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Fonds Roland Cloutier

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CA ON00402 RC

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2.5 m of textual and photographic documents. The fonds includes 17 boxes of textual records and one photo album.

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História biográfica

Roland Cloutier was born in Hearst, on January 1, 1929. He started his career in the lumber industry as an employee of the Canada Forwarding Company, in Carey Lake. From 1948 to 1969 he was the manager of the J. D. Levesque Lumber. He then became a partner and the manager of Arrow Timber, a company associated with the United Sawmill Co. in Hearst. In 1985, he became the first manager of a newly created company called Hearst Forest Management Inc. He held that post until his retirement in 1991.

Roland Cloutier has also been instrumental in establishing organizations dedicated to the promotion and development of the sawmill industry in the Hearst area, in northern Ontario and across the province. He was a founding member of the Hearst Lumbermen’s Association, the Ontario Lumber Manufacturers’ Association (OLMA) and the Claybelt Lumber company. The fonds is a testimony to his vital role in these organizations, particularly as treasurer, vice-president and then president of OLMA, and demonstrates his involvement in the Bio-Shell plant’s file and in the foundation of Hearst Forest Management Inc.

Roland Cloutier was also actively involved in his community. A member of the Knights of Columbus, he also served as a councillor on the Hearst Municipal Council, and as a trustee on the Hearst Separate School Board and on the Hearst Board of Education. In 1986, he was named on the board of the Northern Ontario Development Corporation (NODC), and served as its chairperson from 1989 to 1991.

Roland Cloutier passed away on January 21, 2016. He was the husband of Violette Guimond and the father of Ginette, Lynn and Joëlle.

História custodial

Âmbito e conteúdo

The fonds contains textual and photographic records of Roland Cloutier’s involvement in Northern Ontario’s lumber industry. It provides information on some of the Hearst area lumber companies and on organizations such as the Hearst Lumbermen’s Association and the Ontario Lumber Manufacturers’ Association. The fonds also includes documents pertaining to the Hearst Forest Management company, the Northern Ontario Development Corporation, and to René Fontaine in his role as a member of the Ontario legislature and minister in the Ontario government. This is complemented by government reports, studies analyzing the situation and needs of the lumber industry and of Northern Ontario’s economy, handbooks relating to the working practices of the industry and maps mostly illustrating cutting rights in the forest of the region.

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A few textual documents are damaged. Others were so deteriorated that they were almost unreadable. These were digitized and the original copies were kept.

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Le Centre d’archives de la Grande Zone argileuse acquired the fonds from Roland Cloutier in 2014 and from his estate in 2016.


The documents, once acquired, were organized by the archivist. The photos have been digitized and classified and efforts were made to identify those that were not.

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Some folders contain personal information and cannot be accessed as long as privacy laws apply. No records from the Hearst Forest Management (RC5) series can be viewed before 2025.

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Copyright Act applies. Reproduction permitted
depending on the condition of the documents.

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