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            Collection Robert Fortier
            CA ON00402 RF · Collection · 1950 – 1986, 2012

            The collection includes digital photos of the town of Opasatika and the facilities at the Nassau Lake from 1950 to 1970. Much of the digital photos show activities related to forestry work and to the development of the two villages. Others depict family members and outdoor activities. Some pictures date from the later decades.

            Fonds Claude Comeau
            CA ON00402 CC · Fonds · 1950-1962; mostly 1957

            The fonds consists of moving images related to the donor’s family and acquaintances as well as the town of Hearst and Henry Selin Forest Products. These moving images are about weddings, christenings, hunting and fishing, Christmas celebrations with family, trips, and events such as a fire in Hearst, the strike at Henry Selin Forest Products in 1962, a parade in Hearst and others.

            Comeau, Claude
            Fonds Ernest Gosselin
            CA ON00402 EG · Fonds · 1922-1971

            The fonds contains records of the businesses founded by Ernest Gosselin in northern Ontario. Most of the documents relate to the various properties that belonged to him in the Geraldton area.

            Gosselin, Ernest
            CA ON00402 JCT · Fonds · 1947-1957

            The collection includes hundreds of slides relating to lumber work and to the hunting, fishing and trapping activities practiced by the Clamouse de la Touche family. Beautiful pictures of Northern Ontario landscapes are also part of the collection. Some of the slides can be found in Jacqueline de la Touche’s posthumously published book entitled Pris sur le vif. A few textual records are also part of the fonds.

            Clamouse de la Touche, Jacqueline
            Fonds Roland Cloutier
            CA ON00402 RC · Fonds · 1915-2007

            The fonds contains textual and photographic records of Roland Cloutier’s involvement in Northern Ontario’s lumber industry. It provides information on some of the Hearst area lumber companies and on organizations such as the Hearst Lumbermen’s Association and the Ontario Lumber Manufacturers’ Association. The fonds also includes documents pertaining to the Hearst Forest Management company, the Northern Ontario Development Corporation, and to René Fontaine in his role as a member of the Ontario legislature and minister in the Ontario government. This is complemented by government reports, studies analyzing the situation and needs of the lumber industry and of Northern Ontario’s economy, handbooks relating to the working practices of the industry and maps mostly illustrating cutting rights in the forest of the region.

            Cloutier, Roland
            Forestry Booklets
            Collection · 1945 - 1946

            Two instructional booklets written by A. Koroleff:
            "Forest Conservation: Practical Pointers to Woods Workers," published by the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, 1945
            "Practical Woodlot Management: How To Use The Forest Soundly and Profitably," published by the Canadian Forestry Association, 1946

            Frederick O. Robinson fonds
            Fonds · 1937 - 1963

            Frederick O. Robinson was born in Port Arthur, Ontario on Aug. 2, 1903. He attended public and high school in Port Arthur and then served his apprenticeship to the machinist trade in the C.N.R. shops. He worked for 25 years as a skilled machinist in the Port Arthur shops of the C.N.R. until his election to the Ontario legislature in 1943. He continued to work as a C.N.R. machinist between sessions of the legislature, and after his election to the office of mayor, he worked in the C.N.R. shops on weekends.

            He entered public life in January 1943 when he was elected to the Port Arthur Board of Education. In August of the same year he was elected to the Ontario legislature as C.C.F. member for Port Arthur. He was M.L.A. for Port Arthur until his defeat in 1951. In civic affairs, he remained on the Board of Education until 1946 when he was elected as alderman. In 1949, he became Mayor of Port Arthur; he remained in this post except for 1952 when he was defeated until 1955 when he resigned to become personnel manager for the Public Utilities Commission. He left active political life at this time. He resigned from the Public Utilities Commission in 1966 because of ill health. In July, 1969, he died.

            The Frederick O. Robinson fonds comprises 7 feet of correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, articles and other material and is contained in seventeen transfer cases. The folder titles in the main are those designated by Mr. Robinson. Some re-arrangement of the material has been effected in order to comply with the folder titles. Since the folders themselves were in no apparent order when .they were donated to the university, the following arrangement was thought to be most suitable for research purposes:
            I. Pre-1943 Period
            II. Political Affairs (relating to the C.C.F.)
            III. The Ontario Legislature and Provincial Affairs, 1943-51
            IV. Provincial and Local Affairs.
            V. Local and Municipal Affairs.
            VI. General
            VII. Miscellaneous

            James Whalen collection
            Collection · 1896 - 1990

            The collection consists of photo albums, photographs, newspaper clippings, assets, agreements, stocks, bonds, certificates, correspondence, miscellaneous items, and two videos with the same recording. The collection is composed of three sous-fonds:
            James Whalen
            Laurel Conmee and James Conmee
            Thunder Bay Hydro

            Ken Armson slides
            Collection · 1952 - 1995

            Photographic slides of various archaeological digs from around the world and in Northwestern Ontario. Slides of various forestry field studies in several regions from 1952-1995. Includes images of trees, equipment, erosion, fire damage, forest management audits, land use, geology, and genetics and tree improvement.

            Armson, Ken
            Oscar Styffe fonds
            Fonds · 1929 - 1969

            A prominent businessman who operated a timber firm as well as Gravel and Lake Services Ltd in Port Arthur. The collection consists of correspondence, ledgers, scrapbooks, pamphlets and photographs primarily related to the timber industry.

            Records are arranged into the following series:


            Photographs are divided into seven subseries:
            A - Architecture
            B - Arts (Theatre, music, dance, arts, crafts)
            C - Business & industry
            D - Churches
            E - Communities in Northwestern Ontario
            F - People, families, & genealogy
            G - Organizations

            Fonds · 1929 - 1947

            Correspondence and papers of the Pigeon River Lumber Company, primarily in the 1930s and 1940s. Includes the original Letters Patent. Many of the records relate to lands in the Township of Pardee.