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United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.
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Records relating to Administration and Finance

From its inception in 1968 the Division of Communication has been overseen by an Executive and a Secretary, later termed the General Secretary and Executive Minister. The Secretary and succeeding roles were the heads of the Division, and the Executive were responsible for communicating with other Division Secretaries as well as counterparts in other denominations. The Division Executive was comprised of members elected to that role by their Conference (1 per) and others elected according to function (such as Chair, Vice-chair, Committee/Taskforce Chairs etc.) by the General Council. The Executives were also responsible for setting policy and overall direction for the work to be carried out in the program units and by the staff of the Division. The Department of Finance and Administration was established in 1985 with responsibility for all of the accounting and budgeting within the Division. The department dissolved in 1993 and the work was adopted by the General Secretary’s office in 1994.

Series contains eight subseries: 1) Minutes, 1967-1999, 2) Reports, 1968-1990, 3) Correspondence, 1968-1983, 4) Financial Records, 1968-1998, 5) Office Files, 1967-2001, 6) Records of thee General Secretaries, 1968-2008, 7) Records of the Division Management Team, 1991-1998, 8) Records of the Communications Group, 2008-2012.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of CEMS Executive

Subseries contains records of the Executive including minutes of annual, executive and staff meetings, correspondence, correspondence of the responsible Associate Secretary, Robert Plant, and annual reports 1971-1997.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Correspondence of the Director of Press and Information/News Services/News and Public Relations

In 1968, the position of Director of Press and Information was created. Norman K. Vale held this position from 1968-1971, though the position title changed to Director of News Services in 1971. From 1971-1984, Alayne Scanlon held the position and the title change from News Services to Director of News and Public Relations in 1981.

Subseries contains correspondence and accompanying documents collected by the Directors 1973-1982.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records related to R.S.V.P. Telecasts

Respond by Sharing in a Variety of Projects (R.S.V.P.) Telecasts were fundraising campaigns to promote a million dollar increase in contributions to international aid and development. The telecasts were produced by the Broadcasting Department. They were filmed in Winnipeg and featured United Church Moderator Dr. Bob McClure. The spots aired in late 1968 and surveys were collected in 1969.

Subseries contains correspondence, reports and press concerning R.S.V.P. Telecasts 1968-1969.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Resource Planning Group and Print Resources Steering Committee

Before the creation of Resource Coordinators there were interdivisional groups which helped to streamline the creation of resources across divisions. The Resource Planning Group was used to increase communications across the Divisions and Units that were producing resources, because these tended to function as silos. Sometimes resources were duplicated across Units or other times it was known one Unit was producing something, but other Units could not provide valuable input. The aim was to increase communication, avoid duplication, and produce better resources. The Resource Planning Group was interdivisional of GC staff that produced resources and some Conference staff whose role was to provide feedback and input on resources. Similarly the Print Resources Steering Group held the same function but was specific to print material.

Subseries contains minutes, correspondence and planning documents of the Resource Planning Group and the Print Resources Steering Group 1900-1996.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records relating to Special Projects

Special projects were created by the United Church to use the media, especially television, to bring the message of the Church to the general public. The Division of Communication and specifically the departments dealing with av were heavily involved. These projects included attempts to generate interest in United Church activities in selected locales under the auspices of Media Plans I-III in the 1970s. The results of these broadcasts were analysed and the remaining work was left to the Conferences. Three television specials, "Mediamix," 1971, "The Fiftieth Anniversary National Event," 1975, and "These Things We Share," 1981, which promoted the mission of the Church, were contained under the rubric of special projects.

Series contains seven subseries: 1) Records relating to R.S.V.P. Telecasts, 1968-1969, 2) Records related to Mediamix, 1970-1973, 3) Records related to Media Plan I, 1973-1974, 4) Records related to Media Plan II, 1974-1975, 5) Records related to Media Plan III/Media Outreach, 1975-1980, 6) Records related to the Fiftieth Anniversary National Event, 1974-1975, 7) Records related to the United Church Television Special “These things we share”, 1974-1982.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records relating to Mission Interpretation

Mission interpretation, previously part of the Committee on Education for Mission and Stewardship, became part of the new Department of Media Resources in 1983. Interpretation enjoyed special relationships with the Division of World Outreach and the Division of Mission in Canada, as well as active work at the congregational level to ensure a devotion to mission understanding and support. One of its principal activities was arranging tours by missionaries in Canada on furlough. In 1989 Mission Interpretation was transferred to the new Department of Education and Information.

Subseries contains Coordinator and Unit Staff correspondence, Coordinator Carolyn Wilkinson’s correspondence and documents re overseas guests visiting Canada as part of various mission themes, files on Native Ministry Interpretation, general correspondence with overseas personnel including some annual (Christmas) letters to Canada, and photographs and plans for speaking tours during furloughs.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Department of Audio Visuals

This Department of Audio Visuals was adopted by the Division of Communication through the Board of Information in 1968. The Department was responsible for instructional communication concerned with the design and use of messages which control the learning process involved in communication research, communication education, search for resources, consultation and presentation, media production, and information and promotion. More specifically the Department produced film, still pictures (photographs, slides, filmstrips) and audio cassettes, which was usually undertaken at the request of other Divisions within the Church. The Audio Visual Education Library (AVEL) was administered by the Department during this period, and it played an early role in the provision of communication education. In 1973 the Department of Audio Visual’s joined with the Department of Broadcasting to form the Department of Media Services.

Series contains five subseries: 1) Records relating to Administration, 1967-1973, 2) Records relating to Film Production, 1968-1972, 3) Records relating to Still Picture Production, 1968-1972, 4) Records relating to Audio Cassettes Production, 1971-1972, 5) Records relating to AV Consultation and AVEL, 1968-1972.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Editors

Editors worked under the director of Media Services and helped to edit content created by the Department.

Subseries contains the records of Rebekah Chevalier who served as an editor for this department and then succeeding departments from 1985-2015.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

Records of the Department of Broadcasting

The Department of Broadcasting was transferred to the Division of Communication from the Board of Information in 1968. The Department was responsible for the production of radio and television of the Church, training and assisting regional and Conference broadcast staff, and responding to the major broadcasting networks. A large part of the production work was carried on in association with interchurch bodies including Religious Television Associates (RTA), the production arm of Interchurch Broadcasting.
RTA helped to produce "Spectrum" for a Toronto television station. In addition, the Department was responsible for United Church participation in the National Religious Advisory Council to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and a separate Religious Advisory Committee to CFTO-TV, a Canadian Television (CTV) affiliate.

Series contains six subseries: 1) Administrative Records, 1967-1972, 2) Records of the Directors, 1942-1978, 3) Records relating to Television Work, 1968-1969, 4) Records relating to Cable Work, 1970-1972, 5) Records of the Assistant Director of Radio and Television, 1956-1973, 6) Record relating to Religious Television Associates, 1961-1972.

United Church of Canada. Division of Communication.

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