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          Item · [18- ] – 1976, nd.

          The fonds consists of records related to John N. Chambers and family and is arranged into the following Series:

          Series 1: Genealogy
          Subseries A: Family histories and trees
          Subseries B: Marriage
          Subseries C: Wills
          Subseries D: Deaths and Cemeteries
          Subseries E: Insurance and Tax Assessments
          Subseries F: Photographs
          Subseries G: Miscellaneous
          Series 2: Land Records
          Series 3: Correspondence
          Series 4: Letters to the Editor
          Series 5: Journals
          Series 6: Financial
          Series 7: Agriculture
          Series 8: Community
          Subseries A: Education
          Subseries B: Religion
          Subseries C: Local Government
          Subseries D: Organizations and businesses
          Subseries E: Miscellaneous

          Chambers, John N.
          CA ON00154 2015.34-2015.34.5-2015.34.5.7 · Item · 198-
          Part of Austin Family Collection

          Item is a gold-plated tie clip featuring the emblem of General Foods (Kraft) and three small rubies. It was given to John Austin to commemorate 25 years of service working at the Kraft plant in Port Hope, and later, Cobourg.

          Austin, John
          John D. Evans fonds
          CA ON00159 P218 · Fonds · 1890

          The John D. Evans fonds consists of a transcript of Evans’ 1890 diary. The diary informs us on his daily activities in Trenton but also in Copper Cliff at the Canadian Copper Company. Not only do the notes report on his activities as engineer and manager at the CCC and the development of the mining sites in the area, but they also document his interest and findings on insects, and his involvement in the development of the city.

          Evans, John Dunlop
          2019.4-2019.4.2 · Item · 1809
          Part of Haskill Collection

          This ledger belonged to Josiah Haskill (written on the inside cover) and contains the year and name of the client across the top of the left hand page in cursive writing and on the right side page at the top is written the year/ "Contra"/ Pound, Shilling and Pence". - amounts of whiskey the client received are listed on the left side and payments with bushels of wheat, oats, apples, bundles of straw, hay, beans, hogs etc. and cash are listed on the right side. - only the top corner of the left hand pages are numbered, the book has a total of 80 numbered double pages or 160 single pages. Some pages have been removed. -

          Josiah Haskill
          CA ON00154 2019.4.1-2019.4.2 · Item · 1809
          Part of Nathaniel Haskill Whiskey Ledger

          This ledger belonged to Josiah Haskill (written on the inside cover) and contains the year and name of the client across the top of the left hand page in cursive writing and on the right side page at the top is written the year/ "Contra"/ Pound, Shilling and Pence". - amounts of whiskey the client received are listed on the left side and payments with bushels of wheat, oats, apples, bundles of straw, hay, beans, hogs etc. and cash are listed on the right side. - only the top corner of the left hand pages are numbered, the book has a total of 80 numbered double pages or 160 single pages. Some pages have been removed. -

          Ken Armson slides
          Collection · 1952 - 1995

          Photographic slides of various archaeological digs from around the world and in Northwestern Ontario. Slides of various forestry field studies in several regions from 1952-1995. Includes images of trees, equipment, erosion, fire damage, forest management audits, land use, geology, and genetics and tree improvement.

          Armson, Ken
          CA ON00159 P150 · Fonds · 1943-1989 (predominant 1970-1989)

          The Kerr Addison Mine Employees’ Association fonds attest of the functions, activities and realizations of the Union. Constitutive records, meeting minutes and financial statements outline not only the administrative structure of the Association but also the duties and obligations of the Executive Committee towards the membership. Also, the lists of employees and membership applications included in this fonds are indicative of the development of new membership. Notes, proposals, correspondence and grievance records attest to negotiations between the Association and the company to protect the members’ rights and working conditions. Documentation illustrates the importance of the association to implement health and safety procedures and legislation in the workplace.

          Kerr-Addison Employees’ Association
          CA ON00333 12-004 · Collection · 2003-2012

          Collection consists primarily of photocopies and emails with information pertaining to various aspects of Peterborough's history, from both the city and the county. Brief history of the town of Lakefield is also included.

          Lakefield Heritage Research
          Laurentian Publishing fonds
          CA ON00159 P234 · Fonds · 1973-2020 (predominant 1980-2016)

          The Laurentian Publishing fonds, composed of the company's numerous publications, as well as photographs, moving images, graphic records, and objects not only testifies to the 47 years of the presence, achievements and activities of Laurentian Publishing Inc. under the leadership of Michael Atkins and his team, but also to the various events that have marked Northern Ontario. The fonds documents the spheres of activity in which the company was involved.

          In addition to official publications (newspapers and magazines), other sections of the fonds illustrate the various ways Laurentian Publishing recognized and honored Northern Ontario’s high-achievers. These include the moving images, photographs, and programs of the Northern Ontario Business Awards (NOBA), Northern Ontario Community Builders (NOCB) and Northern Ontario Influential Women ceremonies.

          A comprehensive series of NOBA-related publications inform us about the winners, and numerous electronic documents provide an overview of the promotional and organizational aspects of these annual ceremonies. In fact, excerpts include television commercials, advertising submissions and concepts, program design and publication, as well as photographs of the set up of various reception halls. Also included are documents from the Community Builders series, which not only inform us about the recipients but show the participation of the affected communities in organizing and promoting the celebrations.

          While the various publications provide a 47-year look at Northern Ontario, so too do the photographs and graphic records such as original Jemikins cartoons, and certificates and awards presented to Michael Atkins and Laurentian Publishing.

          Numerous files of photographs document the various teams that worked within this organization either during participation in community activities (Big Bike ride), company birthday celebrations (30th at Science North), or team parties (Christmas or Birthday). There are also photographs showing the work spaces of the employees, including during various renovations.

          The Laurentian Publishing fonds allows a glimpse of the many people who have worked to make the company a success. It also shows its various collaborations with other organizations to promote and publicize northern achievements and inform the population about events related to Northern Ontario and that have had an impact on the region. In addition to testifying to Laurentian Publishing's involvement in northern communities, this archival fonds is an important research source for the history of Northern Ontario over 47 years.

          Laurentian Publishing
          Leonard Westland fonds
          CA ON00353 AFC 465 · Fonds · ca. 1905-1912

          This fonds is comprised of b&w photographs scanned for the Western Archives from photograph albums loaned to us by Westland descendants in 2006. The photographs were selected from the albums based on their local interest in the topics photographed. There are scanned copies of pictures of London and Middlesex County (including areas now part of London including Lambeth and Byron), Port Stanley, Sarnia and other surrounding villages and rural areas in southwestern Ontario. Westland took the photographs between ca.1905-12. There are many local landmarks, events and views that were of interest to Leonard Westland.

          Westland, Leonard George
          Leslie M. Sheridan fonds
          CA ON00159 P208 · Fonds · [ca. 1930-1946]

          The Leslie M. Sheridan fonds consists of three digitized 16mm film reels that depict Copper Cliff, Sudbury, and other areas in Northern Ontario filmed by Sheridan. The films show the industrial landscape of Copper Cliff and Sudbury from the perspective of Inco management and hardrock miners during the first years of the 1930s, a period of increased industrial expansion despite the Great Depression. The films also give insight into life in Copper Cliff and surrounding Northern Ontario towns in the 1930s and 1940s and depict leisure activities including skiing, swimming, hockey, and the celebration of some national holidays. Northern Ontario communities depicted include Copper Cliff, Sudbury, Coniston, and Biscotasing. Industrial sites depicted include Frood Mine, the Copper Cliff Concentrator, the Coniston Smelter, the Port Colborne Nickel Refinery, and the Big Eddy Dam and Power Plant at High Falls.

          Sheridan, Leslie M.
          Fonds · 1839-1985?

          A mix of catalogues showcasing locks and associated building hardware for all the companies involved, but focusing on Corbin. Box of files includes inter company correspondence, newspaper clippings, log books, photographs and shares. A number of other books include a job book for cylinder keys, manufacturing order books and department specific log books. Two awards are also included, 1 for the efforts of a flood control team in 1981 and 1 safety award received in 1960. The fonds also includes a plastic Corbin sign and a key made at the plant.

          International Hardware Company
          CA ON00408 F045 · Fonds · 1934-1937

          Fonds documents the issuing and transfer of Lois Lake Gold Mines Limited stocks, and contains one register.

          Lois Lake Gold Mines Limited
          CA ON00154 2011.2-2011.2.2 · File · 1943
          Part of Port Hope Collection

          Item is an advertisement for Mathews Conveyor Company Ltd., Port Hope, ON. Text includes: "You can handle it Better, Faster, and for Less with Mathews Portable Conveyors." Dated, c. 1943.

          Mel Bartley fonds
          Fonds · 1892 - 1984

          The fonds consists of 357 file folders of Mel Bartley’s personal files. The files range from mining reports, publications, and claims. There is also an index for the reports, and a mining publications index.

          The entire fonds is arranged alphabetically, as one series.

          Michael (Mike) Farrell fonds
          CA ON00159 P064 · Fonds · 1939-1995 (predominant 1960-1970)

          The fonds consists of records that pertain to the labour movement. The records include collective agreements signed by the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) and the International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (IUMMSW), 3 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings on the 1958 strike, recordings of “The Battle Within,” and enlarged reproductions of photographs pertaining to mining.

          Farrell, Michael
          Mick Lowe fonds
          CA ON00159 P073 · Fonds · n.d.; 1948-2007 (predominant 1978-2002)

          The Mick Lowe fonds attests to his activism and achievements in the field of writing and journalism. The records demonstrate his dedication and commitment to northern Ontario in general and the labour movement in the region in particular. The fonds contains various files, such as notes, letters, and briefs from Lowe’s work, on a voluntary basis, with the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) Local 6500 in Sudbury in the late 1970s to the 1980s. The fonds also consists of research notes on stories that Lowe covered over the years as a journalist, which includes his collection of various newspapers and periodicals. Many of the stories that Lowe wrote for The Globe and Mail and Northern Life can be found in his fonds which attests to his interests over the years. Lowe’s articles can provide insight as to the political and cultural milieu in Canada and Northern Ontario at the time of their publication. It also consists of Lowe’s personal papers which include his correspondence and notes. Moreover, the files depict and inform us on Northern Ontario and more specifically on labour, activism, and journalism.

          Lowe, Mick
          CA ON00159 P122 · Fonds · 1992-2005

          The fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, financial reports, press conferences, news clippings, and photographs. The entire process of creating a memorial from the fundraising, choosing a sculptor and sculpture, site location, to the unveiling ceremony and maintenance of the sculpture is well documented. The community involvement with the project is also documented.

          Mining Heritage Committee of Sudbury Inc.