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Tom Long Local History Collection Community life
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Membership Cards, Invitations, Receipts, and Programs, Businesses and Organizations

File consists of a selection of papers, include loan notes, programs, in memorium, letters. Names of people include: Thomas Long, Charles Stewart, Joseph Harris, David Marshall; In Memoriam of Robert Glass; Businesses include: The Gas Company, Montreal Telegraph Company; Corporation of the Town of Port Hope, Ambrose & Winslow Highland Spring Brewer (copy), The Port Hope Brewing and Malting Co. (copy), Canada Radiator Co (copy), Lamb's Wool Knitting Works (copy), Globe File Mfg. Co (copy); Memorial Service for King Edward VII program; Program for an "Amateur Concert With Readings" issued by H. G. Gilmore, 1877, for a concert to be held at his Mill Street residence; Program for the Diamond Jubilee of the Confederation of Canada, 1867-1927, Port Hope ceremony; Program for Cobourg meeting of The Prince of Wales in 1932; Grand Concert of the Port Hope Choral Society, Tuesday April 15, 1884; Complimentary Supper to Charles Campbell Coleman under the auspices of the "Ontario" Lacrosse and Hockey Club at the Hotel St. Lawrence, Port Hope, March 6, 1902; Canadian Legion f the British Empire Service League membership card for Major Alfred Henry Charles Long issued January 26, 1927. Record of dues paid for 1929; Membership card for the Port Hope Skating & Curling Club Co. 1902-1903 season for A. H. C. Long; Invitation for the Ball & Supper - Port Hope Fire Department first annual Ball & Supper of the Extinguisher Hose Company February 24, 1897 at the Port Hope Town Hall. Floor committee: T. E. Burt, R. Ware, R. B. Gamble, W. H. Greenaway, T. Vanhorn. Reception Committee: Sid Hawkins, William Mackie, William Evans, Grant Marsh, Claude Davis, Stephen Jex, H. C. Brundrett, James Stone junior; Pieces collected by Tom Long (1916-1992), an avid collector of historical documents related to the history of Port Hope. Some of the pieces belonged to his father Alfred H. C. Long (d. 1929).

Ontario Schooners and Steamships Information

File consists of a binder with information concerning schooners; listed pertaining to Great Lake schooner travel, mainly on Lake Ontario and having a connection to Port Hope and Cobourg. The information consists of photocopies of articles from Port Hope papers, including the Guide and the Watchman, as well as newspaper clippings from papers in the 1980s and 1990s.

Schooners listed include: Accommodation, Acorn, Ainsworth, Albacore, Albatross, Allen Mur, Alpha, America, Andrew Stevens, David Andrews, Anne Craig, Ann Jane Brown, Annie Maud, Arctic, Ariel, Augusta, Aurora, Ballou, B. A. Standard, Bermuda, Beverly, Bloomer, Buttles, Canada, Caroline, Caroline Marsh, Cavalier, Col. Posers, Comet, Countess of Dufferin, Dan Marble, Delaware, D. Freeman, Dolphin, E. H. Rutherford, Eliza Quinlan, Emblem, Emerald, Enterprise, Erie Belle, Exchange, Fail, Fanny Gardner, F & F Cole, F. H. Burton, Flora Carveth, Flora, Flora Emma, Forrest Queen, Frank Pierce, Freeman, French Barque, Frontenac, Game Cock, Garabaldi, Gentle Jane, Great Western, Hamilton & Scourge, Hunter, Iceburg, Indiana, Isabel, Jane Ann Marsh, Jessie Brown, Jessie Drummond, J. B. Skinner, J. J. Manley, J. P. Hale, John Walter, John Wesley, Julia B. Merrill, Keewatin, Key West, Lady Elgin, St. Lawrence, Leander, Lewis Ross, Lindsay, Lyman Davis, Magdalena, Magdala, Maid of the Mill, Marie Annette, Marquest, Mary, Mary & Lyndon, May Flower, Minniehaha, Miranda, Mohawk, Monsoon, Nellie Hunter, Nelson, New Brunswick, New York, Niagara, Northern Light, Oliver Mowat, Ontario, Otonabee, Perry, Philo Bennet, Pilot, Quebec, Radiant, Rough & Ready, Royal Oak, Sacramento, Sarah, Sarah Ann Marsh, Saucy Jack, Scalana, Shicalnca, Sir Charles Metcalfe, Van Straubenzee, Sligo, Speedy, Star of Hope, Suffall, Three Brothers, Trade Wind, Two Brothers, Utica, Water Witch, Wave Crest, Welland, West Wind, W. J. Suffett. Also includes information on shipbuilder Louis Shickluna.

Long, Norman Thomas

Port Hope & Cobourg Souvenir Publications

File consists of three (3) souvenir publications from Port Hope & Cobourg. It includes: (1) Town & Country Colouring book with envelope; (2) Souvenir booklet of Cobourg, courtesy of A. J. Gould, Druggist; (3) Two copies of the Port Hope Leisure Guide for 1991/1992.

Long, Norman Thomas

Port Hope Harbour Steamship Information

File consists of 270 pages of information concerning steamships that sailed the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Ontario and had connections with Port Hope Harbour. Some have no connection to Port Hope or the Great Lakes, but have been included in this collection. The information consists of research notes, photocopies of articles from older Port Hope papers, and some more recent clippings. References for the resources are given. The names of the steamships included in this collection are: Acme, Admiral, Alabama, Alciope, America, Arabian, Argyle, Assinibo, Atlantic, Banshee, Bay State, Black River, Boston, Bowmanville, British Empire, Brothers, Canada, Caspian, Cataract, Champion, Charlotte of Greece, Chief Justice, City of Toronto, City of Cleveland, Constitution, Coquette, Corinthian, Daisy, Part, Defiance, Dromedary, Durham Boat, The Edward, Ericson, Falcon, Farmer, Flora Emma, Forest City, Forest Queen, Frances III, The Garden City, General Taylor, Gildersleeve, Globe, Golden Eye, Grand Trunk Railway Ferry Boat, Great Eastern, Grecian, Haida, Hamilton, Harry H, Highlander, Hovercraft, Huron, Inkermann, Jenny Lind, Jersey, Keewatin, Kingston, Know Nothing, Lady Elgin, Laurie E. Light House, Locke, Louisiana, Magnet, Maple Leaf, Mohawk, Montreal, Napoleon III, New Era, New York, Niagara, Norseman, North King, Northerner, Novelty, Ocean Wave, Ogdensburgh, Ogemah, Oliver Cromwell, Omar Pasha, Ontario, Port Hope, Spirit of Rochester, Passport, Petrel, Pierrepont, Plant, Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, Queen of the West, Rattlesnake, Reindeer, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Slave Democracy, South American, Sovereign, Spartan, Spindrift, Squatter Sovereignty, St. Mary's, Superior, Tinto, Titanic, Transit, Traveller, Troy, Victoria, Woodman, Welland, William IV, Zealand.

Long, Norman Thomas

"Port Hope Historical Sketches"

Item is a 1st edition, 1901 copy of "Port Hope Historical Sketches" signed by the author W. Arnot Craick in 1963. Also included is a copy of the prospectus that was created about 1900 for advertising purposes.

Port Hope Souvenir Picture Booklet

Item is a souvenir picture booklet of Port Hope. It includes eight (8) small pictures of Port Hope images. Images include: View from viaduct, town hall, Trinity College School, Port Hope High School, Canadian National Viaduct, Port Hope Hospital, Beach, Walton Street and View of Port Hope.

Tom Long Local History Collection

  • CA ON00154 994.1
  • Collection
  • 1825-2004

Collection consists of various local history information and original documents compiled and collected by Norman Thomas Long over the course of his life living and working in Port Hope, Ontario. For more detailed information, please refer to file and item-level descriptions.

Tom Long Research Notes and Historical Papers

Series consists of various historical papers and research notes collected by Tom Long. It includes: (1) "Historic Roads of Ontario" Series # 5 "Kingston Road" CBC Radio script 1937; (2) Notes on the Kingston Road (for radio) 1937, copy; (3) "The Adventures of the Cobourg Rifles, During the Campaign of 1837 written by one of themselves;" (4) Handwritten and typed notes on the early history of Port Hope and area. At times the handwriting is illegible. Topics include: topography, Susan A. Grey, The Kingston Road, timelines, research notes, sketches; (5) Historical research - Port Hope and Area. Susan Greely, lot 2, concession 2, Haldimand township, Northumberland "Sketches of the Past"; Bibliography, miscellaneous notes on schools and emigration; (6) Handwritten notes on Port Hope and area. Topics include Durham county, Bowmanville, Port Hope, Newcastle, Cobourg, Northumberland, Brighton, Colborne, Vehicles and Coaches, Christian Guardian, notes and information taken from local papers; (7) Obituary for Robert Imbert Orchard (1901-1991), son of former Trinity College School Headmaster Dr. Francis Graham Orchard. Imbert Orchard was a well known Canadian actor and artist; (8) St. Mary's Catholic Church, Port Hope. News-clippings from 1988. Photocopies from the Port Hope Watchman, 1852. 150th anniversary, 1975; (9) Notebook - notes made from research at the SPG Archives in England. Notes on Port Hope.

Long, Norman Thomas