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Medaille Retreat House and grounds in London, Ontario.
Medaille Retreat House series
Three Sisters in traditional habits. The Sister who is sitting has a black veil and is holding a book. The Sister next to her who is standing has a white veil. The Sister next to her, also standing, has a shorter black veil and is not wearing a white bib like the other two Sisters.
Formation series
Arial view of Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse in London, Ontario.
Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse series
Front view of Sacred Heart Convent in London, Ontario.
Sacred Heart Convent series
Side view of Mount Hope with wrought iron fence around it, in London, Ontario.
Mount Hope Motherhouse series
A Sister in traditional habit standing in front of a group of chldren wearing choir robes.
Diocese of London School of Christ series
Front view of the Hellmuth College building with the chapel on the side, in London, Ontario.
Hellmuth College/Mount St. Joseph series
A drawing of a tree with branches labelled showing how the Sisters of St. Joseph branched out from France to the United States and Canada.
History series
Man in white jacket conducting orchestra of Sisters in habits on a stage, with an audience in foreground.
Sisters of St. Joseph Concert Band sous-fonds
A Sister in a habit sitting with five students in school uniforms.
Mount Saint Joseph Academy sous-fonds
Student sitting at piano with Sister in traditional habit beside her, pointing at sheet music with a small pointer.
St. Joseph's School of Music sous-fonds
Sister in traditional habit at front door of Fontbonne Hall in London, Ontario, with two women and a child.
Fontbonne Hall sous-fonds
Sister Rose Mindorff seated on left with Sister Mary Anthony Hartleib wearing a modified habit and seated on right. Both are wearing corsages.
Sister Mary Anthony Hartleib sous-fonds
Sister Margaret Ferris wearing the congregational pin and a corsage.
Sister Margaret Ferris sous-fonds
Sister Eveline Gagner wearing the congregational pin and a corsage standing in front of a chalkboard.
Sister Eveline Gagner sous-fonds
Sister Marie Celine Janisse making prints in Peru.
Sister Marie Celine Janisse sous-fonds
Sister Mary Leo Kirwin wearing the congregational pin and a corsage.
Sister Mary Leo Kirwin sous-fonds
Sister Mary Lillian Kuntz wearing a crucifix pin and a corsage.
Sister Mary Lillian Kuntz sous-fonds
Front view of St. Joseph's Hospital in Galahad, Alberta.
Galahad Hospital, Alta. fonds
View of front of original Killam Hospital building in Killam, Alberta.
Killam General Hospital, Alta. fonds
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