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Douglas Fisher fonds
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Correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. Almos, 1964


Correspondence to citizens of Atiokans, as well as correspondence about Atikokan and to its businesses.

Auto Industry

Newspaper Clippings, press reports and correspondence regarding the auto industry and the rise of auto collisions.

Badanai, Hubert

Hubert Badanai correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1960-1965


Charles Edward Baker Correspondence, 1963-1964

Auto Industry

Correspondence and clippings on the Auto Industry

Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Correspondence with the International brotherhood of Boilermakers, Ironship builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers (1961).


Correspondence with Steve Broach, Recording Secretary and Office Manager of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, copy of the collective agreement on June, 1964 between the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the Lakehead Builders’ Exchange, various documents and correspondence deal with a fair wage issue.

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen correspondence, transcript of proceedings in the Applications for Certification in several boards and unions, and further correspondence.


Correspondence with citizens of Caramat, Ontario. 1958-1962.


Correspondence and newspaper clippings on censorship, a draft of speech by the Honorable E. Davie Fulton to the Quebec Union of Municipalities Rivermead Golf Club, May 17th, 1958, meeting minutes from July 6th, 1959 (unspecified meeting, but related to censorship), and the first reading of Bill-C58 “An Act to amend the Criminal Code”, on June 11, 1959

Census Budget

A speech by Mr. Fisher on the census budget in 1961, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, further newspaper clippings, statistics related to the 1961 census, further correspondence and newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous documents related to the 1961 census.

Central Mortgage

Correspondence with the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, newspaper clippings related to housing and mortgages, as well as statistics, questions (with answers) asked by Mr. Fisher, press releases and further newspaper clippings and correspondence related to mortgages and housing. 1960-1965

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