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Fonds Benoît D'Amours

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CA ON00402 BD

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  • 1943, 1948, 1950 - 1977, mostly 1966 - 1976 (Produção)
    D'Amours, Benoît

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3.99 m of textual records and other.

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História biográfica

Like many members of his family, Benoît D’amours worked in the forest industry for many years. Benoît D'Amours is the son of Charles D'Amours who was born in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec. He and his brothers, Jean-Baptiste, Joseph and Apollinaire immigrated to Moonbeam, Ontario between 1925 and 1927. The D'Amours brothers became owners of sawmills and other lumber properties. In 1953, Charles D'Amours became the sole owner of the business. Charles D'Amours hired some of his brothers, now farmers and cattle breeders, and his sons Benoît, Germain, Gaston, Raymond, Roger and Yvon.

Charles D'Amours died suddenly in 1966. He bequeathed his lumber mills and his properties, including the planner and the houses, to his son Benoît. Benoît's uncle, Roland D'Amours, became his right-hand man while his brothers and brothers-in-law also worked for the company. Named Benoît D'Amours Lumber, this new company pursued its activities from 1966 to 1976. The business was located on the land where the D'Amours pioneers had established themselves upon their arrival in Moonbeam.

To get the lumber needed to feed his mill, Benoît D'Amours obtained cutting licences on Crown lands in the townships of Nansen, Haggart, and sometimes Kendrey. During the winter season, about 30 workers would be hired to cut wood and to transport it by trucks to the company's property. The trees of good quality were sent to the sawmill while the rest were sold as pulpwood. During spring and summer, six to eight men were recruited to work in the mill. In 1976, Benoît D'Amours sold his lumber mill and created a new company, Les Équipements Benoît D’Amours et fils.

História custodial

Âmbito e conteúdo

The fonds consists of records related to the company Benoît D'Amours Lumber founded by the donor, all of which were kept by the donator himself. The fonds consists of invoices, ledgers, mechanic manuals, legal documents, journals, and other.

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Some textual documents are damaged.

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The Centre d'archives de la Grande Zone argileuse acquired the fonds from Benoît D'Amours in 2008.


The archivist organized the records once acquired. Many records were destroyed, at the donator’s request, or because they were too damaged.

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Copyright Act applies. Reproduction permitted depending on the condition of the documents.

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A research tool and an inventory of the fonds are available.

Materiais associados

The Fonds D'Amours Brothers Limited (C65) consists of records from the previous D'Amours family's mills from the 1920’s to 1940’s. The collection Michel D'Amours (P129) consists of a few photographs related to the Moonbeam and D'Amours family history. The two fonds can be found at the Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française at the Ottawa University.

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