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Archival description
CA ON00340 F3707-3 · Series · 1980-2011
Part of Reed Family fonds

Series consists of Missionary Kids in West China / Missionary Kids and The Canadian School in West China Newsletter, 1998-2011, correspondence, letters, clippings.

Minutes and Correspondence
CA ON00340 F566-1 · Series · 1874-1930
Part of United Church of Canada Committees on Law and Legislation

Series consists of Minutes of the Committee on Law and Legislation, 1921-1942, correspondence and letterbooks of committees’ and church lawyers, 1927-1936, minutes of the Joint Committee on Church Union, 1923-1927; records on Church Union Legislation, Commissions and Miscellaneous, 1874-1930.

Legal Issues
CA ON00340 F566-5 · Series · 1926-1968
Part of United Church of Canada Committees on Law and Legislation

Series consists of non property/property files covering legal issues, 1927-1968, boards, departments and committees, 1926-1964; and property and estate files and enquiries of the church barrister Armond T. Whitehead, 1942-1949.

Personnel Records
CA ON00340 F518-4 · Series · [195-]-2005
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

In 1971 the Division of Ministry and Education added the term “Personnel” to its name. The term was added to reflect the need within the United Church to improve the method and quality of pastoral care for persons in ministry. Henceforth ministry personnel were managed by a number of areas within DMPE, including high level departments and committees such as the Personnel Services, Personnel Advocacy and Support, and the Pastoral Relations Committee. The advocacy of particular types of ministers was often overseen by smaller committees and areas such as Women in Ministry and Diaconal Ministry Committee.

This series contains strictly ministry personnel files. Subseries includes: 1) Individual Personnel Files, 2) Ministry Candidate Files, 1960-1980, 3) Lay Ministry Personnel, [195-]-2005, 4) Ministers Ordained from Other Denominations, 1965-1971, 5) Chaplains, 1995-2000, 6) Personnel Transfers, 1982-1983.

CA ON00340 F518-7 · Series · 1969-2004
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

In 1971 following the Implementation Committee’s Report on the Commission on Ministry in the 20th Century and the establishment of an office of Pastoral Relations, DMPE’s work proceeded in that area to regularize the methods of communication both to ministers and to Pastoral Charges concerning call and settlement of ministers. Studies were established on retraining and rehabilitation for ministers who were not successful in being located in congregational employment and a number of persons received assistance, retraining and rehabilitation (1972 yearbook). In 1975 the National Pastoral Relations Committee developed a new policy on personnel and procedures for admissions and readmissions and DMPE helped to make those policies available in a handbook for Conference Personnel Officers.

Series consists of records concerning DMPE work in the area of pastoral relations and has three subseries: 1) Office Files, Historical Files and Resources, 1971-2003, 2) Pastoral Relations Committee, 1964-2004, 3) Admissions, 1969-1999.

CA ON00340 F518-10 · Series · 1978-1997
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

The 27th General Council’s passed a resolution that the Division of Mission in Canada and the Division of Ministry Personnel and Education should provide decisive direction in the area of training for leadership in Native settlements. A joint staff group from both divisions was formed called the Task Force on Native Ministry Training. The role of the task force was to survey the situation and develop resources for Conferences to improve native ministry training. In 1980 there was a National Native Ministry Consultation, planned in part by members of this task group. The purpose of the consultation was to allow Native communities to express their concerns on ministry. In light of their concerns, DMPE formed a standing committee to address their concerns by formalizing training for native ministry and providing support, financial and administrative in this area.

Series consists of two subseries: 1) Secretary and Office Files, 1979-1997, 2) Training for Native Ministry Committee, 1978-1990.

CA ON00340 F518-16 · Series · 1960-1991
Part of United Church of Canada Division of Ministry Personnel and Education fonds

Continuing education has been a valued aspect of UC ministry since union. In 1928 the General Council asked theological schools to provide continuing education for their graduates. The 1968 General Council cemented continuing education by providing three weeks continuing education leave for all ministry personnel. They also created the Continuing Education Fund where money could be made available to underwrite some of the costs involved. The Continuing Education Fund was administered by DMPE. DMPE held the portfolio of continuing education for all if its existence, and the following records reflect the work of the division to foster continuing education by maintaining programs and providing funding.

Series consists of three series: 1) Secretary and Office Files, 1960-1983, 2) Continuing Education Committee, 1969-1991, 3) Colleges and Training Schools, 1968-1981.

CA ON00340 F1067-3 · Series · 2012-2015
Part of United Church of Canada Shining Waters Presbytery

Series consists of correspondence, property records, reports, surveys, grant applications, financial and other records of pastoral charges and local congregations, including; Peterborough: George St. and St. Andrew’s; Peterborough: Mark Street; Peterborough: St. James; Peterborough: St. Matthew’s, and Warsaw.

Partners in Asia
CA ON00340 F552-4 · Series · 1978-2012
Part of United Church of Canada Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit fonds

Under the major reorganization of 2002, work related to Asia was moved to the Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit. Work in the Unit was overseen by Area Secretaries (2002-2004), then Program Coordinators (2005-2010). From 2002-2003, work related to Asia was divided into South Asia/Pacific Islands and East Asia/Philippines. For 2004, work was divided into South Asia and East Asia/Philippines. In 2005, work was spread between South Asia/Pacific and Asia. In 2006, it was divided into South Asia/Pacific, and East/South-East Asia. In 2007 it changed to one Program Coordinator for East and South-East Asia. From 2008-2010, work fell under Asia. From 2010 until the end of 2012, work related to Asia was part of the Partners in Mission Unit. The Asia program was overseen by Program Coordinator, Bern Jagunos.

In 2013, the Communities in Ministry and Partners in Mission units were merged to create Church in Mission. In the Church in Mission Unit, work related to Asia was a part of Church in Partnership, the work divided up by Team Leaders and Program Coordinators.

Series consists of the following subseries: Office Files, 1978-2011; Records re Partners in Asia, 1986-2013; Records re Ecumenical Organizations and Partnerships, 1999-2012.

CA ON00340 F552-7 · Series · 1973-2014
Part of United Church of Canada Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit fonds

Work relating to Overseas Mission personnel was transferred from the former Division of World Outreach unit to the newly formed Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations unit in 2002. The unit coordinated the sending and receiving of mission personnel as an expression of partnership in God’s mission. Global mission personnel sent and received by the United Church symbolizes the church’s commitment to provide solidarity and to nurture global partnership, to enable the sharing of faith perspectives, to share skills, and to engage people in the work for global justice.

The cluster was titled Global Mission Personnel from 2002-2004, then the People in Partnership from 2005-2012. Patricia Talbot was Program Officer: Global Mission Personnel from 2002-2004, and Program Coordinator: People in Partnership, from 2005-2012.

In 2013, People in Partnership became part of the Church in Mission Unit.

Subseries consists of Administration and Office Files, 1987-2014; Records of Committees, 1997-2011; Personnel Files, 1992-2015; Scholarship Files, Records Relating to Scholarships, 1987-2012; Records Relating to Mutuality in Mission, 1973-1998.

CA ON00340 F552-8 · Series · 1992-2013
Part of United Church of Canada Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit fonds

Work of the Education for Justice unit originated in the Education for Engagement unit of the Division of World Outreach. Work was transferred to the Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations unit when it was created in 2002.

This unit worked in close co-operation with Conferences to support groups and individuals in congregations, presbyteries, and Conferences by providing information and justice education resources that enable involvement in and connection between global and local justice issues. Principal vehicles were Mandate magazine and the mission theme. It also enabled people-to-people links through programs like Face to Face and supported mission interpretation by overseas personnel in Conferences and exposures trips by United Church groups to partners overseas.

The Justice portfolio was a part of Refugees, Immigration and Justice from 2002-2005. During 2005, JGER reorganized the educational work within the unit to better coordinate and integrate education about Canadian and global social justice issues, as well as to provide further support for United church members wanting to directly engage with global partners. Two new portfolios, Education for Justice and People in Mission, were created, and Education for Engagement ended. This reorganization provided opportunity for increased educational initiatives like Water in Focus.

Series consists of the following subseries: Records re Global Education Development, 2002-2013; Records re Education for Engagement, 1992-2010; Records re Education for Justice, 1997-2011.