Collection
  • [between 1925-1950]

Collection consists of an assortment of blotters that were once handed out at the Canadian National Exhibition. Blotters are arranged by item, according to the sequence in which they were previously catalogued.

Canapress Collection

  • Collection
  • 1986

The photos in this collection cover virtually all aspects of the 1986 CNE.

CNE Archives Photograph Collection

  • Collection
  • 1841-1995

The CNE Archives Photograph Collection, C 1, consists of approximately 4.5 m of photographic records, or 15,049 photographic images. The provenance and original order of the photographic images comprising this collection are unknown. This artificial collection was created in an attempt to make these photographs accessible to researchers. To accomplish this, the CNE Archives imposed a logical arrangement on the material at the file and series levels.
The first series, Print Subject Files, C 1-0-1, consists of approximately 8,569 photographic prints organized in files and arranged alphabetically by subject. The second series, Negative Subject Files, C 1-0-2, consists of approximately 3,240 negatives also organized in files and arranged alphabetically by subject.
Series C 1-0-3, Albums, consists of four albums containing approximately 928 colour photographic images pertaining to the Canadian National Exhibition for the years 1976, 1978, and 1981.
Series C 1-0-4, CNE Photo Contest, consists of six albums containing a total of approximately 2,021 photographic images, and 291 loose prints in file folders. Five albums contain colour prints, and one contains colour slides of photographs taken by the public during the 1985 CNE (August 14 to September 2) for the Toronto Star's "A Day in the Life of the Ex" photo contest.

CNE Art Catalogue Collection

  • Collection

The CNE Art Catalogue Collection consists of art exhibition catalogues spanning the years 1879 - 1974. The collection is arranged chronologically.
Each catalogue includes information on the art and artists included in the exhibition, and often include examples of some of the works.

CNE Film Collection

  • Collection
  • 1927-1981

The CNE Film Collection, C 24, is arranged and described at the item level. The collection is comprised of 329 reels of 16mm and 35mm film. These moving images have been captured on black-and-white, and colour acetate and polyester film stocks, and are either silent or have optical or magnetic soundtracks. The films are positives, with a small number of negatives. This collection has a mix of different film elements: original colour and b&w reversal, reversal prints, colour prints, duplicate negatives, original negatives, track negatives, full coat magnetic negatives, duplicate prints, workprints, and release prints. There are actuality films in the collection that were made by outside production companies in the 1930s through the 1950s and used to promote the CNE. They are copies.
The collection documents the annual Canadian National Exhibition during the years 1927 to 1981. It also includes some non-CNE films pertaining to the upkeep and development of Exhibition Park and the off-season uses of the grounds.
The moving images focus primarily on the annual Canadian National Exhibition and its events. The predominate themes of these images are: crowds on the midway, midway rides, the Canadian International Air Show, grandstand performances, Dufferin and Princes' Gates, and promos for the following year's exhibition.
Other CNE events shown in these films include the Warriors' Day Parade, Labour Day parades, flower shows, agriculture shows, car shows, fashion shows, exhibit booths, firework displays, waterfront shows and international exhibits.

CNE Official Badge Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2011

Collection consists of badges that were issued to staff, CNEA members, and judges through the course of the CNE's history. There is a finding aid for this collection in Binder 2.

CNE Ribbon Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2000

This collection contains prize ribbons won as part of various competitions held during the Canadian National Exhibition. They are arranged alphabetically by title of ribbon and by year.

File 9 - Costumed Characters

Files consists of photographs of Hedi the female bear mascot of the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics at the Canadian National Exhibition, a man on a unicycles dressed as a female clown and an unidentified mascot in a parade possibly Downtown Toronto, a tall bear mascot and a man in a American Revolution outfit promoting the 1985 Super Bowl between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots possibly on Yonge Street, an alien mascot at a photography convention, Fred Flintstone and Yogi bear, off-site promoting Canada's Wonderland, a werewolf at a fun house, a frog possibly promoting private French language education, and a ninja on the northeast corner of Yonge and Bloor.

Galbraith Photo Company

  • Collection
  • 1903-1906

The prints and negatives in the collection cover the early years of the Canadian National Exhibition and document events, crowds and early exhibition buildings. Most of the images appear to be original prints but may be duplicates. Eight images are mounted on double-sided boards which were originally part of a bound presentation album assembled for members of the CNE Association and visiting dignitaries.

Horton/Galbraith Collection

  • Collection
  • 1902-1914

The prints and negatives in the collection cover the early years of the Canadian National Exhibition and document events, crowds and early exhibition buildings.

James A. Coote Collection

  • Collection
  • 1914-1917

The negatives in this collection document Exhibition Camp during the First World War.

John Boyd Photographs

  • Collection
  • [c.1915-1929]

The prints in the collection cover the early years of the Canadian National Exhibition and document events, crowds and early exhibition buildings. Several were taken in the "off season" when the CNE was not in operation. The images appear to be original prints but may be duplicates.

Official Agricultural Programs and Catalogues Collection

  • Collection
  • 1883-1990

Series consists of official programs and catalogues for the Agriculture Department. Included are programs and catalogues for a variety of agricultural and livestock events and competitions, as well as catalogues for Livestock Auctions.
Non-Program and Catalogue printed materials relating to Agriculture events, such as pamphlets and advertising, can be found in the Printed Materials Collection.

Postcard Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2008

The Postcard Collection, C 25, consists of 56 files containing approximately 700 postcards. The file names are based on CNE or Exhibition Place building names or the names of shows and events that have taken place on the grounds over the years. There is one file that contains postcard sets and within the sets, various subjects are represented.

Presidents' Portrait Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2008

Collection consists of copy negatives of portraits of past CNE presidents, and one vice president. The collection is organized chronologically, the date range indicating the years in which that president was in office.

Printed Material Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2008

The Printed Material Collection is an amalgamation from many sources, brought together from stray materials, through culling projects and from subsequent acquisitions. This artificial collection was created to make these materials accessible to researchers and staff, as previously they were scattered and unrecorded.
The Collection is comprised of seven series based on format: CNE General Printed Material, CNE Exhibitor Promotional Material, Off-Season Printed Material, CNE-Related Printed Material, Invitations and Menus, Sheet Music, and Newsletters. Within each series, items are catalogued at the file level and are arranged chronologically.

Prize List Collection

  • Collection
  • 1879-2008

The Prize List Collection consists of prize lists produced by the CNE for various departments, events and competitions. The collection is arranged chronologically, except where unavoidable.

Scrapbook Collection

  • Collection
  • 1954-1970

Collection consists of scrapbooks containing information on the Canadian National Exhibition, Exhibition Place, and a variety of events, particularly Stock Car Racing.
The Collection is made up of two series: CNE Scrapbooks and Stock Car Racing Scrapbooks.

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