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Sister Marie Celine Janisse sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 F01-SF12
  • Seção/Subfundo
  • 1969-2005

Sous-fonds consists of artwork created by Sister Marie Celine Janisse, including pencil sketches and originals and prints of watercolour paintings. There is also personal correspondence, poetry, journal entries, and reflections, written both during and after her missions in Peru and Nicaragua. There are photographs, the majority in albums, of Sister Marie Celine’s artwork and of the Sisters with whom she worked. There is also a journal kept by Sister Marie Celine during a trip to the Holy Land.

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Whitby Dunlops collection

  • CA ON00329 F 06
  • Coleção
  • 1953-2012

Collection consists of memorabilia and material pertaining primarily to the activities of the Whitby Dunlops during the team's active years from 1957 to 1959. There is also material which relates to anniversaries and other events in the years following the team's dissolution in 1960. Collection is comprised of 8 series including: Programs, Publications, Ephemera and artifacts, Team information, Events, Diary of Kay Irwin, Postcards and photographs, and Video.

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Snow storm

Scribble coving the entire sheet. Consellor's note says: Snow storm.

Me dreaming

Six family members and ghost. Angry father at upper left corner. Notes indicate effects of others.


Consellor's notes: Clouds, trunkless elephant, teddy bear.

Cloud and boy

Pouring cloud above boy on grass. Consellor's note: boy's nipples, navel and penis.

Crowned dad

Crowned daddy brings flower to mother, by Caroline, 6.


Character has dark face and dark sweater, by Nancy, 4


Several circle shapes, 29 Jan 1982, by Nancy, 3

Rabbit, devil, house

Consellor's note: Rabbit above devil, house, and warning to mother to get inside


Under house, four family members. Signed by Christine, 7, grade 2.


Heart, sun, tree, house, stove, animals and five family members. By Caroline, 6.


Five sun or spider-like figures, by Nancy, 4.


Scribble made on 12 Oct 1980, by Nancy, 20 months


Person with a dark head, bird like arms and feet, no trunk but visible nipples and navel, undated, initialled.

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