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Archival description
Bailey family fonds
CA ON00329 F 14 · Fonds · 1935-1979

Fonds contains records created by and for various members of the Bailey family, including photographs and textual material. Series are divided by the member of the family who created the material. Fonds consists of the following series: Harry Bailey, Russell O. Bailey, and Lillian Rutherford.

Bailey family
Charlie Baker fonds
Fonds · 1933-2000

Fonds contains a collection of diaries created by Charles "Charlie" Smith Baker, who lived in Belmont, Ontario for over 57 years. Fonds also contains a rough draft of manuscript titled "Charlie: Memoirs of a Belmont Farmboy" written by D.A. Sale, which summarizes Charlie's life and each of his diaries. Fonds also includes miscellaneous material including correspondence, ephemera, newspaper clippings and photographs.

Baker, Charles Smith
Edwin Vivian fonds
Fonds · 1892- 1898, 1902, 1906-1907

Fonds consists of diaries written by Edwin Walker Vivian. Edwin writes about the weather, his daily chores and his activities including the literary club and skating. The fonds also contains school examination certificates and family photographs.

CA ON00159 P145 · Fonds · [ca. 1960] (originaux 1914-1920)

Composé d’un cahier de photocopies des notes personnelles de Joseph Alphonse Lévesque pour les années 1918-1920, et d’un dossier de photocopies de spicilèges sur différentes questions d’actualité, ce fonds d’archives témoigne des pensées, convictions et réflexions de Lévesque, tant sur le plan personnel que politique et religieux. De plus, plusieurs passages nous renseignent sur différents aspects de la vie familiale.

A été photocopié et relié avec ce journal intime, un carnet de notes (1914-1917) en tant que juge de Paix à Bonfield. Ces notes nous renseignent sur le genre de causes entendues et décisions rendues par le juge de Paix, J.A. Lévesque.

Lévesque, Joseph Alphonse
Item · 1857-1878

The fonds consists of twelve diaries created by George Abbot Gray between the years 1857 and 1878.

Gray, George Abbot
Giles-Hallock Family fonds
Item · 1856 – [before 1943]

The fonds consists of the following series:

    Series 1: Diaries (belonging to Leola Giles)
Series 2: Photographs
Series 3: Miscellaneous
Giles-Hallock family
John D. Evans fonds
CA ON00159 P218 · Fonds · 1890

The John D. Evans fonds consists of a transcript of Evans’ 1890 diary. The diary informs us on his daily activities in Trenton but also in Copper Cliff at the Canadian Copper Company. Not only do the notes report on his activities as engineer and manager at the CCC and the development of the mining sites in the area, but they also document his interest and findings on insects, and his involvement in the development of the city.

Evans, John Dunlop
Joseph Peers fonds
Item · 1865-1878

The fonds consists of four diaries created by Joseph Peers, of East Oxford Township, between the years 1865 and 1878.

Peers, Joseph Lewis
CA ON00318 A 3 · Fonds · 1867

Series A 3/1/1: Diary, 26 fol. Diary entitled "Trip to Fort William on Lake Superior, Aug. 1, 1867". Anonymous handwritten entries commence 1 Aug. and run to 5 Sept. 1867 and describe a trip from Collingwood across the north shore of Lake Superior to Fort William including stops along the way and life aboard the steamer Algoma. Fellow passengers and life and people at Fort William are also described

Stuart L. Thompson fonds
CA ON00259 SC52 · Fonds · 1902-1969

The fonds consists of Stuart L. Thompson’s personal diaries in which he documents his daily life in the City of Toronto along with noting bird and mammal sightings. There are a number of special diaries documenting Thompson's various travels. The fonds also consists of bird sighting charts and of two items of Thompson’s correspondence. The fonds does not include two diaries documenting Thompson's overseas service during World War I.

Where specimens were collected, Thompson made a notation in his diary with a collection number. Several of the diaries have indexes of his collection at the back.

Thompson, Stuart Logan
Whitby Dunlops collection
CA ON00329 F 06 · Collection · 1953-2012

Collection consists of memorabilia and material pertaining primarily to the activities of the Whitby Dunlops during the team's active years from 1957 to 1959. There is also material which relates to anniversaries and other events in the years following the team's dissolution in 1960. Collection is comprised of 8 series including: Programs, Publications, Ephemera and artifacts, Team information, Events, Diary of Kay Irwin, Postcards and photographs, and Video.

Whitby Senior Hockey Club