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Choate (family)
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Cembato Concerta Music Manuscript Book

Item is a manuscript book with music of C. Bach. Handwritten sheet music in manuscript booklet, listed as Cembato Concerta, C. Bach. Believed to have belonged to Margaret Sproat Wilson, undated.

Choate (family)

Choate Family fonds

  • CA ON00154 2007.5
  • Fonds
  • 1817-1980

Fonds consists of various papers created and collected by the family and descendants of Nathan Choate, 1817-1975. It documents the history of members of the family, as well as local buildings, churches, businesses, and the history of the Municipality of Port Hope.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Land Records

File consists of three (3) land records of the Choate family, 1825-1828. It includes: (1) Indenture between Zachius Burnham and Elizabeth Burnham of Hamilton Township and Jacob Choate, Lots 4 and 5 Con 2, 1 Jan 1825; (2) Indenture between Jacob Choate and Zacheus Burnham for the North Part of Lot 5 Con 2, 30 Mar 1827; (3) Deed of Land of Jacob Choate to Aaron Choate, Part Lot 4 Con 2, 19 Jul 1828.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Papers, 1830s

File consists of miscellanous papers owned by the Choate family, 1830-1839. It includes: Correspondence from Jonathan Walton, 1832-1837; Indenture of Bargain & Sale, Jacob Choate to Mark Burnham, 25 Jan 1839; Correspondence from Thomas Gibbs Ridout, 1832; Bond, Zacheus Burnham & Jacob Choate to Jonathan Walton, 1830; Indenture of Bargain & Sale, Aaron Choate to Nathan Choate, Part Lot 5 Con 2, 22 Oct 1831.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Papers, 1850s

File consists of miscellaneous papers of the Choate family, 1840-1845. It includes: Memorial of Will, Jacob Choate (copy); Interest on bond owed to J. Walton, 1817-1844; Nathan Choate bond to Z. Burnham, 7 Mar 1845; Interest receipt on bond of late Jacob Choate to late J. Walton, 3 Feb 1845; Indenture of Mortgage of William M. Smith to M. Burnham, 13 Apr 1840.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Papers, 1860s

File consists of miscellaneous papers of the Choate Family, 1861-1869. It includes: Quit Claim Deed from Margaret Choate and William B. Choate to Nathan Choate, 24 Dec 1863; Description of Part of Lot 4 Con 2, 3 May 1965; Bargain & Sale from Jehoiada Boyce to Mark Burnham, Lot 4 Con 2, 12 Feb 1861; Deed of Land from Sophronia Burnham and Henry Hamilton Burnham to Nathan Choate, Lot 4 Con 2, 17 Dec 1867; Letter to Nathan Choate from Thomas Choate, 14 Feb 1867; 1869 Insurance Policy; Promissory Note from Nathan B. Choate to Nathan Choate, 1 Jan 1867; Quit Claim from David J. Choate et ux to Nathan Choate, 24 Dec 1863.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Papers, 1870s

File consists of miscellaneous papers of the Choate Family, 1871-1878. It includes: Insurance Policy - Canada Branch, the Liverpool & London and Globe Insurance Company, 1871; Promissory Notes, 1872; Declaration - Mary Choate, re: Estate of Aaron Choate; British American Assurance Company, 1874; Deed of Land for the Belmont Cemetery with plan showing location, 26 Nov 1878.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Papers, 1880s

File consists of miscellaneous papers of the Choate Family, 1881-1887. It includes: Nathan Choate's Cash Book, Feb 1888; Account Papers, 1882; Promissory Note, 1882, 1883, 1886; Receipts for Payments, 1887; Correspondence; Deed of Gift in Trust from Nathan Choate to Board of Trustees of the Methodist Church of Canada at Port Hope, regarding a donation of money in memory of his fourth wife, to the Port Hope Methodist Church, undated; Lease from Nathan Choate to William Waddell, 1881; Letter from J. S. Carveth.

Choate (family)

Choate Family Papers, 1890s

File consists of papers related to the Choate family and business in 1890 and 1891, before the death of Nathan Choate. It includes: Correspondence; Receipts of Payment; Accounts - W. A. Carson - Invoice; Promissory Note.

Choate (family)

"It was quite a life: an interview with Margaret Sproat Wilson"

Item is an article entitled "It was quite a life" recounting Margaret Sproat's life, 3 Jan 1978 Port Hope Evening Guide. Article with interview with Margaret Sproat Wilson, widow of Ralph Choate Wilson and her involvement with the family business - the Port Hope Evening Guide until it was sold to Albert Schultz.

Choate (family)

Liquor Permits and Ration Stamps

File consists of various permits, presumably used by the Wilson family of 42 Bedford Street, during the years 1945-1948. It includes: Permit to purchase Alcohol and Spirits, 1945-1946; Individual Liquor Permit, 1947-1948; Ration Stamps, 2 sheets (no date).

Choate (family)

Lucy Meeking Trust Correspondence

File consists of two (2) letters to Mrs. Lucy Ellen Meeking from John H. Helm, trustee of her estate, 1909. The letter is in regards to relinquishing the trusteeship of H. H. Burnham and J. H. Helm, as well as a letter requesting copies of receipts.

Choate (family)

Lucy Meeking Trust Farm Lease

File consists of a Farm Lease for Lot 6 Con 2, 1896. The lease was signed by the Trustees of the Estate of Lucy Ellen Meeking (H.H. Burnham and John H. Helm). Also notes related to the lease.

Choate (family)

Lucy Meeking Trust Fire Insurance

File consists of policies with the London Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Canada for the Estate of Mrs. L. E. Meeking, 1899, 1905 and 1908.

Choate (family)

Lucy Meeking Trust Receipts

File consists of handwritten receipts to Henry Hamilton Burnham and John Henry Helm, Trustees of the Estate of Lucy Ellen Meeking (nee Choate), 1891-1896. The receipts are signed by Lucy acknowledging the receipt of funds from the estate of Nathan Choate.

Choate (family)

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